The Wentworth Miller Google Alert Strikes Back

I asked for it, and I got it:

Before he was cast for “Prison Break,” Miller got some notoriety for being cast as the voice of the HAL-3000-like fighter-bomber computer in Stealth (he also was seen canoodling with co-star hottie Jessica Biel; other co-star Jamie Foxx stated “I knew this boy was a redbone [light skinned or mulatto] the second he started drinking Cutty at the wrap party…)

Canoodling with Jessica Biel? Not a chance, LOL. I would discuss the entire piece but whenever people start talking about race, everyone starts freaking the hell out so I’m going to leave that alone. I will however say that Jamie’s comment is hilarious and one last thing:

Despite the fact you were a Tigertone and thus likely on the DL, I salute you.;-)

LOL, No comment.

*SPOILER WARNING* If you have not seen The Human Stain, this article will spoil the movie for you.



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16 responses to “The Wentworth Miller Google Alert Strikes Back

  1. Anonymous

    Forgive my ignorance…what’s “Cutty?”

  2. Anonymous

    Jessica Biel….HELL NO!!!….I call Bullshit on this one too. It’s funny how many people are trying to link their name to Wentworth now that his star in rising.


  3. Mink

    I think Went has a stubborn, awkward streak which means he refuses to explain himself to anyone about anything. At least he’s consistent on this.

    The guy says in the ‘Comments’ section of the source that he is going to find a quote on that JB ‘issue’, but I’d be stunned if it were true. Although, so help me God, I wish someone reliable would go on record as having gone to bed with Went. What? Has this boy had the world’s most discreet lovers or something?

    Just one thing… *whining* I don’t get this comment: “Despite the fact you were a Tigertone and thus likely on the DL, I salute you.” Tell me it’s the Transatlantic Divide cultural gap or something, and not that I’m just being thick!

  4. Wet For Went

    jailbird, Word.

    mink, I really love that stubborness. He and I have that in common. I do not need to defend myself about anything; Fuck em all. Yeah I want a sex partner story STAT! Girl or Boy, it makes no difference, but you know what, would we even believe them? LOL Probably not. Oh and about the comment, it’s a joke. He’s trying to imply that being a Tigertone is gay though the DL and that term get used as synonyms in the black community a lot when they are not the same thing. The DL (Down Low) refers to a black man (who does not identify as gay mind you) that sleeps around with men on his wife or girlfriend in secret which is not the same thing as being gay. The term blew up on Oprah after the guy who wrote the book appeared on her show. It’s sleeping with men while not being a part of “the gay lifestyle,” which I assume means that they do not interact with gays socially. The DL is an act of betrayl; being gay is not. I haven’t read the book though so that is just my understanding of what it means.

  5. Wet For Went

    anon 2:39, Oh no that equipment is working fine…yeah b/c I totally know that from first hand experience, LMAO. Well it’s working fine in my fantasies anyway…I doubt a jealous woman or one that would make a big deal about his celebrity, would be his type.

  6. linds

    I agree with you Mink. How does Wenty wind up with the world’s most discreet lovers? Even if I did it with him 15 years ago at an after hours party and didn’t even think he remembered my name I would still be shouting that shit from the rooftops!

  7. Wet For Went

    Linds, I’d be doing the talk show circuit describing the encounter in detail…”And then he told me to turn around and traced my spine with his fingers. Then he grabbed me by the…” Oops, slipped into a fantasy there…

  8. Mink

    WFW, thanks so much for the great explanation re. the ‘DL’ term. I’d never heard it before, so I’m glad I was just being uninformed, not thick. And yeah, I have a deep respect for his ‘Fuck ’em’ attitude, as it’s an attitude I tend to gravitate towards myself. Although I can also see that if I actually knew him, I might sometimes want to shake him silly for it (to be followed by f*** him silly make-up sex, obviously). And LMAO at linds: Yep, even embarrassing, don’t-want-to-mention-it-the-next-day sex with Wentworth Miller from many years ago would have to be worth a mention at this point, surely? LOL.

  9. Anonymous

    I have seen a photo on the net of WM with his girlfriend, from around the time of THS. She looked lovely and sweet. He obviously goes out with decent people who would never kiss and tell on him.

  10. Anonymous

    There has got to be at least 1 broken heart out there willing to spill the beans….male or female.

    As for Jessica Biel, how could the star of a movie cross paths with someone who did a voice-over in a studio. At that time Jessica was a bigger star than Wenworth, I doubt she would have even know who he was…being a voice-over is like being an extra in a movie they treat you like your dirt. I know I’ve been an extra in a movie.

    I find it odd that all of a sudden there are so many stories about Wentworth making out in public, when he has never ever done anything public before…not even something simple like shopping at Wallgreens. Damn those shifty publicists!!

  11. Anonymous

    He does shop….lol
    People have run into him shopping, at the mall, in Starbucks, etc.
    I know what you mean–all of a sudden this plethora of suspicious sightings that always have him coupled with someone. I don’t think it’s his publicists, though. Probably people just making up outrageous stories or a case of mistaken identity…

  12. babe1973

    I really think that it’s hard for him to date. Not only is he the hottest man on this earth, but he is THE celebrity of the moment. And all these make it tough for him to date. He will always doubt that the girl will want some publicity for her own career, or will run to trash magazines to tell their story for money, or a sex tape would come out, etc…. A top model once said that it’s not very easy to date when you are a celebrity. People are too impressed to come close.
    As for JB, this is what I always say: No pictures? not real!

  13. Anonymous

    I doubt that Went finds any celebrities interesting enough to date…he did say that he never wants to be one himself. Dating a celebrity would surely make him exactly what he doesn’t want to be. The person that snags his heart is going to be as normal as humanly possible, that is, not a high profile actor/actress.

  14. Wet For Went

    No problem mink, I figured you’d never heard it before.

    anon 6:56, you’re probably right. No attention whores in his past obviously that would grab onto the coattails of his celebrity to get their 15 minutes of fame, although that really does surprise me.

    anon 8:55, yup you have a point there. The pics of Went “filming” for Stealth are of him recording sound. It’s not like he was in any scenes or filmed anything with Jessica.

    babe1973, sometimes even when there are pictures it’s not real, lol.

    anon 10:19, Yup.

  15. babe1973

    Yes that’s true too WFW. These days we can create anything with Photosh… (no ads).

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