Countdown to Wentmas 2006

Well last night I broke out my winter coat for the first time this season and attended the lighting of the Washington Monument here in town, hit up Grand Central Station for a drink on the way home where sparkly snowflakes were hanging from the ceiling and this guy had on a tiny little Santa hat and a long velvet coat (lingerie) lined with red feathers (which was FABULOUS by the way and I told him so) and then during the walk home, it snowed. Today the high is only going to be in the 30’s, I can see my breath, Nat King Cole is singing on the radio and babe1973 sent me what is possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen. It’s beginning to look a lot like Wentmas and I’m in the spirit so eventhough the 12 days of Wentmas don’t really start until next week and the Winter Solstice is not until the 21st, I’m going to gear up for the Holidays now by sharing the link, inviting you to send me any and everything that links Went with Winter or X-mas in any way and by wishing you a Happy Holiday Season! Thanks babe1973 and thank you to maichan for creating this pic.

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35 responses to “Countdown to Wentmas 2006

  1. Anonymous

    Too cute! And he dances like Went too! 🙂

  2. babe1973

    Lol. Yeah that’s why I created that. I thought it was so cute. I hope it brings everyone a smile for the holidays.

  3. Anonymous

    hehehe…that funny…now we just need one of WFW…can you do that #babe1973??…I wanna see her dance.


  4. Anonymous

    it’s funny when I watch it his eyes keep following me around

  5. Anonymous

    Here’s a little Wentmas Cheer
    To keep you warm this time of year
    Even when it’s cold at night
    It makes me hot to see his sight

    We sing his praises through the year
    We’re hot for Pretty that much is clear
    I want him in my bed at night
    To snuggle and to hold me tight

    I’ll kiss him under the mistletoe
    And from there we’ll let it go
    I promise I’ll be a naughty girl
    Santa please let me have a whirl

    So all I want under my Wentmas tree
    It’s not much I’m sure you’ll agree
    Is a nekkid Went smiling at me

  6. babe1973

    Hey WFW send me your picture and I will make you dance too. For Jailbird.

  7. epantz

    i’m thinking 12 days of Wentmas… anyone? i don’t know what exactly would happen over these 12 days, but it could be fun 😛

  8. soiled undies


    Last year on X-mas Eve I was doing some last minute shopping at the mall and just for a laugh I went to sit on Santa’s lap to take a photo with him.
    My night ended with Santa showing me his ‘rudolph’…guess I was more NAUGHTY than nice!

    Needless to say I had a VERY merry X-mas.

    Ho! Ho! Ho!

    PS. babe1973: one word GENIUS!

    Oh, I just have to ask, can you make WFW’S dance dirty? Coz we all know how much she likes her POLES.

  9. Anonymous

    His carrot is making me hungry!

  10. babe1973

    LOL soiled undies. I am waiting for her to send her pic.
    Thank you for the genius compliment.

  11. Wet For Went

    Now you guys know this is a SECRET identity right? LOL

  12. Anonymous

    oooooh!! WFW that’s not fair…do it for Wentworth 🙂

  13. Wet For Went

    Like I tell my niece all the time when she says that to me: “Life’s not fair.” Besides, Wentworth has already seen a picture of me *wagging tongue* Seriously though, I prefer to reamin as anonymous here as possible…

    I had made a virtual me and everything for you guys but since the Gap campaign has long since been over, the links to your specific dancing virtual replica no longer work…but you can still make one and when it starts dancing, imagine it’s me.

  14. Anonymous

    But don´t you see that we all believe Wentworth really wants to see your photograph!

  15. Anonymous

    SU…you’re so naughty…tell me…did santa bring an elf???

    babe1973…good work chick! definitely the cutest xmas greeting i’m sure i’ll see this year!

  16. Anonymous

    WFW ….your as big a tease as Wentworth….but we’ll respect you identity.

    So now we’re desperate for info on Went & You….maybe I’ll start a blog about you 🙂

  17. Wet For Went

    OK so I guess I owe you people the truth…The truth is, it is a matter of national security that no pic of me ever be posted on this blog. I have to go now b/c the men in black are here to give me my “medicine.” I probably won’t remember this tomorrow…

  18. Insector

    Notice where Wents has his hand?!

  19. Anonymous

    INS ECTOR…you seem to be missing your P…ROFL..oh dear..brothers are pests like that aren’t they?? and no..i hadn’t noticed where his hand is. not surprised however, that you did. good job!

  20. soiled undies

    WFW: Well can we at least see a picture of your booty?

    With a thong if you like, I ‘m not really into the whole dental floss look…but whatever floats your boat!
    I don’t normally wear underwear – what’s the point?! (I’m always taking it off anyway…or it’s being ripped off…)

    As long as it juicy and nice and big…my idea of the perfect ass is as follows,

    tight, firm yet very GRIP – ABLE!

    buttercup: LMFAO! Yes I’m a naughty, naughty little girl. You wanna discipline me?
    “elf”???!!! That could be interpreted as a lot of things… a baby, a STD, an organism!

    Ahhh…where is Went’s hand? I’m just not seeing it! What should I be looking for? Is it dirty? Fun!

    Could someone please explain the terms; OLP and ROFL, the combinations that I’m coming up with are…interesting to say the least.

  21. soiled undies

    buttercup: “did santa bring an elf???”

    Are you talking threesome here?

    You need to clarify this because it’s all I can think about…which is not a bad thing when you consider the possibilities…

    Did you mean Santa brought an elf to take me from behind while he handled the business in front?

    Or, he brought an elf so he could experience the best of both worlds in one night and also give me a breather (and let me watch)?

  22. Wet For Went

    su you are such a bad influence and I love it. I think inspector meant that Went’s hand is grabbing the snowman’s ass…kinky. OLP means Our Lord Pretty and ROFL means Rolling On the Floor Laughing, now stop bothering me I’m trying to watch football over here and we’re winning! 6-0 with 2 min to half-time. woo hoo!

  23. Anonymous

    girls girls girls…look at the snowWOMAN again..and tell inspector that you can see what Went is grabbing at the front. away much?! i luv it..i threw that in there knowing you’d get yourself all twisted into some deviant fantasy..i really had no intended purpose for the elf…i just thought it sounded funny…and it seems to have done the trick. enjoy 🙂 xxx

  24. soiled undies

    WFW: Thanks doll! Football huh? Do you watch it for the action – of course you do, but I mean the actual sport action or the guy on guy action ( a la Brokeback) or the tight asses?

    buttercup: Snowwoman?! Are you refering to those…mounds/ boobies on IT’S chest? Hmmmm?

    How well you know me! It was fun! I MORE than enjoyed, THANKS!

  25. Wet For Went

    The tight pants definitely help but I have to say it’s all Ravens love baby. That team has turned me into a football fan and dare I say, I actually understand football and the calls and the rules and stuff now. It’s amazing. My ex tried to teach me football for like 10 years and I never got it. Now I watch it alone and I’m like “false start” yelling out the calls like he used to before the ref even does. I sit in my Ray Lewis jersey every Sunday (for good luck) and watch the game, lol.

  26. Anonymous

    OMG that was hilarious..

    Talk about wetting, no wait..saturating my pants? I hear you ask??

    OK have twisted my arm, ok..and my mind just a little, OK totally

    buttercup: I seem to recall you seeing me on several occasions wearing none at all?!

    su: bet you’d like to wouldn’t u? on both counts wouldn’t you?..

    buttercup: we’ll see if su gets it..

    su: we’ll see if buttercup gets it..

    WFW: Surely you would have to understand? comments

    Coz if you are not getting any then that means I am the only one getting any..which I suppose could explain the wet pants..however I feel it is too early to disclose information as such..

    On/with the other hand, whatever takes your could have been all that ‘feel’ing that caused the pants to become saturated..once again I feel it is still too early to divulge information as such.

    Then again it may have happened while I was doing the washing earlier..I had completed the fine art of turning on the machine, allowing the machine take everything I knew it would, pressing all the right buttons on this powerful machine,listening to the sounds being made as this machine works hard to complete the task ahead of it..the spraying..the big BANG it makes at the completion of the where were we? that’s right..the washing..wheeling the clothes trolley outside, opened the backdoor and the cat came running in..tripped me up, causing the clothes trolley to come down on me which in trun caused the entire load to spill out all over me..yeah that sounds like a good reason for the pants becoming damp..

    Anyways gotta run for now..

    Inspector xx

  27. Anonymous

    i feel totally violated! and not in a good way! anything i’ve seen or heard regarding Inspector was not through any choice of MY own.

    i don’t mind you sharing your deluded fantasies Inspector..but please don’t include me in them!

    feel so dirty..can’t.get.clean.
    must think happy Went thoughts..

  28. Anonymous

    Now c’mon buttercup..if memory serves me correctly it was you who advised me to remove them in the first place..similar to wents asking me to remove them..only it would be MUCH faster & they would be much wetter..oh & I’m sure they’d be off for much LONGER & they’d probably also be harder to FIND.

    mmm I’m feeling WFW

  29. Anonymous


  30. Anonymous

    wents won’t be coming for don’t hold your breathe

  31. Anonymous

    i won’t hold my BREATH either! once again you excel in spelling.

  32. Anonymous

    thanx for picking that up buttercup..what would I do without you..whilst I’m sitting here at my desk??

  33. Anonymous

    Gee “insector” minus the P, I recall you putting everyone through the terror of you being ‘nickless’. We all had nightmares.

    It’s ok buttercup. I’ll be at work soon to save you.

  34. soiled undies

    Inspector: ?????!!!! No unfortunately NOT getting it!

    buttercup: I FEEL VIOLATED TOO! …but strangely enough I don’t seem to mind…maybe Inspector can perform some of his/ her washing magic on me?!

    It takes a bit of effort to turn me on but I probably will take anything and everything you want to load and by pushing the right buttons, the right sounds will follow and you really wouldn’t have to work that hard to achieve the big BANG, I’ll steer you around the curves…

    OKAY! Your washing machine must be broken coz I’m so dirty now!

  35. Anonymous

    su: The washing machine is only used to cleanse filth..a few specs of dirt don’t count..

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