Favorite Comment(s) of the Week

You people commented your ASSES off this week so this is going to be very, very long. Also, Wentworth Miller made an appearance in the comments section this week! Did you know that? You might have missed it. I wonder which one it was: Wentcrazy? Wentnasty? Wentsurfy?

soiled undies said…

Ohhh…WFW finally laided down the law!

You go girl! I like to see a woman take charge.

If you need to reinforce this new rule know that I am behind you 100% and that I encourage and support you should you decide to borrow Sarah Michelle Gellar’s whip to show everyone how serious you are.

You can always take it out for a test drive on me…make sure it’s all whippy…*grin*

su, you always make me smile.


Lucky Lady AKA LL AKA Twinkie76 said…

HAHA the other person is right I did look like a peanut butter cup lol! and I was standing in front of a jar of peanut butter cups. How ironic hehe

We are all about the Peanut Butter Cups and it’s all thanks to Went. Good to know he was in close proximity to his favorite treat.


Mink said…

WFW, your ‘halo’ question has me laughing so hard that I have tears running down my cheeks. Although I must admit, I’m with you…I’m sure it’s there even if it’s not always visible to the naked eye.

And, ahhh, LL, you got to look into those eyes. So. Very. Lucky. Everyone who’s done so says they are something to behold! *swoon*

OLP most definitely has a halo to go along with those spectacular eyes.

Mink said…

“My question then is, When Went calls you beautiful, why is his representation NOT your next call? If he said “Fuck off” to me I’d propose! You bitches are crazy.”

LMFAO! WFW you speak the truth. Simple as that.

That made me laugh all over again. LOLOLOLOLOLOL


tia said…

OK definitely Angelina the ultimate most beautiful and sexy creature walking the earth, Sanaa Lathan yes , Jonathan Reese Myers GOD YES , hey how about Jessica Biel I think he would appreciate that fantastic ASS of hers

Hilarious that tia mentioned Jessica Biel here and then a few days later we get a rumor that Went was canoodling with her during the filming of Stealth. Oh the irony.


Karen said…

WFW I must say, you CRACK ME UP!

You’re like the id my id wishes it could be!

Oh yes, my id is out of control.


buttercup said…

MY GOD THE VAMPIRE IDEA IS INSANELY HOT…they would have to wear lots of leather…and i think the whole movie would have to be in black and white cuz they’re both so incredibly sexy in the black and white…and there would be shower scenes…and lots of skin…and they could feed each other peanut buttercups…ok..i’ll stop now. my mind is all a scramble cuz i’ve just seen a preview of PB which is FINALLY returning to screens in OZ (the land behind time..) very soon!!!!!! oh gush gush! aren’t you jealous that i’m yet to see all the greatness that is season 2?! i’m jealous of myself.. (?) and yes..incase you hadn’t worked it out by the insane ramblings…it’s me cocob..i changed my name to honour you Oh Great One…thank you for my new name..i shall wear it as my badge of honour! xxx B

OK, this is really turning into a cult, so while I have you, go ahead and make all checks payable to…
Seriously, I want to just pick every comment on Pick One: Part Two.

Karen said…

I have never wanted to be stranded in an airport … until now.

Amen girl, same here.

CocoB said…

he really should be everywhere.

So sweet and so true.


soiled undies said…

It’s all in their minds. People are seeing Went everywhere because they’ve gone Wentschizo.

Wentworth Miller is taking over the world!


Went World Domination. That is our ultimate goal.

Mink said…

OMG, WFW! Laugh. My. Ass. Off! You know, it was a Girl!Crush, but this post has done it… It’s now True Wuv! Mink 4 WFW 4Eva! In fact, Wentworth had better hurry up and hussle his ass over here to London and give me some luvin’, or I’m moving my constant raging longing to you. Come to think of it, d’you think that might be a plan? I mean, Went might like to watch. This could be a winner for both (all three?) of us. *furious giggling*


soiled undies said…

I wish Wentcrazy would assault me with his deadly penis…


Mink: Hands off you ho! WFW is mine! I’ve already proposed and all – and it’s official, gay marriages are now legal in SA…

Whoa there girls; There’s enough WFW for everyone. The girl-girl love on this blog makes me happy inside but I ask you, where is the boy-boy love? Oh it’s all over on Data Lounge where someone (who was it) posted a link to my blog in the thread about the fake Went fucking some blond slut on an airplane story. I went over and left a short message and this is what someone wrote back:

Aww, I love the WetForWent fangirl blogger – r72! What a sweetie. All fangirls should be that cool.

There’s fangirls and there’s fangirls. You’re the better half.

That brought a tear to my eye. So sweet. Here’s an idea, stop past and see us sometime and leave a gay male perspective comment or two. We’d love to have you.


notthedoctor said…

First commentary! YAY!
* actually it makes me nervous *
ROFLOL 🙂 WfW funniest stuff!!!
you’ll be the death of me, making me laugh so hard.
Anyway, i’d have me some Wentcrazy everyday if i could get my hands on him.
He’s in psycho ward? is that it? Chained to a wall? I could show that womanizer a few tricks. that’ll teach him to fuck around everything with a vagina but me!

Went brings out the whore in all of us. You gotta love it.


Anonymous said…

Wentworth stop playing with yourself and let me take care of that for you……

12/04/2006 11:10 AM

How very unselfish of you to offer…

geniass said…

Thanks Went for taking time out of your busy pants dropping schedule for the official word. 😉

Now all we need is for him to drop his pants on camera.


tbaby said…

WFW, you really have a world in your mind, rich in texture, color, and Wentastic conversations.

Thank you for letting us come in for a little visit.

I think Wentcrazy lives there too. Along with Wentnasty. Oh, didn’t you know there were triplets? No? Oh, that must be in MY world. Hmmm…

Went and his many impersonators, if they weren’t all so hot I might be upset.


Linds said…

I am never reading this blog during lunch again – you had me choking on my canteloupe!!!

It’s part of my master plan to kill each and every one of you so that there will be no women left for Went but me.

The Gilded Moose said…

I was at that T-Mobile Party and the really weird thing is that Wentworth Miller’s boyfriend doesn’t even HAVE hands.

Just kidding. You know I’d never be caught dead up in a T-Mobile party.

Wentworth Miller has a handless boyfriend. You heard it here first.


I said: I get bored and the party is over so Went had damn well better keep me interested in his fine self and keep releasing little tidbits of info for me to try and spin into something! You hear me Wentworth?

Then…Wentworth actually answered me. OMG! OMG!


I hear ya!!

12/05/2006 1:34 PM

So then I was all like: Oh Went…If only that was really you…LOL

and then he talked to me AGAIN! OMG! OMG!


It could be…..you never know!!!

12/05/2006 7:08 PM

Wow Went, so nice of you to come and see us! How are things? I hope they’re good. How’s the family? How’s filming going? Read any good books lately? I love you…

Anonymous said…

I LOVE JOURNEY! The fact that Amaury turned Went onto the greatest hits album makes it even sweeter. My personal favorite: “Don’t Stop Believing” – yeah, that I’ll ever meet Went. It’s bound to happen one day – cue “Faithfully.” 🙂

12/05/2006 1:01 PM

Thanks to this article there has been a lot of Journey song singing in my shower this week.

tbaby said…

Patty, that pairing should totally be “Bellicado”. Most. Frightening. Pairing. Ever.


12/06/2006 9:19 AM

Bellicado may be the funniest thing I read all week. Brilliant!

Anonymous said…

A porno would imply it was remotly good ….this was far less than that.

12/06/2006 5:47 PM

I happen to think porn acting sucks. I mean what exactly are they pretending there is a backstory for? I know I’m watching porn…just get to the fucking, thanks.

Melanzanie said…

Wentworth Miller disappeared! Last seen heading towards WFW’s with peanut buttercups.

12/07/2006 6:44 AM

These were all really good. I was going to just say they were all so good I couldn’t pick but the thought of Went heading to my house with peanut butter cups and never returning was too hilarious not to highlight.

Jailbird said…

WFW after all this work of devotation you deserve a free DVD, a 5 minute kiss and a slap on the ass!!

Who’s ya Daddy!!!


Linds said…

Jesusheisjustsofrigginamazing!!!!! Can I have him for Christmas? PLEASE?????


babe1973 said…

WOW THAT ASS……. I’M ON FIRE. I wrote to Santa this year asking for Wentworth. Do you think I can have him? I’ve been a good girl. 😉

Santa called me and he says, yes, yes you may.

linds said…

I agree with you Mink. How does Wenty wind up with the world’s most discreet lovers? Even if I did it with him 15 years ago at an after hours party and didn’t even think he remembered my name I would still be shouting that shit from the rooftops!

It amazes me too that there are NO “I had sex with Wentworth Miller” stories.

buttercup said…

i bet he’s got the brown sugar on tho…

Ahh Brown Sugar, where are you?

As usual, thank you all for your comments!


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7 responses to “Favorite Comment(s) of the Week

  1. Anonymous

    Re: The High Fashion comment, “Brown Sugar” must be “Black Licorice” by now, don’t you think? How old are these shows anyway? You know what’s sad? Even if Went had stinky feet, I’d still give ’em a rub. 🙂 Thank God there’s an anonymous option on this blog. I can finally communicate my inner-Wentmonologues. 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Wow!…we have really kept you busy this week WFW. You’ve made us all really laugh a lot, thanks a bunch.

    Even Wentworth made his prenence known….hope it’s really him 🙂

  3. Mink

    LMAO at Fake!Wentworth. You need to make a note of the relevant IP address if he ever ‘visits’ again. If it’s Dallas or LA (depending on his whereabouts at the time), then…Yikes! LOL

  4. Wet For Went

    anon 3:14, yeah I could swear he stole the pair I threw out that belonged to my ex and just revived them, lol. I love Went and about the feet…wow, just wow, however, feel free to post your freakishly weird Wentasies all day long. That’s what we’re here for.

    anon 5:43, yes you did. I don’t know how many comments I had to wade through just to get that hundred I posted and the interaction was cute. Whoever it was, they made my day with the just the idea of it being real.

    mink, you know I already thought of that right? LOL The log had been bumped by the time I saw that comment though. That’ll teach me to go away for hours at a time. Would have really been something if it was him. I felt slightly delighted but mostly the cynic in me was like “yeah right…” Then again, it doesn’t have to be really him for it to be fun. I used to have the best time pretending this guy on Jake’s IMDB board was really him. That guy was freaking hilarious. Still…you know I always raise my eyebrows if I see Dallas or LA b/c Fake Wentworth said it best “you never know.”

  5. Anonymous

    is it just me or does everyone run around like a spaz when they see they’ve made it into comments of the week??!!!! and this:

    PMWow Went, so nice of you to come and see us! How are things? I hope they’re good. How’s the family? How’s filming going? Read any good books lately? I love you…

    this is exactly what should be said on any ‘wentencounter’… i mean seriously, what else is there to say?!

  6. Anonymous

    Fake Went is driving us all crazy,
    my imagination is running wild.

    WFW you forget that he does have family in NY and most likely visits….especially the holidays.


  7. Wet For Went

    Hey buttercup, I think I may have left out marry me in my haste; now I guess I’ll be single forever…

    jailbird, if only I had enough time left in my day for cyber stalking, I’d be all over it.

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