The Wentworth Miller Sex Tape

LOL, headlines are fun. I bring to you today, b/c I’m always forgetting which board I’m on and what is where and am just realizing that I had not brought you this already and this is now officially the longest sentence in history and what was I saying, oh yes, I bring to you today the closest we may ever get to seeing Went get it on and so I have named it, The Wentworth Miller Sex Tape. What it really is, is scenes from The Hour pieced together and set to music. That description really doesn’t do it justice, so just watch it, oh and I’m still drunk from last night, Happy Friday!

OK I forgot to add the slow motion gifs that soul4poetry from The Church created from this video.

Leave it to mink to notice Josie Maran’s hand in that first one…I do believe there is some crotch rubbing going on…This is WAY too much stimulation for work…


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34 responses to “The Wentworth Miller Sex Tape

  1. Anonymous

    What’s with the Bebe thing at the end….can they do that??…I was watching it and enjoying the moment when I see the Bebe logo, was this a commercail??…god-damn!!! I was totally picturing myself in that scene.

    How do you find all this stuff??

  2. keena

    I….just can’t get away from my screen no more . Damn I try and….oh no ! I have to watch it again….and again…..and again…..*loop*…

  3. Wet For Went

    anon 8:52, I think it’s supposed to be a commercial. I’m not sure if it has ever seen the light of day on anything but You Tube so I’m not sure if they can do that, lol. I found it while cruising You Tube a while ago but The Church reminded me of it and then I thought, wait, did I ever post that? I have so many things running through my head at any given time it’s a wonder I remember anything.

    LOL keena, I know right. HOT!

  4. Anonymous

    Wonderful…Josie is lovely. What a perfect match for Went, if only sexually.

  5. Anonymous

    Went’s a BITER! Check out slow mo #2.

  6. Anonymous

    I have to say that I feel somewhat aweful for poor Wentworth Miller. It must be pretty unnerving to have so much female sexual energy whirling around you from half the world’s population. How does the guy sleep at night? And no that was not an invite to describe his various states of undress, WFW!!

  7. Anonymous

    anon 10:46 he sleeps peacefully at night knowing that he has masses of female followers waiting vigilantly for his next project. still, you’re right, all of our lusty estrogen could easily turn us into peasants with pitchforks, especially when he decides to go public with a mate. now, i pity THAT poor soul!

  8. babe1973

    HOLY :::::::::: I LOVE THIS. Yes Went is hot and a biter. I love him even more. Ah I hate that woman. It should have been me.

  9. Anonymous

    Oh my god the slow-mo slide show is totally hot. How am I supposed to get any work done??


  10. Mink

    *batting eyelashes innocently* Me? Notice crotch rubbing? *looks around shiftily* Surely you must mean someone else? (Damn! Why do I keep saying this stuff out loud at Church? I need to stop it!)

    And yeah, the nipping was one of the first things I noticed too. *sigh* You know, there I go thinking I am about as turned on by this man as it’s possible to be, and then I go and see something like that, and I have to go and re-evaluate my Arousal Scale all over again. Where will it end, WFW? Where? Will he not be happy until we have all just exploded in an enormous ball of fiery, hopeless desire?

  11. Anonymous

    I know they’re actors and all, but she’s in a dress, she sits in his lap… don’t things get…. you know… bigger? 🙂

  12. Anonymous

    anon 1:59 if you can unlock the secret of how actors/actresses don’t get turned on when filming love scenes, then you can unlock the secret of life. 🙂

  13. babe1973

    Well some actors do actually get “bigger”. Lol. But remember that what we see is the result of 10 or 20 tries, the producer saying CUT every 2 seconds, people are around them filming, and there is no music to get in da mood.
    I want to sit on his lap too. Wentworth please… Let me sit on your…. God I can’t stop watching this. Such a turn-on. I wonder he is saying just before biting me on the second pic. Something ME…

  14. belgian

    Went, please come bite me… I promise I won’t!

    WFW, how dare you get me all turned on when I’m supposed to write something coherent by tomorrow?

    No hard feelings though… (I wish there were:))

  15. babe1973

    WFW, LMFAO. I want to think that he says all these:
    eat me
    take me
    suck me
    fuck me
    screw me
    bang me

    Oh boy, this is too much to handle.

  16. babe1973

    Oh I forgot one:
    Do me.

  17. Anonymous

    You know I noticed someting? He always closed his eyes when he is kissing, in every movie or TV show. That is sooo romantic. One other thing is that he always touches his co-star’s cheek while kissing. I think that’s hot.

  18. anon 1:59

    Well, I guess it remains a mystery 🙂
    Thanks for your answers!

  19. Wet For Went

    Yeah anon 10:10 Josie is a pretty girl, I hate the bitch, but she’s pretty.

    anon 10:12, Have I told you lately that I love you? I dont’ think I noticed the biting but then when I look at them my eyes close at inopertune moments b/c my eyes close when I…you know…close them.

    anon 10:46, Don’t feel too sorry for him, lol. He’s doing what he loves and he is universally adored. Sounds like he leads a pretty charmed life if you ask me! And thank you for taking all the fun out of your comment by not inviting me to ponder him in bed at night, naked. *pouting*

    babe1973, I know how you feel.

    Jailbird, close your door and now lock it. Now sit at your desk, cross your legs at the ankles and…wait, I’ve said too much.

    Mink, it will never end. Never, ever, and GOD how frustrating it all is. I think I’m developing an ulcer.

    anon 1:59 and 2:07, I know I think that all the time. I know for sure, that if I was making out with anyone I was even remotely attracted to, audience or not (as it would not be the first time…lol, don’t ask), I would get aroused. In fact, I would think it would help the scene. I have no idea how they avoid this.

    babe1973, I think he’s saying “kiss me” although I like to pretend he’s saying “fuck me.” Went saying “fuck me” would do absolutely insane and unspeakable things to my insides. I think I might actually conceive a child from the experience.

  20. Sonata

    mmmm… yammmy!!!
    Did you noticed that at the end he doesnt have the prisoners costume ( or whatever it`s called in english )anymore!!!! ohhhoo….

  21. Anonymous

    wait! wait! wait!…josie got PAID to do this?!

    WFW – as for the conceiving a child at that unspeakably hot request…i think i’ve run out of eggs!

  22. Anonymous

    WFW : I share your opinion on Josie I also think she´s gorgeous but she´s so vain….that spoils everything about her

  23. married but not dead

    go to then u can see all 14 minutes of it ( but make-out session very little )

  24. Wet For Went

    I know right buttercup, she got paid TOO! The god damn whore.

    Anon 9:19, my hatred for her actually stems from the fact that she has touched Went’s bare fucking shoulders. I don’t know anything else about her and wouldn’t even know her name if she weren’t in this with him. Perhaps I shall google her later.

    Yes the love scene is way too short marriedbutnotdead, that’s too much typing, you shall be MBND from now on.

  25. soiled undies

    babe1973: Bravo! Very impressive!

    Many I add; “blow me” though ‘suck me’ is an acceptable substitute, I mean you’re still going to be on your knees anyway and I guess the view stays the same…

  26. Wet For Went

    How could I forget suck me?

  27. linds

    I swear to God I think he’s saying “spread”.

  28. Anonymous

    LMFAO linds…i was just gonna write that i think he’s saying ‘kiss me’ but i prefer yours better!

  29. soiled undies

    No WFW, you forgot “lick me”.
    Your tongue has “a life of it’s own” remember?

    I’m also adding “taste me’ to the list but I think “spread” is probably my favourite, though we must not forget the wonder that was “open up for me” thanks to the Wensen Slash fiction.

  30. Suvikki

    I´m hoplessly in lost…What is a timeline where that scene is linking to? I confese that I haven´t seen every single episodes of first season.After Christmas we are in Finland at part where Michael have burned himself. Just can´t wait for what´s coming…

  31. Anonymous

    your website is amazing!this is very good.i can watch it thousand times

  32. Anonymous

    how can a guy that hot n sexy still be single??????!!!!!!! if he asked me i out i would never let him go hehe ahhh he is amazing talanted…intelegent…caring…ohhh and SOOO FUCKING HOT!!!!

  33. KATJUS

    Ok, so reacting to this WAY WAY late but nothing to do and entertaining myself with this vid made me notice something (besides the extreame hotness of the man…); what the hell has happened to his eyebrows?? Where r Wentworth´s eyebrows?
    Damn it, some over excited make-up artist seems to have waxed his frowning tools nearly off! Jesus, DO.NOT.MESS.WITH.THE.PERFECT.ONE!!!How damn hard is that to remeber??

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