Prison Break Recap 12/11 (Fake) Episode

Sara was so happy to see Michael and seated on his lap she could feel how hard he was. She thought about this moment so many times…Especially the way he had kissed her that day in the Infirmary. She knew how much he cared for her by the way he always touched her and the way he looked at her and now here they were, alone together, locked in a passionate embrace. He kissed her as though he would die if their lips were not touching and she melted into him. She pulled away so she could look him in the eye; then she slid her hand down between his legs to touch it and she rubbed him through his pants. He groaned, closed his eyes and rolled his head back. Then he let it fall forward into her neck and kissed it while taking small bites…Not enough to bruise, but enough to sting. It felt so good. She rotated her neck so he could get to more of it. She didn’t want it to stop. She moaned softly and then stood up and took off her outfit…Not that there was much to remove. He watched her intently while he undid his pants. She walked toward him naked and exposed and he reached out for her. He grabbed her waist and pulled her to him and nuzzled his head into her stomach. He kissed it softly and she fell to her knees and finished undoing his pants. When she had it completely free she was surprised at how much bigger it was than she expected but she went for it anyway. She licked the head slowly right at the opening and as she did he let out a whimper and she could feel him shaking. She licked and kissed the ridge, teasing him and suddenly he was no longer breathing. She put it in her mouth and started to suck and he moaned like nothing she had ever heard before. They continued that way until he grabbed her by her head and pulled her face up to his and started to kiss her. He picked her up and placed her onto the couch on her back and started licking her nipples, very slowly. First the left, then the right, then back again. She squirmed in delight and then…He ran his tongue down her belly, down, down and before she knew it she could feel his face between her thighs and his tongue on her clit. He licked and suckled and teased her endlessly. He was fantastic and soon she was cumming harder than she ever had and calling out his name “Oh Michael..Michael…” He took off his clothes and climbed on top of her. She could feel him hard and throbbing on her leg and then he was inside of her. They both moaned on contact. They fit together perfectly and she was so wet he could feel her dripping on to him. It took no time to find the rhythm; It was like they had done this a million times before. Everytime he slid out she grabbed his ass and pushed him in deeper. She locked her legs around him and their eyes were locked as he stroked her hair…and then she came again. She closed her eyes and screamed this time “Oh Michael! Oh God…” and then his head fell into her neck and she could feel him drawing breath and then letting it out in force. He half whispered, half-breathed the word “Saaaraaaaa…” and wrapped his arms around her tight as he came too. They laid there for a few seconds, hardly breathing and clinging to each other and then Linc walked in and said “What the hell?” Michael yelled for him to leave so Linc just turned right around and walked back out. While they put their clothes on it occurred to Michael that eventhough he had found Sara again, there was still more to be done before they could actually be together, but she had to come with him. She couldn’t stay on her own anymore and he could no longer be without her. He didn’t even have to ask. Sara was ready to go with him wherever he went. He told her “I’ll be right back,” and went out to talk to Linc.

Mahone is determined. He has to get to his family before everyone figures out that he’s still alive. He has been driving for what seems like days, breaking every speed barrier known to man. He even got stopped a couple of times for speeding and he had to flash his badge and pretend to be on urgent FBI business. He could only hope that the cops who stopped him wouldn’t investigate his claims. He tries calling Pam but no one picks up.

When Sucre awoke he didn’t know where he was. He was in a strange bed and his muscles ached. The sun was shining into the room through the window and he could hear birds singing. He smelled something cooking. He tried to get up but he moved too fast and he had to grab onto the nearby night table to balance himself. As he did the table wobbled and a picture frame fell and crashed onto the floor. The young woman who rescued him walked hurriedly into the room. She looked concerned and found Sucre barely standing. “You’re not strong enough to be up and about yet,” she said. “Lay back down and I’ll get you some soup.” She headed for the door.
“Where am I?” He asked. “I’m Isabel,” she replied, “you’re in my home and you’re safe…Whoa, here.” She walked back over to the bed and helped him back in.

C-Note is almost on top of the police car now but they see him and speed up. He runs into the back of the car but it only jerks them forward and they speed up again. He pulls up along side them and rams the side of the RV into the car and they swerve off of the road and then back on again. He can’t seem to get them to stop! Dede is screaming. “It’s OK baby girl,” he says. “Just be brave so we can see Mommy… Can you do that for me?” She says yes. “Hold on!” he says and then one last push sends the police car into a telephone pole. He tells his daughter “wait here,” while he gets out and goes over to the car. The airbags deployed and the cops are out cold but so is Kacee in the back seat having hit her head on the barrier in front of her.

It’s Bellick’s first day in the yard and his ass is so sore he couldn’t sit down if he wanted to. Avacado may be missing his equipment but he still took great pleasure in violating him with a strap on. How he got one into the prison Bellick will never know. He is thinking of sneaking back into his cell early so that he can dispose of it but Avacado won’t let him out of his sight. His attempts to meet with the Warden have been denied and eventhough he told his old guard buddies he fears for his life, there is only so much they can do to help. They try to keep an eye on him but all of a sudden there is a commotion and he gets lost in a crowd. He’s surrounded. He calls out for help but the guards can’t get to him. He feels more than one blade pierce his belly but he can’t tell where they are coming from so he just starts swinging blindly into the crowd and starts a brawl.

T-bag is hugging Susan back now and she is still stunned at this reaction from him. While she would never dream of actually being with him, her kids are at home and she can’t possibly put them in jeopardy. She plays along and asks if he’s hungry. He says he is and that he would “really like it if they could all have a family dinner, like they used to.” She doesn’t want to, but she calls the kids down for dinner. She tells the kids to go wash their hands for dinner and then asks T-bag to go help them. She’s trying to get him out of the room so she can call the cops, but he’s not going for it. He tells her the kids can find their own way to the washroom and that he reckons he’ll just wash up in the kitchen. “It’s been so long since I’ve seen you; I don’t want you out of my sight for one second,” He says. She forces a smile.

Haywire is liking his time on the island and his solitude. He’s liking it so much that he has named himself Lord of the Flies and made a bracelet out of dead flies and tree sap. He’s a crazy dude. He still longs to get to Holland to see that infamous windmill. He’s torn about whether to try and get help or not and decides against it for now. Afterall he has Wilson, his dog, some coconuts and a dead fly bracelet. What else does a man need?

CSI has just arrived to analyze the blood found at the scene of Mahone’s shooting. Since transport is required to travel with the medical records of their prisoners, they have already concluded that the blood does not belong to either one of the prisoners. Now they will have to take it back to the lab and run it through the system to figure out who it belongs to.

Michael walks out to a smirking Linc who’s all “way to go bro” and asking for details. Michael smiles but says he’s not telling. Linc doesn’t know that it was Sara in there until Michael tells him. He didn’t get a good look. Linc smiles but underneath it all he is sad about Veronica and worried about LJ. There’s still no word on LJ’s whereabouts and no way to find out where he is. Michael thinks Sara might be ready by now and goes in to get her and brings her out. They leave the back and walk out into the main entertainment area back to Kellerman who has his back to them and is leaning over the stage trying to coax the dancer down. They call Kellerman over and when he turns around Sara stops dead in her tracks. Kellerman looks very surprised. Michael asks her what’s wrong and gently takes her arm but she pulls away and starts yelling at him. Michael has no idea what’s going on here but Linc is at the ready as he noticed the way Sara is looking at Kellerman. Sara tells Michael that Kellerman tortured her and tried to kill her and that she will not go anywhere near him. Michael turns to Kellerman looking horrified and runs toward him. Kellerman tries to pull out his gun but Linc catches his hand before he can get it completely out and struggles with him to get it free. He gets the gun away and then holds Kellerman in a choke-hold. Michael is right in his face staring him down but the whole place is staring at them now. What are they going to do? THE END


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33 responses to “Prison Break Recap 12/11 (Fake) Episode

  1. Anonymous

    OMG! Yo finally dared to do it … You want Went to give you some spanking, don´t you?

  2. Wet For Went

    Yeah it turned out a little sweeter than I intended but it’s OK and I would LOVE a spanking from Went…

  3. Anonymous

    OMG!! I think I came right along with Sara. I loved every minute of it! Thanks WFW.

  4. linds

    Ooh Child! Did skinemax buy the right to Prison Break? *fingers crossed*

  5. Wet For Went

    anon 10:38, glad to be of service…

    LOL @ linds

  6. Anonymous

    Favorite lines:

    “Not enough to bruise, but enough to sting.”
    My God I could use a good nibble.

    “He’s a crazy dude.”
    So simple. So succinct. So true. I do hope we get to see Haywire and the dog.

    Overall…that was more porn, action and comedy than one person should encounter at 9:00 in the morning.

    And I loved it. Again, WFW … you rock!

  7. mink

    I love the way you don’t tease, WFW. No screwing around with angst or UST for you, just straight at it with the porn. *applauds* Can you just write the damn show, please! LOL

  8. Wet For Went

    Karen, I’ll tell you a secret…when I’m writing I can see the things happening in my head. It’s weird. I guess I am a good visualizer or something but that doesn’t mean everyone else sees what I see when I’m trying to describe it. I was stumped on how to describe that so for that line I actually bit my own hand a few times which I know sounds completely weird, lol. I think Haywire is going to get off that island and back into the usual crazy shit he’s always into and that compliment coming from you actually means something. I think almost everything I write is complete shit so I can never trust my own opinion.

    Now Mink you know I promised you porn! And I keep my promises…sometimes, lol. I think they could totally get away with a scene a la Grey’s Anatomy Season 2 Finale in PB SOMEWHERE. They don’t even try…

  9. redlightmind

    …and the part where Linc walks in and says “what the hell?” had me laughing my ass off, at work. Not a good thing when trying to discreetly goof off but still, funny! Thanks for the visuals!

  10. Anonymous

    WFW – Do you know what can of worms you opened up here with all the MiSa freaks?! 🙂

    I have one question for you…in your mind’s eye, is Went circumcised or not?

  11. Wet For Went

    redlightmind, that just seemed brotherly to me and in keeping with their playfulness. You buy your bro a lapdance and you come in and find him naked on top of her…I think a what the hell is probably in order. Afterall he was probably coming back there so he could get his lapdance too dammit, lol.

    anon 4:00, I do realize it and it frightens me very much. Fucking freaks. Went is circumsized and it leans to the left or is it the right…no matter. It’s perfect.

  12. babe1973

    Wow WFW seems like I am like you. I saw the whole thing happening. ^He can do that to me anytime.

  13. Anonymous

    WFW you don’t play around…girl you delivered. From now on I’m just going to read your posts, their better than the ones the PB writer’s come up with. Is that the end or will there be more??

  14. Gina

    you are great. the writers should contact you. anyway the sara from the show is way way dumber, i mean who lets that man shower alone in the hotel room and leaves a note saying “this time i know better”? better that what? oh please…
    dead flies bracelet…that’s good.

  15. epantz

    Strap on
    WFW, you’re fucking awesome

  16. mink

    I have to tell you, WFW, it’s not the MiSa shippers that bother me so much (well, not all of them, anyway – I mean, I am open to some hot MiSa action on the show, if they ever get around to it), it’s the WeSah shippers. D’you know they manip pics of Went and Sarah together and put hearts on them and stuff? I mean, holy Mother of God! Now that is freaky!

  17. Wet For Went

    babe 1973, I’m glad you could see it!

    Jailbird, I’m going to try and do one every week until the show comes back but that all depends. Like I’ll be in NYC for New Years so I won’t do one that week and I don’t know about the day after Christmas either but we’ll see.

    Thanks gina! I totally feel you on the shower thing. I was thinking, this girl is truly stupid. The dead fly bracelet thing just popped into my head. I don’t know where I get this shit.

    epantz LOL you inspired that one. I forgot Tweener had handled that whole getting raped problem. I clearly need to watch Season 1 again.

    mink, I actually just tease MiSa cuz they have the biggest fan base and it amuses me. That sex scene was seriously almost MiSu. And yeah, the WeSah ones are scary as hell.

  18. Patty

    “she slid her hand down between his legs to touch it” – this totally cracked me up. She touched “it”! I love you!

  19. Wet For Went

    Somehow “his dick” as much as I love the term, just didn’t flow as well as just assuming everyone knew what “it” was, lol. I was waiting for someone to notice that LMAO.

  20. HMB

    I didn’t even know there were WeSah’s out there! Good God! The girl’s married, leave her alone. I have to say I hate MiSa stuff but love you for shamelessly playing on MiSashippers’ weaknesses! Oh- and what am I supposed to do if you don’t post EVERY SINGLE DAY? I check this blog, like, twice a day, especially now when I’m in finals and my brain’s frying- I’m guaranteed fun and laughter here… You will be missed New Year’s. *Sniff*

  21. Anonymous

    WFW – You’re famous. Did you know this was here?

  22. Wet For Went

    HMB, LOL. I’m not on the MiSa ship but a little MiSa action on the show would be OK and I would make fun of just about anyone and I do. No one is immune.

    anon 12:38, I did actually. I sent the vid to MK and figured he’d post it if he felt like it and he did! It’s actually all thanks to Keena since she made it. That was the most popular post ever and the video was the most talked about and the most watched on You Tube for a couple days straight.

  23. Belgian

    Now THAT is someting I can enjoy at work (although I have to cup my hand over my mouth and force myself to look very focussed). WFW, I am eternally grateful to you for scratching my itch…

    And OMG, “first the right than the left”…


  24. Anonymous

    all i have now is crazy visions of you sitting in an office biting on your own hand whilst guiltily looking around in case anyone sees you…
    (of course visualising you would be your ‘graphic’ you..seeing as i don’t know what you look like 😛 )

    p.s. love the secret identity by the way..i’m all for the mystery.

  25. Belgian

    Aaah, Buttercup, did I get you all curious now? 😉

    I wonder what I look like in that mind of yours…


  26. notthedoctor

    Great fucking episode!! with MiSa action!! i kept giggling like a school girl during the whole scene… 🙂 that was HOT, woman, and i mean really hot!!! i loved it, loved everything!
    and you left us gasping for the fate of Kellerman! naughty girl!

  27. Anonymous

    lol Belgian…first thought that came to my mind was waffle…always with the food lmao! i’m sure you’re gorgeous! karen and epantz are the only brave one’s showing us their pretty selves.

  28. Patty

    I had to come back and add this – my firend , Monique, said in stead of calling it “it”, you should have used “Purple Headed Yogurt Sprayer”. Nice visual.

  29. Kassie

    Just read this for the first time…please excuse me while I…you know!

  30. Cat's Meow


    Thanks for the HOT Mike & Sara sex!!! Finally Mike’s having sex with a woman (I imagine it’s me)!!! If I have to read one more MiMa porn, I’ll pull my hair out!!! Like Kassie, you’ll have to excuse me now!!! lol

  31. dalagang pilipina

    uhmmmm… iwant Went to impregnate me…

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