Wentworth Miller’s Lips Driving People Crazy

Wentworth Miller was a winner in Glam.com’s first-ever Online Glam Celebrity Awards. What category did he win?

* Celebrity Bachelor You’d Most Want to Kiss:

Wentworth Miller (40% of votes)

Now while we’re at this, can we add, most want to lick, most want to suck, most want to fuck and most want to be impregnated by? Cuz those are MY categories…



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15 responses to “Wentworth Miller’s Lips Driving People Crazy

  1. Anonymous

    Hey, I’d settle for touching anything of his ….even a bead of sweat. However and excange of body fluids would interest me….”Liquid Sex” that’s my catagory.

    Special Thanks to whom ever coined that phrase in the eairler posts.


  2. Wet For Went

    Mmmmmmmm, touching Wentworth….

    Actually Liquid Sex is a Church term that usually refers to his voice but it could technically apply to just about anything about him.

  3. mink

    “Now while we’re at this, can we add, most want to lick, most want to suck, most want to fuck and most want to be impregnated by? Cuz those are MY categories…”

    LMAO! As always succinct and to the point, WFW. And oh so very, very right!

  4. Anonymous

    I want him for christmas.

  5. Anonymous

    yeah, I voted for him as well:D

  6. Wet For Went

    And Mink, I mean it, oh so very, very much.

    anon 2:47, Don’t we all…

    anon 2:50, If the right people had known about the voting, that percentage would have been significantly raised to somewhere in the neighborhood of 75% at least.

  7. mbnd

    most wanna kiss, lick, suck, bite,nibble……oh & have i mentioned FUCK him.

  8. amy

    he would say something lk “woah, woah and thank you” he is to die for.

  9. Anonymous

    lol! don’t forget ‘easy tiger’..

  10. Anonymous

    mmm wents kissing my lips..ALL of my lips

  11. soiled undies

    MY GOD Inspector!

    You are brilliant!

    Let’s get together and comfort ourselves over the knowledge that we’ll probably have to settle that lip kissing between us instead of having Went take care of it.

  12. Krissie

    Here’s my question: Who the f*** are the 60% that didn’t vote for him???????? ¤_¤

  13. Anonymous

    su: my lips are sealed..unless the “perfect one” were to come my way!

  14. Anonymous

    Krissie: What I want to know is..if 60% didn’t vote for Wentworth God Miller..who DID they vote for!?

  15. Krissie

    Inspector, MY POINT EXACTLY!!!! We are living in a sick disturbed world…

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