Wet For Went Public Service Announcement: Don’t Steal My Shit

OK so I notice I’m getting traffic from MichaelandSara.org (for something Wentworth Miller related) and I go on over and start poking around and I find my MiSa lapdance scene from the first Fake Prison Break ep in the FanFic section of their forums (yes you will need to register to view that link). So I read what people had to say about it b/c I’m just a curious person by nature and I actually lurk more than I comment (if you can believe it) just about everywhere. I laugh at the comments and then I go ahead and claim it as mine and explain why it is short and tell them about the new one posted yesterday with the XXX sex scene…but for some reason everyone seems to think that the (SERIOUSLY gung-ho about MiSa) poster wrote it. *sigh* Now I can’t be sure b/c judging by the spelling and the crazy stupid caps use it may have gotten lost in translataion that bahar did not in fact write that, I did. Perhaps this person really isn’t trying to pass off my writing as their own but just so nothing like this ever happens again:

People please, if you use my text somewhere, link me dammit!



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8 responses to “Wet For Went Public Service Announcement: Don’t Steal My Shit

  1. babe1973

    You go girl. Defend your work. Same thing happens to me too. I see my info sent on other websites and no links, not even a mention.

  2. Wet For Went

    Well I’m not perfect either. I don’t always link to the art or pics I use in every single post but I use the same pics over and over again and have linked the artist or source AT LEAST once if I know who it is. Sometimes I don’t remember so it’s not like I can say anything then but that one would have been totally easy to just say they got it from here as they would have had to cut and paste it right from the page.

  3. Anonymous

    HOW RUDE!!….the nerve!…how dare they!. Those-FAKE-SCRIPT-stealing-bitches.

    I’m officially offended.. #jailbird

  4. Anonymous

    WFW I have and idea to protect your writing, you could inject yourself into the script, use your identity as a character. If they stole future scripts your ID/source would be enclosed.


  5. Anonymous

    Poor baby! Same thing happened to me. Ppl used my animations without asking/crediting me. And I knew that, cos I’ve put my username on it. It’s hard to stop them though…


  6. Iva

    I know how you feel girl, it happened to me couple of times, unfortunately there will always be people like that and we can’t do much about it. I for one try to always link back to the source of the article.

    BTW, did I mention I like, as you like to call it, “s**t” you’re writing. Great work.


  7. geniass

    Bitches need to recognize yo! You should ban that biznatch!

  8. Wet For Went

    I’m cool now but I was kinda pissed at first. Whatever though.

    jailbird, the minute I show up in my PB eps, I have officially run out of steam, lol, but thanks for caring. *cyber hug*

    Hikki, that was one of the things I liked when I saw your gifs. They had your name on them!

    Iva!!! Hi! Thanks for commenting! Everybody Iva is the Editor of Gossip or Truth and everytime she links me, it gets picked up on Megite and sends me traffic so I LOVE her (more traffic brings us closer to Went World Domination *evil laughter*) but today is the first time I ever talked to her! Thanks Iva for the compliment. I’m just havin a little fun. *grin*

    LOL geniass. I actually have no idea who bahar is so I can’t do anything but it’s all good.

    All of this actually reminded me to go back and make sure I linked to all of the art that I use on the site at least once (and I was missing one and I still am b/c I can no longer find it but I tried). I threw them under Art in the Post Categories so now I have them up and can find them if I need to and others can too b/c I really like them, which is why I use them in the first place. I also credited the places I got the afro pinup girls from (b/c they are nothing but charms and belt buckles that I turned into icons) under Credits. So I’ll just turn it into a positive by making sure I’m remembering to credit others.

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