***Wentworth Miller in The Hour***

Some of you may not be aware that there is a short film (about 12 minutes) that Wentworth Miller stars in with Josie Maran that is loads steamier than the brief flashbacks in the beginning of The Confession and it is called The Hour. This film is not listed on Went’s IMDB page or anywhere else; It is a ghost. The Church, bless their super-sleuthing hearts, discovered it existed and that is the only reason I know anything about it at all. YOU WANT TO SEE THIS FLICK, but! It will cost you. I have obtained permission from Jonathan Nash at Big Film Shorts to give you the address where you can send payment for a copy of the DVD. It is not available commercially and there are no plans to release it so this is the only way to get it. The cost is $52 for U.S. residents and $54 for those of you in other countries. This price includes shipping and please make sure to clearly indicate what you are sending the payment FOR (they are not mind readers) in a letter or short note along with your payment including your email address so that they can let you know when they ship it. Send your money order to the address below and sweet fucking dreams when you do. Good Lord…

David Russell – President
The Hour DVD
Big Film Shorts
100 S. Sunrise Way #289
Palm Springs, CA 92262 USA


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21 responses to “***Wentworth Miller in The Hour***

  1. tia

    thanks WFW I missed out on the chance to see it from the CHURCH and read everyones comments and weeped becaused it sounded so good and was left out and so I went to WMO and sent them an email saying I would be willing to pay the full amount but I havent heard back from them so once again WFW you are my HERO thankyou,PS how long did it take for them to send it out please let it just be no longer than 2 weeks

  2. mink

    Just a quick additional note, WFW; hope you don’t mind. From what I can gather, they’re pretty good at keeping people up to date by e-mail. So if people want to include their e-mail address with their note and payment, and request confirmation of receipt of the order etc in that way, I think they will do that. Also, Tia, it definitely took no longer than 2 weeks as far as I could tell.

  3. Anonymous

    is josie not the luckiest $&%king girl in the goddamn universe!!! i was spinning that she got to play with him in the confession..now there’s more?!!! sorry..had to get that out..i’m good now šŸ™‚

  4. Wet For Went

    tia, no problem. You knew I was going to try and look out for you right? šŸ™‚

    mink, nope I don’t mind at all. That’s a great suggestion. They do seem to keep up with email over there.

    buttercup, you just don’t know HOW lucky until you see it. Whew!

  5. Anonymous

    are you serious?! you’re gonna have to give us a blow by blow (ok..pun intended) recap i think..you know..in your spare time lol! nah…i think it might just kill me to see it…like you said..he needs to stop it. *sigh*

  6. Anonymous

    tia, and anyone else who wishes to obtain a copy of The Hour, hm616 over at the WMO forum has received a response e-mail back already from the company. If you’d like to join the pool, the cost is down to about $1.30 per person, I believe. The deadline to sign up is 12/20/06. And just a quick thanks to mink and the other Churchies who found out about this little gem in the first place. ;o)

  7. Anonymous

    honestly,i love wentworth but dont get me wrong when i say im not dishing out 50 bucks for a dvd that most likely will cost $1 to make ( YOUR NOT GONNA GET AN ORIGINAL IN A CASE )it will be pirated. I won’t settle for a copy of wentworth “the man” so why for the copy of his dvd? Anyway by the time you get your dvd it will be on utube or floating on the net anyway.
    I don’t mean to sound negative but…you know

  8. Wet For Went

    buttercup, I’ll definitely do that for you privately if you want it spoiled. It did not dissapoint.

    And yes anon 8:08, a million thanks to The Church and their obsession with all things Wentworth b/c without them, we may never have seen this! Also, it is better and more cost effective to get in on a money pool if you can (so head on over to WMO if you want in) but since I am not doing one, I just wanted to pass along the info.

  9. Wet For Went

    anon 9:02, I definitely feel you on that but there ARE people willing to pay so this info is really for them.

  10. mink

    Also, just to say, as far as I understand it the DVD isn’t ‘pirated’, it’s burned from a master. The $52 is obviously steep if you cough it up solo, but a company handling the distribution of small films with a very limited market has to make its money somehow. I know I am a Went-obsessive, but having seen it, I would definitely not have felt my money badly spent even if I’d shelled out 50 bucks on my own copy.

  11. Krissie

    I’ve heard of it already, like two weeks ago, and saw a little preview, with Went kissing that girl. Oh. My. God. Open mouth, closed eyes… It blew my mind!!!! (Well, it actually made it work overtime!!)

  12. Anonymous

    WFW: yes yes yes! i would love if you could…when you have time and your brain cells have recovered from the alcohol and excessive endorphin release that the festive season promises you, i would appreciate it muchly! happy holidays mwah mwah!

  13. Crazy_sexy_cool

    I have this on dvd! not as hot as I expected, however the subtle undertones were suggestive enough, well for the price I got if for…I wasnt going to complain lol! I didnt pay 52 dollars for it..what a rip off! Im from the UK and this cost me around Ā£2 pound sterling which I guess isnt alot in U.S Dollars..the dvd quality I have is excellent however it could have been hotter! indeed!

  14. leela

    i guess it’s shown on brazilian (?) tv:

    lucky them!

  15. sarah

    I think this man is very sexy.

  16. anon6

    i really dont understand. cause i have that movie, with the hot flashbacks and all but it says the confession at the beginning. i think its about 15 minutes long.

  17. tbird

    You can check the film on via Denver Public Library, if you have a library card.


    Good Luck.

  18. vivineo

    here’s the link to watch it for free…


    WFW: That link is to The Confession, NOT The Hour. They are two different things.

  19. Petia

    My Portuguese might not be excellent but from what I understand it seems to me more like the Brasilian TV shows The Confession not The Hour. That’s what I got from the synopsis.
    So it might be that they themselves are not aware that those are two separate pieces. Or I’m completely confused myself. Those ARE two different things yet related or is The Hour just the same though in steamy scenes richer version of The Confession?
    And since some of you girls clearly have it at home already, how come that any good soul hasn’t put it on the web yet? Ok I know maybe cause you paid your hard earned money on that and other people should watch it for free? But Went fans should keep together :-))). Pleeeeaaaase

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