Wentworth Miller! Is That a Wedding Ring?

OK so I totally stomped all over that whole marriage story on Wikipedia and I still do because ANYONE can edit a Wiki page…BUT…Wentworth! Is that a ring?

LOL, I guess not…

Thanks mink for putting out the word. From erinmarie79 at The Church:

I got it from the yahoo group. They have photo credit listed: iolyte from twop.

See the above is clearly not Went. THIS is Went:

For anyone who does not know a perfectly shaped head when they see one (yes everything about him is perfect) I added those last two pics and they came from MichaelandSara.org.

Now, All is right with the world again. *dancing a jig*



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51 responses to “Wentworth Miller! Is That a Wedding Ring?

  1. Anonymous

    Oh my god!!!!! YOUR RIGHT!!!

    The plot thickens, how dare he keep this from us. I think I might just be having my first fight with Wentworth.


  2. babe1973

    Calm down.Lol. Even if it was true…he is single now. So we can all do him. LMAO.

  3. Anonymous

    Does he think a stupid thing like a wedding ring is going to stop my obession….well he’s wrong cause I way past denial. What’s your take WFW.


  4. Anonymous

    bebe1973….yes he’s is…alright I’m calm now.

  5. Krissie

    Suggestions on ways of commiting suicide are welcome (if in fact he is married)…
    Hell, just kill me with bare hands!

  6. Krissie

    Or I could just reconsider my rule about doing married people…:?

  7. Anonymous

    I’m not mad cause he’s married, I’m mad cause he lied and that’s not cool, it makes him look like all those other superficial celebs in Hollywood who do anything to be a star. If I were married to him and he wanted to keep it a secret from his fans, I would have to leave him too cause that would mean he loved his fame more than me.

  8. Anonymous

    What the F*** (bleep)

  9. babe1973

    anonymous. I would like to think that he did not want to go public on it because
    a- it’s no one’s business and
    b- maybe it was to protect her.
    I really love the man and would not be bitter for this. We will probably never know if this is true…but I still believe that he is a great man and that he didn’t mean this in a bad manner. If I was married to him, I really would prefer that he didn’t announce it. I wouldn’t want to get killed on the street by some crazy fan.

  10. babe1973

    WFW you are right. Maybe the marriage was already cancelled when the interviews started. By the way, I believe that to get a marriage cancelled, you have to act very fast. So I would say, if he really was married, it was for a few weeks. Probably a stupid mistake. He is a human being after all, although we want to see him as an angel.Lol.

  11. Krissie

    I’m calm now. Very zen. And the rule is changed. It helped A LOT.

  12. Anonymous

    Calm down guys. This is a pic of the making of tattoo thing. The arm in this pic is not Went’s. In fact the tattoo artist showed his work on some other guy, NOT Wentworth.


  13. Wet For Went

    Hikki, you may have just saved the world. Where can one find this show in its entirety and please don’t tell me it’s something I already own…although knowing me, it is.

  14. Anonymous

    Wow saved the world huh?! LOL. Uhm I can’t quite remember whether it was from a clip or a magazine… It was too long ago, sorry -_-;;


  15. Krissie

    It doesn’t really matter, as long as you’re sure that the ring is not on his hand. …that is at he end of his arm. …that is attached to his body. …that has another thing dear to me attached to it. Ok, I’m good. Back to where I was.

  16. babe1973

    Wow I am glad that it’s not him… but did you all notice how we went all nutz? Imagine the day he really marries. God save the poor woman. Lol.

  17. Anonymous

    Hikki, are you sure about the not being his arm thing???Cause it does look a hell lot like his actual arm and hand!!Darn!

    God that would help me ALOT, I’m going frantic here!!!

  18. Krissie

    OMFG, get it right finally! I’m losing my zen all over again. It looks a lot like his arm. If we could only see the fingers…

    Damn, I sometimes wish he was gay…

  19. babe1973

    Lol Krissie. Please someone, if you have the video, SHARE WITH US. We are going crazy.

  20. soiled undies

    Whether or not this is Wenty arm/ hand and whether or not he was/ is married – I don’t give a damn!

    He is still the same hotness he has always been and I will still continue to worship…

    babe1973: (response to 4:31 post)

    You forgot c- maybe it’s because she turned into a crazy, psyco bitch and he had to end it.

    If I was married to him, I’d be by his side 24/7 at all functions and premiers flashing a wicked grin into the camera and saying to the world “Look what I caught bitches!” I’d mark my territory for sure.

    If Went is still married or whatever (I call BS but let’s just go with it for a sec) I’m not sure what I’d do.

    I believe in the sanctity of marriage and would never dream of destroying that sacred bond – WHAT THE HELL AM I SAYING!

    Screw that!
    If the wife gets mad about it she can always join in, there’s plenty of me to go around!

  21. babe1973

    I missed you Soiled Undies…You are hilarious. It’s true WHO CARES. We still want to that piece of ass (and all that is attached to it). Thanks for the C-. I totally forgot that. Lol.

  22. Food For Thought

    Yes, that is not him. I’ve seen that pic before and noticed the wedding ring. I looked at an accompanying photo- of the guy having his tatt’s applied, doesn’t show his face, but the back of his head, and his back do not look like WM’s. Rest easy.

  23. Krissie

    And on that note…thank you and good night! Off to bed… TO BED! Not to sleep.

  24. Anonymous

    Try to look at http://www.fox.com/prisonbreak/
    and then go for “video” and “brett ratner collection” and “get a taste of tattoo application”

    but I just cant see his left hand !!

  25. babe1973

    anonymous this video is also on Youtube. But you never get to see his hand. Guess we will never find out. But as long as he is single today….that’s fine for me.

  26. Anonymous

    It seems a bit too fat to be wentworths arm..also the ring looks photoshopped in..that one area looks alot lighter than the rest of his body..

  27. Anonymous

    but went plays a married man in the tv show.. maybe it was a scene to do with that

  28. A B

    It’s not him it’s another man showing how the tattoos are applied.

  29. Wet For Went

    jailbird, he and I may just have another fight. I mean, first The Emmys and now this, I’m gonna kick his ass! I will not post my thoughts on marriage stopping me b/c I know some of you are married and I’m just not going there.

    babe1973, word and thanks for this expose.

    krissie, I have always found that whole strangulation while orgasming idea appealing. Try that. Oh and you may have ready mind about changing your rule, lol.

    anon 4:24, This an old pic. Even if he was married, it doesn’t mean that he is married NOW and it also doesn’t mean that he wasn’t really single by the time interviewers started asking him that question. Just sayin, give the guy a break, lol.

  30. Anonymous

    nope definitely not his arm

  31. MBND

    SO what of he’s married….so am I & if I had the chance to bang him I wouldn’t think twice I would do it in a heartbeat no looking back no thinking twice. Cause if the case was reversed ALL men would do the same & women would never find out. SO what he don’t know won’t hurt.

  32. babe1973

    Well I am afraid it’s him. I saw this video on youtube. The quality is really poor and I can’t see the ring. But it’s his arm. You can see the mole on his arm.

    Now we need to find out if it’s a photoshoppped pic.

  33. Anonymous

    Hello everyone!

    I’m not sure that’s the video youre looking for but you can find the DVD freaturette “Behind the Ink” here

    Many thanks to Wentworth Miller Addiction


  34. mink

    WFW, my darling, you really do need to have been hanging around the Church longer. This pic appeared ages ago, and it is definitely NOT HIM! It is some stand-in having the tat applied. There was a broader view pic (which I cannot currently find), which showed the dude this was, and he had a squarer head and a different shape, and basically was not Went. Everyone can simmer down. 😉

  35. Wet For Went

    LMAO mink, I knew it was only a matter of time before you helped us all out. See everyone? No need to slit your wrists. Man that was funny, lol. You know, even if I had known for sure it was fake, I would have probably posted it anyway. I gotta get my laughs in somehow…

  36. mink

    WFW, you are too damn wicked! I’ve put a call out at Church for the ‘broader view’ pic I know exists but cannot find. Hopefully someone will come up with it.

  37. Wet For Went

    I updated the post now with a pic of the guy from the back. It isn’t him.

  38. babe1973

    I am so happy that it’s not him.
    Thank you Mink for the confirmation.

  39. Krissie

    Nope, not the sexyback we know and love…. *falls on her knees and thanks the Lord*

  40. soiled undies

    I know I am going to be slaughtered for this but…that’s not Went? How can you be so sure?

  41. Wet For Went

    Check out the shape of that head and neck and his back is too wide and that upper arm looks wrong. I need to do a side by side comparison with one of Went from the back for you. Can’t now, going out, but maybe later tonight. That is not our Went.

  42. mink

    LMAO! Damn, you’re fast! You know, that was a quick response on my call, even for our bunch. Sometimes how quickly we can lay our hands on any requested Went pic (or in this case, non-Went pic), however obscure, scares even me. (Or makes me warm and proud inside, I can’t decide which. Oh, who am I kidding? It’s the latter.) SU, you should be ashamed of yourself!

  43. Anonymous

    being the total suck up that i am i’m gonna have to agree with WFW…it’s so not him. head is wrong, back is wrong, shoulders are wrong, arm is wrong, posture is different…i’m starting to creep myself out!

  44. Krissie

    It’s gonna be real funny (after dissing this man) if it turns out to be Wentworth after all!

  45. Anonymous

    krissie..i know…how embarrassing!

    and mink..you know SU is not ashamed and even if she was it’s just another reason for her to punish herself…and we all know she loves any excuse to do that!

  46. Wet For Went

    su! OK I just updated the post AGAIN. Head comparisons are there now. It’s way more obvious with some head shots that the elongated and squarer head of Mr. stand-in Went (as well as his skinnier neck) are in no way comparable to the perfectness that is Wentworth Miller’s head…pun, most definitely, intended. Mmmmm…Perfect Head…I just bet…

  47. Anonymous

    see, now this is why you’re my hero WFW…you know a perfect head when you see one.

  48. Anonymous

    buttercup: Umah!

  49. soiled undies

    This is days later but anyhoo…

    WFW: Thank you for clearing this whole thing up.

    Now while I am Went obsessed I have not been studing and memorizing the man’s entire physic. I love Went and want to lick every inch of his body but I am not going to take measurements of the diameters of his head.

    That being said, thanks to all of you freaks for giving me hope again.

    buttercup: I love you. I am eternally grateful for you rushing to my defence. Just for that…you can tie me up any day…

    Now I saved this for last coz I know a lot of you *cough* Mink *cough* are gonna make me eat this later…

    In my defence, that alleged (yes I am asking for it)stand-in looks like he’s wearing a pair of maroon-ish boxer type shorts with bare legs and SOMEWHERE I HAVE seen Went with something like that on.

    And while you experts may be right what with you having examined every millimeter of Went’s frame consider this, it might be the CAMERA ANGLE. Yes people the angle…awhhh fuck it.(I’ve never known when to quit)

    Just saying. Please don’t kill me. Let’s focus instead on that lucky bitch who got to touch his head while giving it a shave, get her instead!

    PS. My head identifying skills may not be too sharp when you’ve had – I mean seen as many as I have they all start looking the same… I’m more interested in whether it’s …shaven or not, I like a clean working area.

    Okay!I need to get myself out of this! So I’ll just end off by saying,

    Went’s head is perfect. Both of them.

  50. Mrs. Miller

    is he married with a man??????

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