A Wentworth Miller Sighting by The Gilded Moose

The Gilded Moose: Dec 15 2006 1:27P

I just saw Wentworth Miller at the laundro-mat and he said to wish you a happy holidays. He also mixed his whites with his darks.

His parents liked to mix their whites and their darks too…Why no details of what he was washing? Boxers or Briefs? Lots of beige pants? I need more details dammit! And Moose, next time you see him, tell him I said Happy Holidays back and give him my number again; I think he lost it.

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28 responses to “A Wentworth Miller Sighting by The Gilded Moose

  1. Stacy

    bwhahaha! His parents mixed their whites and darks…and thank God they did, otherwise we might not have ended up with this fine specimen of perfection. And, I have no doubt that his laundry consisted of practical boxers (although I secretly hope he goes commando), lots of beige pants, and maybe some of those tshirts to wear under his blazers. I bet the yachtsman coat with those shiny gold buttons gets special treatment. Straight to the dry cleaners for that one!

  2. Anonymous

    and I just heard mariah carey’s “all i want for christmas is you” and thought how perfect it would be if went starred in this video also:D

  3. babe1973

    anonymous. I put that song on my website but not the Mariah Carey version. I wanted to at first, but I thought it would be too silly.

  4. Wet For Went

    Stacy, LMAO. That was too good of a set up to let that joke pass me by and knowing Moosie and how well we get on with each other in cyberspace, I’m sure they already knew that and that it was intended. Gotta love the Moose.

    anon 12:46. I like that song but Good Lord how many Mariah Carey videos can he be in? One more and there’d be a rumor of their affair that resulted in a love child…

    babe1973, Pretty much every Christmas song is silly but still lots of fun.

  5. babe1973

    WFW what I meant was it would be silly to put Mariah Carey’s version. We all know that he worked with her… blah blah blah. So that’s why I didn’t want to put that up again. Actually I enjoy christmas music.

  6. Krissie

    I always claim I’m not getting married cuz I ain’t doing no man’s laundry. But since I made an exception in my not-doing-married-people rule, I might reconsider this one as well…

  7. babe1973

    LOL Krissie. I was like you. But for Went, I think I might do just anything he desires.

  8. Wet For Went

    anon 3:03! AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh man, Whew! I haven’t gotten ANY work done today.

  9. Krissie

    Really? Gay? With THAT on his feet????

  10. soiled undies

    If Went was my man he wouldn’t have any laundry to do because I’d be ripping his clothes off him 24/7. (Therefore he would cease to possess and wear clothes. stacy; your hope will be fulfilled and beyond.)

    krissie: Is there something about Addidas slip ons I do not know about? Are they a symbol of masculinity perhaps?

    I’m not one for open, toe exposing, footware but the sight of Went’s feet send me into a toe-sucking frenzy fantasy.

    PS. How sexy is his arm?!

  11. Krissie

    @SU Those are just ugly! And don’t much the whole outfit that well. But I’m with you on his feet… (and apparently on John Cusack but that’s another story!)

  12. Krissie

    “much” –> MATCH

  13. soiled undies

    krissie: You’re a Johnaholic! YEAH BABY YEAH!

  14. Krissie

    And the books and movies you like… ME TOO!!!! (wfw should ban me from posting here, I have no control over myself)

  15. soiled undies

    krissie: *slightly freaked out here* How the hell do you know all this?! I’ve mention John in a post but can’t recall listing all my fave books and movies…

    I carry mace girl. so WATCH OUT!

    lol *causiously*

  16. Krissie

    Jeez, US, I click on your nick here and guess what? Your page appears!! It’s magic! Wanted to get in touch there but can’t since I’m not a blogger…
    Nor a freakish stalker! lmao

  17. soiled undies

    krissie: My Bad!

    Sorry! I forgot all about those pesky profiles, and my blog. I think I posted twice and then lost interest coz WFW fulfills all my needs and is SO much better (and there’s the little matter of me being a lazy ass).

    I like that you’re out of control and I especially like that you share some of my favourites… kindered spirits.

    Oh, and even if you were a stalker, that’s okay, it would be kinda kinky and I’m all for kink!

    Sending out the “please forgive my crazyness and accept my humble apology” vibes. Catch!

    PS. I was so unnerved I think I might have spelt ‘cautiously’ wrong. Yeah I did.


  18. soiled undies

    OMG! I’m Catholic too! Freaky!

  19. Krissie

    Yeah, but it doesn’t seem to get in your way at all… lol

  20. soiled undies


    Yep. I do not see what one’s sexuality/ celibacy has to do with one’s spirituality. Nevertheless I’m quite a devoted Catholic…I practically live in the Confessional booth.

    Just check out your myspace page. Nice! Your “about me” section – wow! That’s so me!You are my Croatian clone or I’m your South African…whatever it’s all good!

    WFW: uniting doppelgangers (who don’t really look like each other but okayyy)throughout the world.
    This place justs gets better and better!

  21. Krissie

    Cosmic twins, I guess! lol

    I love this site! Shifts people right to my myspace! lmao Must mind my writing now though! lol

  22. soiled undies

    Cosmic twins,I like. SO stealing that!

    Okay, night twin or in my case good morning. It’s like 1:10 am AND I still have work to do! But it’s cool I’ve turned into an insomniac (then once that phase has passed I sleep for 10 hours).

    PS. Your writing is fine. Write whatever the hell you like!

    Signing off…

  23. Jasmina

    Why doesn’t Went have a washing machine in his apartment!?!?!

    Gosh Went, use your prison break money and buy one!

  24. Krissie

    He doesn’t have it because he actually WANTS us to have a chance of stealing his underwear!
    He cares….

  25. Anonymous

    He’s keeping it real…man, I LOVE that! Now, when I go do my laundry at the mat, I’ll be able to get through it knowing he washes his own undies. 🙂

  26. babe1973

    someone sent me a very good question on my website…Do you know Went’s religion? He said that his grandfather was German Jewish. What is his religion? Thank you.

  27. Anonymous

    he wears boxers.

  28. Anonymous

    yep, boxers from the gap…and they’re probably beige.

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