Today in People I Hate

Pic removed by request

Hey you! Yes you standing next to Wentworth Miller, you who is being TOUCHED ON YOUR BARE FUCKING SKIN by Wentworth Miller, you who held up your piece of cake with a pic of him on it as if being touched by him and photographed with him is not e-fucking-nough, you who must also be good and buzzed judging by what’s in your other hand, you who I hear even got in an ASS GRAB, you who did not call your Went-obsessed friend phouse1964 from The Church to bring her along (SHAME ON YOU!!!), you who heard Liquid Sex in person, you who is eye level with his chest hair, you who was close enough to go to the Prison Break Christmas Party at Fuse in Dallas, TX on December 16, 2006 when I was stuck in Baltimore doing who knows what but whatever it was, it wasn’t nearly as important as meeting Wentworth Miller, you…you…I hate you and I am so so so so jealous. Congratulations Girl!

Well I hope you people are happy. You upset the fan so I had to remove the pic. WE WILL NEVER GET ANY FAN PICS IF SOME OF YOU DO WHAT YOU DID THIS TIME! Dammit people…Next time do better.


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26 responses to “Today in People I Hate

  1. babe1973


  2. babe1973

    Lol. WFW. Sorry I can’t. It’s too hard. I just hate her.

  3. Wet For Went

    I don’t think so. It was posted by a member of The Church and reported as being from a party on Saturday night in Dallas. He wears the same thing A LOT so his clothes are never really an indicator of anything.

  4. babe1973

    Well he is dressed exactly like in Cannes. Even the belt is the same. Wierd. Anyway, I hate her. LMAO.
    I just found this article:

    TV heart-throb WENTWORTH MILLER is baffled by fans’ reactions to him – insisting he’s nothing like his jailbird PRISON BREAK character in real-life.

    The actor says his character’s tough onscreen image often invokes fear or disappointment from the public.

    He says, “Grandmas actually cross over the street when they see me coming now. I think I make old people feel uneasy.

    “But on the other hand, I have fans running into me at my local Chinese restaurant and they’re always disappointed to find that I’m not MICHAEL SCOFIELD scheming over a plate of chicken and broccoli – it’s just me having lunch”.

    Wentworth, if ever you read this one day (who knows…miracles happen on Christmas), I would love to see you, and I would love you so much……

  5. Krissie

    Goddamn living in Europe… that’s what I hate. And that woman, of course.

  6. Krissie

    OMFG, do people actually know about that site????? Thanx.
    I’m in shock…

  7. Stacy

    You know, that bitch (and I mean that in the most envious way possible) had her cake (Went) and got to eat it too (actual Went cake). I hate her. You know, Went penis cake would be good. Wonder if we could talk him into doing a mold? I think it would be a huge hit — big seller world-wide. And while he’s at it with the cake mold, he could do one for those “make your own dildo” kits and sell them. I should have been a marketing major!

  8. soiled undies

    stacy: Whoa girl! I see I have competition for “Slutty Whore of the Year” not to mention “Sick, Seriously Disturbed, Most Twisted Wentasy of the Year”.

    I’d better watch my back…

    PS. Those ideas – GENIUS!
    Penis cake?! I’d savour every bite.

    To that lucky, boozing, cake posing, cheesy grinning, what the hell are you wearing!, I think that went out of fashion five years ago, touched by The Pretty ho: You go girl!

    Hope you pinched/ grabbed that ass nice and good! That probably made your year, oh who are we kidding it was without a doubt the BEST moment of your life!
    My only concern; where to from here? Miracles only happen once in a lifetime, its just gonna be downhill from here…not to worry I have a blade to spare…

    Seriously! I’m so happy for you!

    just wish it was me *sniffling like the jealous bitch I am*

  9. soiled undies

    f.f.t.: Mean much?!

    *trying to conceal wicked grin beginning to plaster itself all over my face but failing miserably*

    now lmfao *shamefully*

  10. Krissie

    Oh thank God someone said out loud!!! lmao too and not ashamed of it!

  11. Anonymous

    I want to beat this girl with a baseball bat…. and I love cake!!!


  12. amyyy

    he is soo beautiful, perfect explanation for the way i feel too, ur just so good @ details!

    sooooo jealous,
    wfw you should host a field trip to see went with all ur bloggers and church members…

    but that smells a little like..

  13. Patty

    Thanks for the tall glass of Hater-ade. Loved it. If we can get that WM peen mold, we can even call it “Wet for Went” – How cool would that be? I haven’t talked to the…friend, and right now, I am using the term loosly, yet. I was hella busy today. But he will be getting the reeams. I think he is hiding.

  14. A B

    Man all these woman get to meet him when is it going to be our turn already! 😦
    Lucky girl:)

  15. Anonymous

    f.f.t. i thought we were supposed to envy with love? bit harsh..

    how could she look at the camera?! i don’t think i’d be able to take my eyes off of him!
    and what a tease with his shirt all undone like that…! (it is undone right…i’m not hallucinating..?) he’s such a sexy beast!

  16. F.F.T.

    Of course she got the cake with Went on it [end removed]


    Come on! Completely NOT cool and I’m not going to tolerate that shit. No matter what your opinion of the fan’s looks or how hilarious others might find it, you think fans are going to be OK with me posting their pictures on this site if people are talking about them? Hate WITH love dammit! Even I wouldn’t say that shit and I’d say just about anything. I really hate to do this but out of respect for the person who posted the pic in the first place I can’t leave that comment up.

  17. Lalilili

    What i find funny look at the size of that piece of cake it’s huge LOL.I mean your are taking a pic with the hottest guy in the world at least pretend and get a small delicate piece infront of him, lol.She’s lucky though.

  18. Wet For Went

    Love the penis cake idea but Went would never go for it…DAMMIT! I doubt she ate that cake; I know I wouldn’t have. For fuck’s sake it had Wentworth Miller’s face on it! I would have taken it home and frozen it, put some lacquer on it and framed that shit.

  19. belgian

    Right now I hate being European. Fuck Belgium! L.A., here I come… after I persuade my family and win the lottery). And girl-that-got-to-touch-Wentworth, you are my hero.

  20. linds

    Yes, I am insanely jealous of the lucky girl in this pic – not only because of her proximity to Went but also because she could hold it together while I, on the other hand, know I would be screaming like a seven year old getting chased by a bee. I have one thing to add – you know I love me some Wenty, but honey (!) why does he INSIST upon looking like he’s pledging a fraternity??? Just ONCE I would like to see our boy in a suit. Just once. Lemme have my Wallstreet guy (who likes getting smacked around by a rough chick in a boustier and steel heels)fantasy…please?

  21. mbnd

    but to conclude my comment we all deep down inside are just wishin we were in her shoes & i for one in her skin ….imagine how close to touchin him i would be I probably pass out & being the gent he is , pickin me off the floor & touchin me

  22. Anonymous

    can i just say..if i EVER got the chance to meet him and have a pic taken..i so wouldn’t be posting it…scared much!

  23. Krissie

    I don’t know if I would have eaten that W-cake either.
    I do know I wouldn’t mind W eating me though.

  24. Anonymous

    I think you misunderstand what they’re all saying. They LOVE that your wife had a chance to meet Went and that she was willing to share pictorial proof with his crazed fans…they just HATE that they were not her.

    The above comment was posted by an anon but since the comment before it is gone it probably makes no sense but what they said is true. I do not believe that anyone said anything with any malicious intent. Anything I thought went a little overboard I removed.

    I know we all get our sense of humor but I guess everyone can’t tell that we’re just playing around. In the future, please, no jokes about people’s looks b/c having to take down pics makes WFW cry.

  25. Anonymous

    in a way, i’m glad it’s gone…the comments were starting to upset me..

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