MiSa Freaks…It is time…

I have Fanboy to thank for this info that he says he just happened to come across while searching for Battlestar Galactica stuff…yeah right. Clearly Wentworth Miller really is taking over the world when even the comic book geeks are googling him. That reminds me…Hey Fanboy! Where are my comics you were supposed to be sending me? Anyway, you weirdo MiSa freaks are going to be happy about this recent Ask Ausiello entry:

Wednesday, December 13, 2006
Question: Will we see a kiss the next time Michael and Sara meet up on Prison Break?— Eph
Ausiello: Let’s just say there’s a moment in an upcoming episode when they finally act on their mutual attraction. Let’s also just say it’s about frakkin’ time

*covering my ears to muffle the sound of the unbelievably loud squeeing*

And now for a blast from the past because I main as well just declare it fucking MiSa day with all the MichaelandSara.org pics and MiSa references…



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23 responses to “MiSa Freaks…It is time…

  1. stacey

    How i wish i was her. Just listening to him pull her in and kiss her makes my stomach twirly and my knees weak. Yes i said listening. Why couldn’t it be me??? oh wentworth please!!!!

  2. mink

    I’m surprised you weren’t already deafened by the squeeing, WFW, as this MiSa spoiler appeared a week or so ago (I think…Fuck! I lose all track of time in the ‘WentVerse’). On the upside, this could be Hot Stuff, you never know. And Went being all hot with the making out, as we know, not something to be sneezed at! LOL

  3. Fanboy

    Seriously, I have never seen the show (as I hang my head in shame). Did I promise to send you comics? I didn’t know that. Ummm. Okay. Email me and we’ll figure something out. I got tons. It’s not like I won’t miss a few or a few hundred.

  4. Wet For Went

    Stacey, I feel your pain.

    Hey Mink, I think the squeeing might have reached dog whistle levels and that’s why I couldn’t hear it. I love fucking with MiSa fans but in reality I have no problem with them (in case any of them were lurking and wondering b/c some people can’t tell when I’m joking, lol). It COULD be hot and I’m actually looking forward to reunion…and Good Fucking Lord if there is a makeout session even 1/10 of the one in The Hour that will be one PB ep that NEVER gets erased from my Tivo.

    Fanboy, For shame and yeah I totally want the ones on that comics you could never show your mom list. They sounded really interesting.

  5. Krissie

    “…when they finally act on their mutual attraction…”

    oooooh…. excuse me for TWO minutes!

  6. Patty

    I just want to hear the heavy breather come out and play again! Jeez! Total hotness!

  7. babe1973

    I loved this scene and I definitely want to see more. Even though I wish he was kissing me. Now here is food for thought:
    Is he a really such a good actor that he can fake being turned on like that? Or is he really turned on and want to do her?

  8. babe1973

    someone sent me a good question on my website…Do you know Went’s religion? He said that his grandfather was German Jewish. What is his religion? Thank you.

  9. Anonymous

    awwwww i love your website!! i dont know if you´ve seen this video..i just thought u´d like it

    here´s the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMV_0rrDZxk

    i think its better viewed on mute. lol 🙂

  10. notthedoctor

    A futur make-out scene would be very welcome, just thinkng about it makes me shudder*shudders*… especially in this Pretty Deprived Time.
    and i have a MiSa freak right at home, my sister has that kiss scene in her cellphone playing often enough to be freaky!

  11. babe1973

    anon 6:15 thank you for your feedback. Took quite some time to come up with all the design and stuff.
    That video was so cute…thanks for sharing.

  12. Karen

    OMG WFW, are you a BSG fan as well? I swear you’re like my sister from another mother. 🙂

  13. A B

    Oh i think i am going to vomit if they make Michael and that woman get it on.You know that actress wants him in real life MF’r.

  14. Anonymous

    krissie: Only 2 minutes??

  15. Anonymous

    inspector…you KNOW you took the words right out of my mouth right?

  16. Anonymous

    belgian..i keep telling inspector this but it falls on deaf ears…

  17. Krissie

    TNX, Belgian, I thought it was obvious! lol

    Besides, it was only CPR, I went through a full treatment later…

  18. Krissie

    Ausiello also said we can “expect more than just a kiss on the cheek”!!!!!!!!

  19. Krissie

    Question: Regarding your spoiler last week about Michael and Sara acting on their feelings on Prison Break, will there be just a kiss on the cheek, or can we expect anything more?— Mia
    Ausiello: You can expect more than just a kiss on the cheek.

    There, found it…

  20. Fanboy

    I recently gave most of them away as a wedding gift, but I will see what I can do. In the meantime, I am reading I Love Led Zeppelin: Panty Dropping Comics by Ellen Forney. She’s out of Seattle and it’s a collection of her work. I got it at the library and it’s just brilliant. You would love it.

  21. Wet For Went

    WOW. I hope we get at least a little bare skin action out of these two. I know it won’t be complete and total porn but it better not be some bullshit either.

    babe1973, I’m not sure about the religion question. I don’t think anyone knows the answer to that. I can’t recall him saying ever or anyone asking but Church Members if you’re reading and one of you knows, spill it.

    karen, I only wish I were that cool. I have never seen Battlestar Gallactica before but I keep meaning to. I would have to start from the beginning or something right and what season is it on now 50? See, can’t you tell I don’t watch?

    Fanboy, you never really promised me the comics I just did what I do to my Dad. I ask for something and then later when I still don’t have it I say “Remember you said you were going to get me…” jokingly and then I just kind of get it. It’s like mind control or something. You can get comics at the library?

  22. Krissie

    Well, WFW, I think it’s pretty safe to say that we all expect for this Master of Hotness to provide us with some valuable material to take with to bed. Or shower. Or ladies room at Unis.

  23. Fanboy

    At the library they’re bound as trade paperbacks or graphic novels usually. Just head to the 741 Call # section in nonfiction (why nonfiction?) and all will be well. Our local comic shop also donates single issues which are in racks like magazines in the young adults section. Still, remind me after the holidays and I will see what I can do. I spent as much money on new issues today as I did on my mom’s gift for Christmas. Clearly, I have my priorities straight.

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