Wentworth Miller CAN Dance!

Since I’ve just taken a look at Hikki’s Gifs again to use them in Day 9 (pic credits for The 12 Days of Wentmas coming at the end by the way; I didn’t forget about you if I used your pics), I noticed something…Wentworth Miller CAN dance. Now, it might not be the best dance move in the world but all slowed down like this, he is clearly on beat and has rhythm. There is hope for him afterall.


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31 responses to “Wentworth Miller CAN Dance!

  1. dawn

    This clip is so adorable. It’s a succinct Wentworth moment that illustrates one of the mysteries of Wentworth…How can he manage to be so sexy and so dorky and so seriously and almost unbelievably hot all at once? I love the contrasts he seems to be. And also, I have to add WFW, that I am now addicted to your blog. Well okay, seriously addicted actually.

  2. Anonymous

    ohh shit this boy just gets sweeter and sweeter…OMG

  3. Wet For Went

    Dawn, I have no idea. He’s just a huge ball of contradictions and somehow they all work. It’s totally sexy…and you know something eerie? I was just looking at the email you sent me (I can’t remember what I was looking for) and then I see your comment. Freaky! Addiction is not the enemy as long as your addiction is Went. Hello, My name is WFW, and I’m a Wentaholic.

    *Hello WFW*

    It’s been months since my last confession…actually I’ve never been to confession in my life…wait, I just ended up in a confessional booth but I’m supposed to be in a church basement standing at a podium *walking back to the podium* Wentworth-fucking-Miller could get it anytime, any place, any position and in the words of su‘s and (my) favorite movie whore SMG as Katherine, Went, “You can put it anywhere…” There, I shared. Now I feel better.

    We should have bracelets or something…Yeah brown rubber bracelets to symbolize Went addiction that say “Wet For Went.” Seriously, I have so many freaking marketing ideas (a la Stacy) that his team should totally hire me, lol.

    anon 10:16, I know! Isn’t he just so cute? *sigh*

  4. Stacey

    WFW, let me know when the bracelets are made, i want one 4sure! I am a serious addict!

  5. Krissie

    Bracelet, yes. I’m gonna be needing one too.

  6. Wet For Went

    I’ll create some and order them for real if y’all are serious. I have to think about how much I’m going to charge for them and of course you have to pay your own shipping but it shouldn’t be much considering it will weigh like nothing. It’s just a piece of rubber. This is starting to sound good to me…At the very least I’m definitely ordering one for myself though it probably would be black b/c that’s what I wear the most of or maybe silver/grey (kind of like Went’s blank piece of metal necklace, OK so I tried to make a connection but those colors are really all about me, lol). I would have to research it and everything though so…We’ll see. I’ll get on that tomorrow cuz I’M DRINKIN TONIGHT!

  7. Stacey

    WFW, I am soo serious! Be sure to let me know when they’re ready!

  8. Stacy

    I can’t stop watching that clip. It’s mesmerizing. Watching him move in that undulating motion has me thinking all kinds of dirty (how he moves in the bedroom — or on the kitchen counter, park bench — or his personal fav — airplane bathrooms). And yes, I want a bracelet!

  9. Wet For Went

    I have to say stacy, that everyday I just get prouder and prouder of you. Time off of school is really agreeing with your naughtyness.

  10. nicbeast

    I will gladly pay for a bracelet that I never have to take off or explain to anyone. It can be mine, my own, my precious…

  11. mink

    You know, WFW, I’ve always wondered where this idea that WM cannot dance came from. Is it just his self-confessed dorkyness? I mean, as far as I’m aware there’s no secret footage out there of him making a prat of himself on the dance floor. Although it has to be said, the idea is prevalent. Personally, I’ve always thought this boy can move, and have said so publically on a number of occasions. Gratuitous wish fulfilment? Maybe, but I was delighted (and a little relieved, admittedly) to see that I wasn’t totally talking out of my ass (well, any more than the usual anyway). BTW, a girl posted a while back somewhere (sorry, drawing a blank on where) that she’d seen him once ‘dirty dancing’ with a friend of hers. Now there’s a mental image to savour…

  12. Anonymous

    His dorkiness is very sweet, his intelligence is refreshing in Hollywood, and his face is pure perfection. I don’t think the media knows what to do with him…I mean, reporters would actually have to pick up a dictionary and thesaurus deskset combo to keep up with his Einstein flow.

    I would definitely buy a bracelet, WFW! Your blog is my first stop in my day, even before my e-mail and that’s saying a lot!

    Do you know where we could send him correspondence? I’ve seen several addresses floating around on the net, but I’m not sure which one is real.

  13. dawn

    Yes! Thats it, the contradictions are completely and totally mesmerizingly sexy. That and the whole ‘I’m not really even trying at all to look so incredibly hot right now but I look so incredibly hot no matter what I do.’ thing that he has.

    That is eerie about the email. I kind of thought, well I told her how awesome I think her blog is, but Im just going to be a lurker…but I couldn’t help but comment. But what makes the email thing even more eerie is I did something with my mail account. I don’t know why, but everytime I check my mail it bumps the WFW reply to the very top of the unread messeges. And just seeing the header makes me think about looking at him. And stuff. And yeah, here I am again.

  14. Patty

    I am in for a bracelet. WFW, maybe you can include some dirty dancing in a future “fake” epi? Naked, dirty dancing?

  15. Wet For Went

    nicbeast, I know right it would be one giant inside joke. I don’t want to pick a color that is associated with a real organization though so I will look into it. I mean for instance they definitely wouldn’t be yellow cuz that implies Live Strong. That’s the only one I’m familiar with though there’s got to be more. Light Pink for Breast Cancer right? Yeah well it would definitely be black or grey anyway which I’m pretty sure doesn’t imply anything else, but who knows.

    Dirty Dancing mink? For real? OMG. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. LOL That would either be hilarious or so hot I’d cry out of “I will never have him” frustration. You see? This is why I make fun of everything. If everything is one big joke I won’t have to think about the fact that I will never meet the man…

    Awww thanks so much anon 1:04! For his address, check the sidebar. The link to what I believe is the correct address is the first under Went Links.

    dawn, I much prefer a commenter to a lurker so comment on!

    ‘I’m not really even trying at all to look so incredibly hot right now but I look so incredibly hot no matter what I do.’

    And OH GOD does he ever do that spectacularly…

  16. Anonymous

    I’m not sure if my animations make sense to you, but just to let you know… the anaconda/tool/weapon references, well… let’s just say it’s a metaphor for something very interesting inside the beige pants 😉


  17. Wet For Went

    Patty, funny you should mention that b/c I didn’t get to the PB ep this week. I jotted down some ideas but never wrote the thing. It may still be up by the end of the week though cuz if not, there won’t be another til next year so I’ll see what I can do.

    Oh Hikki, belive me, I got you! 😉

  18. Anonymous

    OMG! He’s so cute!!!!!
    Anyway, I recently came across your blog and I am addicted as well.
    I think I will pass on the bracelet, though, because my boyfriend gets jealous of Went… 
    We’ve been together for 4 years, extremely happy together and he’s never been jealous of anyone except for Went. I think he can see that I am a bit obsessed with the man. But I really can’t help myself. Went is so HOT and SEXY and smart and sweet and funny. There are so many different dimensions in him… I seem to read lots on him and yet he always manages to surprise me, like with this video.

  19. leesa.

    okay i have to comment now b/c that’s just too cute. a friend of mine who is ACCEPTING AND SUPPORTIVE of my wentworth-obsession sent me this link. and I’M SO GLAD SHE DID.

    just, thank you.

    and i mean. THERE IS NO TRUE END TO THIS MADNESS, CORRECT? b/c it seems like once i fell in love w/him….i was in for good.



  20. Pink Boxers

    Heheheheh. And he said he didn’t dance.

  21. babe1973

    I want a bracelet too.

  22. Wet For Went

    anon 2:52, you know you can put messages on the inside of the bracelet too right? *devious grin*

    leesa, nope there is no end to this. It just gets worse. Worse and worse and worse…but you are among addicts so it’s all good.

    pink boxers, love the name by the way, yeah I know. I think he said something like he only dances after having a few. I would PAY to see that, lol.

    OK it looks like we may be doing this bracelet thing then I take it? That’ll teach me to shoot my mouth off, lol. Now I have to do more work. I’m on it though.

  23. Anonymous

    the bracelet idea has totally sent me into a spin! i luv it! i would wear it with pride. i trust that whatever you decide on will be perfect…you know you’re my hero right?

    WFW do you know when he wants to start having kids? cuz i’m ready NOW 😉

  24. nicbeast

    WFW, I like the idea of it being black or grey because that is mostly what I wear. You let me know if you need any help, I am there for you, girl! It’s the least I can do for all the good you do for me! I am interested to think of what the inscription should say for the bracelett. Soooooo many options, and not the least bit dirty. (wink)

    Anonymous with the jealous boyfriend: My man and I worked that out with the whole Laminated List. I have to say, Wentworth knocked my #1 of 16 years out of his spot. I am a little concerned that he thinks that the list is a joke. He is so mistaken.

  25. Stacy

    Time off of school is really agreeing with your naughtyness.

    Yes, can you imagine if I committed myself to this full-time? If I could make a living livin’ on love, I’d be a rich woman. I am still contemplating filing some sort of lawsuit against him simply as an opportunity to see him in court to defend his good name. Hmm..possible causes of action….hell, we could do a class action and all of us could go see him. I think the judge would throw the book at us once he heard all of the squeeing and saw the panties hitting the floor though.

  26. Anonymous

    where is this clip from

  27. Anonymous

    where is this clip from

  28. Anonymous

    Put me down for one of those, no two or three, no wait..FOUR of those bracelets..one for each limb..pleez??

    anonymous 12/20/2006 4:45 AM: do it again
    anonymous 12/20/2006 4:45 AM: good on you

    dawn: I had to read your opening comment over and over..it sums up all that ‘is’


    WFW: u rock!

  29. keena

    I’d go for a bracelet too. You should make them beige, though !!

  30. Anonymous

    Thanks, WFW! I just sent him a Christmas card…geeky and possibly too hopeful, I’m sure, but what the heck, right?!

  31. Wentasy_baybi

    HAHA! Hilarious! U got some moves there Went!lol! Dance wit me Wenty pooh!

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