Wentworth Miller’s Corolla

Definitely his color…

pic credit goes to MichaelandSara.org again…I keep finding pics like this and I may become a MiSa freak too.


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25 responses to “Wentworth Miller’s Corolla

  1. Karen

    I must say, either Went is pretty masterful at hiding out (& thereby avoiding new pics of him), or camera-ready Wentphiles are seriously slacking off on their friendly-stalking duties.

    Not that I mind the view in this photo, mind you. 😉

  2. Anonymous

    Anyone get the plate #?

  3. Anonymous

    I would gladly get hit by this car!!!!!:D

  4. Patty

    Where was this taken? In LA somewhere? I know I need to look it up myself but I know you know and it’s almost 10am and I haven’t even started working yet! (because I am too busy leaving you comments!) How cool is it that my car is the same color? Wait! That IS my car! (not really but how totally cool would that be?!)

  5. Anonymous

    I KNEW it was some neutral color! The boy definitely likes to blend in, and I don’t blame him a bit. I can’t help but feel that the absence of pap photos is like the calm before the storm. Unfortunately, because he’s so divine, he won’t be able to perserve his normalcy for long.

  6. Anonymous

    I love his Adidas slippers! I went to high school around the same time he did (not his, unfortunately), and all the cool guys wore those slippers…I just love how he doesn’t care what he looks like in public.

  7. babe1973

    I love him even more when I see him using “normal” things. In an interview, he said he is an average guy…Oh Went you are so beyong average….I LOVE YOU. He knows what he is worth, he doesn’t need a BMW to give himself more value. I think it’s very sexy. I even bet you that the car was a gift from Toyota, since they sponsor the show.

  8. Anonymous

    what a tease tucking the shirt in at the back!..however, i thank him for it 🙂

  9. dawn

    He makes things that aren’t hot independent of him smolder when he’s in them, wearing them, on them, etc. Sometimes I think he’s so intensely unaware of his own appeal that he’s kind of almost dense about it. I think its a defense mechanism. It can’t be all that easy being that incredibly perfect looking. And brilliant. And talented. And he makes humble sexy. Okay, he makes everything sexy.

  10. Anonymous

    dawn do you think that he’d have the same effect if he was on me?? i’m willing to test it out..

  11. dawn

    You know buttercup, I think the theory of ‘Wentworth makes everything hot’ does deserve some testing. Because otherwise its just kind of irresponsible of me to be spouting off Wentworth quasi-scientific platitudes. Ok so, I’ll get the lab ready now and we’ll just have to make this really thorough and test and test and test. In the name of science.

  12. Krissie

    If it’s in the name of science, I volunteer!!!

  13. notthedoctor

    LMAO Buttercup dawn and Krissie!
    I think that would be the most tested experience ever made in the world of science!
    WFW, i’ve never seen that picture before, and it’s a butt shot, how to thank you?!

  14. cocot13

    can someone please explain to me how a man who claims to be lazy and a couch potato has an ass that perfect somethings not right here!

  15. Anonymous

    Good Lord..if it’s in the name of ANYTHING then I’m there testing every possible angle!! at least twice

  16. Anonymous

    dawn..you’re totally on! love the idea..especially the thoroughness of it. don’t all experiments have to be tested to the enth degree?! i believe so. so do we have hourly shifts or what?

    cocot13…i believe that Went is one of those lucky species unto themselves that can eat and eat and eat and not get fat!

  17. Anonymous

    buttercup: you can’t be feeding him right..when my Wents is with me..the more and more and more AND more and more he eats..the FATTER he becomes..wink wink!!


  18. Anonymous

    why inspector…i do believe you have just become SU…are you possibly one and the same person?

    i swear i was talking about food… *smiles innocently*

  19. Anonymous

    buttercup: so NOT the same person!! grrr

    SU: perhaps buttercup needs to see you also with no undies on..to confirm of course..

    Wents: I apologise prior to our meeting for lunch perhaps? in Melbourne maybe? Let me know when and where and what not to wear..

    luv Inspector

  20. Anonymous

    i stand corrected. sorry SU…how could i forget? you don’t wear underwear…something about them always being ripped off anyway…?
    besides..i’m only good at comparing ‘Wents head’ with suspected intruders.

  21. Anonymous

    buttercup: you’re sick..

  22. Anonymous

    I was thinking about the feasibilty of scientifically breaking down the hotness of Wenty…and yeah buttercup, you’re right, we’d have to be really strict about the control conditions of the experiments. And like in physics, where really they try to prove whats not possible instead of what is possible…this would be a lot like that. Because we know how hot Wenty can make things, so it would be more of a question of: How hot? And is there anything in the world that he couldn’t be in, on, on top of, next to, etc, that he couldn’t automatically make absolutely freaking hot. Anyway, I’ll apply for a grant, and I think we should get started asap. Ok, I am having too much fun imagining this scenario…

  23. Anonymous

    To all who are wondering why Went wears baggy pants…it’s pretty obvious that he’s trying to make room for his anaconda. 🙂

  24. Anonymous

    I wouldn’t have any trouble making room for his anaconda..go the shoe horn

  25. Suvikki


    Went made thumbs up for The Transformers in some interview.

    My first idol was Optimus Prime,kisses;). He was a truck ( a leader) and had sexy cover over his mouth, but main factor was his person,voice and way he carred himself.

    Just like it is with Went…

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