Australia, Wentworth Miller is coming for you…


By Peter Mitchell in Los Angeles

December 21, 2006 10:56am
Article from: AAP

ONE OF Hollywood’s hot young actors is escaping to Australia so he can throw a couple of shrimp on the barbie for Christmas lunch.

Wentworth Miller, the star of the hit new American TV series, Prison Break, will be spending the holiday season in Australia.

“My youngest sister is living down in Australia,” Miller told AAP from the Dallas set of Prison Break.

“I thought I’d kill three birds with one stone and get down to Australia.

“I can spend some time with loved ones over the holidays, visit a place I’ve always wanted to visit and do a little press for the show.”

Miller’s sister, Leigh, is living in Melbourne for a year.

“My sister just came back from Uluru with tales of kangaroos and the beauty of the area and she has a number of other day trips planned,” Miller said.

“She and her friends have been very good about organising road trips and helping me explore what Australia has to offer.

“Half of my fascination with Australia is it seems to have the largest concentration of deadly creatures in and out of the water.”

Miller, 34, who was born in England but has lived most of his life in the US, has had to deal with plenty of slippery characters in Prison Break, which has become an international hit.

Miller plays an engineering wizard who attempts to break out of a Chicago prison with his brother, played by Australian actor Dominic Purcell, and a band of other crooks.

The series is aired in Australia on the Seven Network and Foxtel’s FOX8.

Some of the show’s biggest fans are inmates who watch Prison Break in jail.

“From what I’ve heard there are certain prisons where they are not allowed to watch the show because the prison is worried inmates may get the wrong idea,” Miller said.

“But, in other prisons I hear inmates rearrange their work details so they can be in their cells to watch our show every week.

“I’ve also received a lot of requests for headshots from inmates which I understand will get them a pack of smokes or two on the black market.”

The first season of the show was shot in and around Chicago, but the second season has moved to Dallas where the cast and crew have been battling nature.

Miller, while shooting in swamps and bushland, has become a victim of chiggers, a parasitic mite.
If Australians see Miller relaxing on a beach over Christmas, they should not be concerned if his legs look in bad shape.

Blame the chiggers.

“Chiggers are a bug that bites you and then burrows underneath your skin and stays there,” Miller explained.

“There’s no way of getting them out.

“You have to buy nail polish and cover the inflamed spot with a dab of the nail polish.

“That seals the pores of your skin, which denies the chiggers oxygen.

“They suffocate, die, eventually dissolve and disperse into your bloodstream.

“I have had about 20 of them up and down my legs.

“We were shooting out in the woods and I neglected to coat my ankles in sulphur which was the only thing that keeps them at bay.

“I went home looking like a pizza from the legs down.”

Miller will likely have his legs covered when he attends a cocktail Sydney Harbour cruise on December 27 to celebrate Foxtel’s new long term deal with the Hollywood studio that makes Prison Break, Rupert Murdoch’s 20th Century Fox.

Australians will also get a solid dose of Miller and Prison Break in coming weeks.

FOX8 will be airing a Prison Break marathon on Australia Day from 7am, running 21 episodes back to back in the lead-up to the series one finale on February 3.



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28 responses to “Australia, Wentworth Miller is coming for you…

  1. Anonymous

    Ugh, chiggers…that bites.

    OK, I know, lame. But I couldn’t help myself.

    Seriously though, I like that he is also intrigued by all the deadly creatures Oz has to offer. My fave has to be the cassowary, one of only two birds that are known to have killed humans.

    I mean, how angry did God have to be to crossbreed an emu and a velociraptor (cassowaries have two 5″ dagger-like claws, a lessening fear of humans and a short fuse)?

    Be safe Went. And remember, the huge hand-sized spiders are NOT the deadly ones.

  2. Wet For Went

    That DOES bite…and yes that is lame and even lamer that I repeated it, lol.

    Hey Went, Be good.

  3. Boxergirl

    So thrilled to have confirmation of Went Down Under!! Look me up in Sydney Went – and never fear – our streets are void of man-eating creatures…LOL

    I hope he has an amazing time here!


  4. Wet For Went

    I’m totally excited for you! You should see my smile! Oi Oi Oi!

  5. A B

    Goodie that means we will probably get tons of new Went pics from his fans. 🙂

  6. Anonymous

    they better NOT be shitting me! swear to god i think i just had an infarction of some sort!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i will be looking…i’m on a mission for you WFW…just please…what the hell do i say to him?!!!! (if i happen to run into him of course…)

    p.s. karen, i’ve been to a place in Cairns where there are supposedly cassowaries and i was so damn scared i’d see one because there were warnings everywhere…but i didn’t..(i think they’re made

  7. Wet For Went

    LMAO. Oh the excitement! I think a simple “Hi, I love your work and you are so adorable. Would you sign this and take a pic with me please?” will do don’t you? Just try not to hyperventilate, pass out or scream LOL.

  8. Stacy

    Ok, I totally thought Went could never gross me out but thinking about bugs burrowing into his legs and dying just gives me the willies. I mean, I’ve got goosebumps just thinking about it. However, he can totally make it up by playing nice and posing for some shirtless beach photos, preferably wearing a banana hammock.

  9. Wet For Went

    Yeah the bug story was…special…LOL. Mmmmm to shirtless tanned Wentworth. Yummy. Stacy check the rap post. I wrote Went some rhymes using your ideas, lol.

  10. Anonymous

    LMAO..i think i can manage that. seriously tho at least you always have him in the same hemisphere. that’s the main cause for excitement cuz there’s buckleys chance of me ACTUALLY seeing him…except for maybe in the newspaper. oh well..i’ll try my best..pray to the gods of fate i shall.

    p.s. i don’t do the ‘screaming’ thing..but i can’t promise anything about not passing out… we’re talking blue steel and liquid sex here…

  11. Anonymous

    aww poor wentypoo

    aussies, j’aime.

    take care of our man down there, bring him back to the us

  12. Anonymous

    Hey Went! Hmmmm I wonder if he actually reads any of this….

    Chiggers sound awful but its better than the Great White Shark attack near Geelong on the weekend!

    Went, if you’re planning a trip to the Great Ocean Road let me know as I’m available (only studying for the GAMSAT) to be your local guide. hehehe 😛 or if you need a great coffee, stop by Soft Coffee Lounge in Geelong and say hi. Let’s hope it’s not my day off! hahaha

    I was thinking of writing to you (as all 29 year olds do)but since you’re in Australia it will be some time before I get a reply I assume. BUT, you are always welcome to email me at

    Did I do well to introduce my email without the stalker vibe? hahaha

    Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.


  13. babe1973

    Can you imagine his sister’s friends. They must soooo excited to meet him and send days with him. Man I am so jealous.

  14. Anonymous true! we were discussing this at work and still can’t quite work out how some people get to be so lucky…then there was talk of taking copious amounts of NoDoze so one could stay awake constantly and not miss one millisecond of his loveliness…ah…watching him sleep..i believe that’s the 8th wonder of the world right WFW??…

  15. Anonymous

    Wents: please let me make like a chigger and burrow under your skin..I would die!!

  16. linds

    Oh my poor baby!!!

  17. Anonymous

    So now not only that I hate not living in the States but I have another country (continent even!)to hate for not living in! 😦

  18. Anonymous

    “From what I’ve heard there are certain prisons where they are not allowed to watch the show because the prison is worried inmates may get the wrong idea,” Miller said.

    You’re not gonna believe this but a 19-year old prisoner escaped yesterday from a prison in my town. He apparently got caught around my University. In about 10 minutes from escaping. LOL He said he got the idea from watching PB.

  19. babe1973

    Apparently he didn’t get the idea of getting his upper body tattooed with the plan after the brake out. LMAO.

  20. babe1973

    Ok now I want to be a chigger just so that I can bite him. LOL.

  21. soiled undies

    I hate Australia. You lucky bitches!

    Enjoy! Treat him well and suggest a pit stop in SA on his way back to the USA pleassssssseeee…..

    I am not surprised with the chiggers story, we know from a previous Wentcap that even flowers are drawn to his beautiful face and learning that parasites want to eat him up, I say go fuckers go!

    This is what you SHOULD SAY to him:

    “Hi Went, you are so gorgeous and I am the best lay around. Come back to my place and I’ll prove it. Do you like mink-lined handcuffs? I got ’em in pink and blue. What colour would you like? Cheery flavoured condoms are so five years ago so we can forgo that besides I’m on the pill anyway (perfect chance to get impregnated and therefore trap him for life).
    Do you like it rough? A studded dog collar or pearls?
    You like ladies or whores? I can be whatever you want. I will DO whatever you want.”

    If all else fails knock him over the head and get him to your place somehow! I’m counting on you!
    Good luck!

  22. Krissie

    @SU lmao I wish to have you commenting at my blogspot, it would bring the place to life! lol

  23. Wet For Went

    su, you know I would have gone with your suggestion but buttercup seems like she’d turn bright red and pass out if she had to say the word “condom” in front of Went, LOL.

  24. Anonymous

    I heard he was going to do some appearences here, like at Bondi Beach? IS that true?

  25. Anonymous well you know me 😉 and here i was thinking i was hiding it so well…doh.

    thanks for the option though SU..i’ll keep it in mind. actually..may have to print it so i can read it verbatim if the crazy takes me over.


    hey wentworth miller i lovee you so much you r the hottest guy ive ever seen in my life i loveeeeeee uuuuuuuuu so much ur the 1 for me andd my wish is to meet u but im in australia melbourne and i love ur showww soo much ive watched all the episode that came on season 1 and im waiting for season 2 i cant waittt i lovee you sooooo much you aree soo hotttttt i love you heapsss mwahzzz

    from vivian your biggest fan

  27. Wentworth Miller hotti

    hey wentworth miller i just wanted to say that i watch your show prison break and i think that your very cute and a hottie i wish you came to austraila so i could meet you thats my wish and good luck with prison break

    love you very much love ya heapsss babe mwahzz and my name is valentina im your biggest fan in this whole world
    im 11 years old and thats how much i love you

    nwaiz take care hun byeee

  28. Anonymous

    Aprenderé inglés por ti WENT :** porque no me entero de nada 😛 KISS since Spain
    Me encanta prison break

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