Iva just doesn’t get all of this Wentworth Miller is Gay stuff!

My girl Iva over at Gossip or Truth talks about an editor in the magazine pictured below that calls Went gay. Here is an excerpt (For the rest click the link above):

This is what I don’t get at all. Why is it that every time [a] new hot guy appears in Hollywood, who happens to be single, [he] is called out to be gay? I’m not starting any rumors here, but can’t help noticing the fact that more and more newspapers, media in general are saying Wentworth Miller could be gay!?

I stumbled across this article and had my friend translate it for me and was surprised to read the editor comments saying that Wentworth Miller is gay. Why? Because he’s hot, educated, smart, I mean I just don’t get it?

OK now I’m going to do something that I rarely do and even try to avoid doing and that is actually getting serious for a minute.

You know, I have no idea why new hot guys are often rumored to be gay nowadays but suffice it to say that with more and more people coming out of the closet (as well they should be able to without being subject to discrimination and harassment), gays feel they have just as much right to claim the new hot piece of ass as we do and that doesn’t bother me at all. The reality is that none of us really knows for sure anyway. How the rumors got started I don’t know and I don’t care, but that’s just me. I also don’t find being called gay offensive, though again, that’s my opinion (and I know that’s not what you said Iva I’m just saying). I think what we’re all really thinking is, if he is straight, does he feel harassed by the rumors and innuendo? Well yeah, I think about that sometimes but these people (celebrities) get paid pretty well and enjoy luxuries that most of us can’t even fathom so hey, if they catch a little hell that’s just part of the joy ride. I do wonder though what would happen if he were gay. Would he be offended by outrage at the thought of it? Slippery slope that all is which is why I just don’t talk about it unless I’m joking around. If he’s straight, cool; If he’s not, cool. It’s not going to affect my life either way actually and let me just say, if he takes it up the ass I’d pay to see it. I joke about what I’d do if he paired off and got a girlfriend but the reality is that wouldn’t affect me either. I know that Fandom is a delicate thing but my affection and devotion are rock solid. There is very little he could do to change how I feel about him and at the bottom of the list would be who he fucks because I just don’t give a shit. Now does it suck when things are said about him by people who are just trying to fuck with him? Yes! But I would hope that by now he’s developed a thicker skin because he is going to need it.

We may think we’re all evolving past traditional ideas (for instance, I doubt I will ever get married) but under the surface those old views are still there. I think the more important question is, why do people question someone’s sexuality (and imply it as a negative) or their worth if they are in their mid-thirties and aren’t married? Maybe they just don’t fucking want to be; There’s an idea. Went has said that marriage and kids are things he wants so he probably just hasn’t found the right person yet and there is nothing wrong with NOT making a million huge mistakes that end up in divorce on your way to finding whoever that person is that you can see yourself making a life with. Singleness does not imply that something is different about that person except that maybe the person is more in tune with themselves and what they really want than the rest of us. OK my title implied this post was going to be funny. Sorry for the trick, LOL, and with that, I think I’m done.


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22 responses to “Iva just doesn’t get all of this Wentworth Miller is Gay stuff!

  1. dawn

    Like you WFW I really could care less what Wenty prefers sexually…unless it was him preffering me. I just hope for more acting roles for him, selfishly, whether he wants them or not. Because I just adore watching him/listening to him/Wentasizing about him…. And Im sure that he’s got thick skin, that he doesn’t let speculation bother him. He just seems too damn brilliant to let other people determine how he feels about himself or what he wants to share about himself. I hope so anyway, the idea of rumors of any kind causing him any unease at all makes me sad.

  2. Anonymous

    I agree, Dawn…I feel for him too if he feels any unease by these implications. I feel for his family as well…especially for his mother because it can’t be easy to see her son raked over the proverbial coals by Perez and other hurtful gossip mongers.

    Have you all seen or read the interview in which he says that he’s stopped reading fan forums because he got hurt by some ignoramus assuming that he was British with a bad American accent? If he’s not gay – and it in any way bothers him to be assumed gay – I bet he’s REALLY offended by all this negative speculation. And by negative speculation, I’m referring to Perez’s totally crass headline: “The Most Eligible Homo in Hollywood” posted back in October. I, for one, have had enough of all this “militant gay” speculation…just leave him alone and leave the sour grapes at home.

    WFW – you’re totally right on about Went needing to develop a thick skin, if he hasn’t already. Since he’s worked on the other side of the business for so long, I’m sure he’s all too aware of what kind of beast it really is. Seeing/reading that he still drives a Corolla, does his own laundry, admits to listening to Lionel Richie, dresses like a bum in public, and chooses to not date when he can have anyone he wants tells me that he’s not lost his sense of self and for that, I’m completely in awe. Oh yeah, and his ass awes me too.

  3. Wet For Went

    dawn, I want to see more of him too…in any capacity…preferably face to face. MORE WENT! I think we all want that. Awww don’t be sad. Now see this is why I’m never serious about anything. I should have just gone with the Wentworth Miller is actually into fish expose…A little Troy McClure reference there, lol.

    anon 11:50, yes, militant is bothersome. That’s not what I was referring to but I agree. When people start fighting over where he belongs or insisting without any real proof, that’s when it’s gone past speculation. I never claim to have the answers on anything, only what I believe to be true, if I take any stance on it at all. I don’t have enough information to work with to have an opinion on it at this point which is why I just don’t address it. I don’t have a clue.

  4. Krissie

    I really don’t care if he’s gay or straight or bi or asexual…
    People saying unconfirmed stuff about him should really get a life and some problems of their own.
    They should get off his back and just let him do what he does best: act the way only he can and drives us Went-a-crazy the way only he can!

  5. babe1973

    You go girl. This is so true…

  6. Patty

    I am with you, WFW. If he is gay, I’d pay to watch. It doesn’t effect me one way or another! I dont’ see how anyone’s sexuality is anyone elses beezwax! It’s not like there are headlines out there “George Clooey is HETERO!” We never see that! So if I don’t care who is stright why would I care who is gay? Maybe for all the brainwashed Christians it matters but I don’t think the average fan gives a crap one way or another.

  7. Anonymous

    Okay WFW, great post, and it’s alright to be serious once in a while (not too much though!)!!

    So about Went being (maybe?)gay … I wouldn’t mind, I’m not a judgmental person so even if he were, I’d be open-minded about it, and more people should be, and clearly they aren’t!That’s what buggs me!!We are in the fucking 21th century, people!!Who cares if you’re gay or straight or both?Really??
    I’d say fuck them all!!(okay way too much swearing for me there, but this gets me all worked up!!Lol)

    Anyways about him being ‘insulted’ by it, I’d say he is in a way but that doesn’t mean he’s gonna change the way he is!!And that’s what’s so great about him … he’s confident!!Go Went

    (oh and you can say whatever you want but being called gay is hurtful, especially if you aren’t!That doesn’t mean I think being gay is ‘wrong’ or unnatural’ but I’ve been in situations where people I love have been offended and told they were gay when they in fact weren’t, and that hurts, for the person itself and his loved-ones!)


  8. Stacy

    I would totally pay to see him with a guy too! So, yeah I got that Google Alert from the site and naturally wondered over to check it out. Of course, I put my two cents in there. I have a great response to my comment.

    Hey Stacy, stfu! You’re even gayer

    Oh dear. I’m gayer than Wentworth. I fear I may lose much sleep over this horrid insult. What ever should I do? God, I just might even kill myself. [/sarcasm]

  9. Krissie

    You know, every time I say I don’t want a man, people ask me if i want a woman! I hate it! And all I want is to be single and have my freedom. What’s wrong with that? Why must we label people all the effin’ time?

  10. trish_lx

    I really don’t understand all the gay speculation thing either.
    Personally I don’t give a damn whether he’s gay or straight. Or maybe I would prefer that he was gay, so that I wouldn’t be jealous of his girlfriends and could instead watch him with some hot guys!!!
    Seriously, I think he must be a terrific person and I wish him all the happiness in the world and that includes finding the right person to share his life with if that is his idea of happiness.
    Like Dawn said I just want to see more of him on TV and on the big screen. And it would be really good to watch him play a sexy role, with lots of steamy sex scenes with some hot guy. Who would you like to see him with? … Hmmm… there’s food for thought.
    I think Jamie Foxx or Michael Vartan.

  11. babe1973

    trish_lx none of these 2 are gay. But it’s true that it would be easier if he was gay because we would be out of the competition. I can’t help but imagine the hell a woman would go through with him. All the crazy fans would kill her. Maybe that’s also a reason why he is single.

  12. Anonymous

    I’M sorry I disagree, if he wants to stop the gay stuff he needs to address the issue, if not it will go on forever. unless he really is gay. Perez does seem to have and inside track on the H-wood scene. I personally feel he is a good looking and decent guy who never expected his fame to rise so fast….but is gay and wants to keep it private…I still love him anyway.

  13. Iva

    The whole thing about the original post I’ve wrote was about the media saying b.s all the time and I’m getting sick of it.
    If Went turns out to be gay, it’s not like my chances for marrying him are ruined, it doesn’t mean I’ll stop watching the show or support his work either.

    And I agree with anonymous, leave the guy alone for God’s sake.

    As for your post WFW, i totally agree, one of the reason I like hanging out here is b/c your sense of humor, this blog is funny as hell and among other things it also makes my boring day at work more interesting.

  14. dawn

    Personally I dont think Perez Hilton has the inside track on anything, but thats just my opinion. And I dont blame Wenty or the other guys and girls in Hollywood who don’t jump up to declare their questioned sexuality. Why should they respond or react to what has become an almost pedantic excercise in trite speculation made by people that are only trying to keep their own names somehow in the limelight? When and if Wenty ever feels like talking about his sexual preferences I sure as hell hope its not because he feels the need to address the speculations of someone like Perez Hilton.

  15. mbnd

    anon 4:39
    he doesn’t have to address any issue to any one. He’s a private person & we have to respect that.
    Let people print what they want to print, to them it’s great for buisness. They are smart they print it & we buy it.If he’s gay so be it. Are we going to stop watching prison break or his future roles because of that? Please.

  16. Wet For Went

    Mink, the fact that it would matter to anyone either way is troubling and I have seen the comments you speak of and I think it is completely ridiculous.

    Julie, I guess you may have a point. If someone is calling you out in an accusatory manner it could hurt just to be misunderstood or for people to just be outright lying about you.

    Stacy, LOL. I love you for putting me in your Google Alerts.

    Krissie, that happened to me in a bar just last week. This guy is pushing up on me and I’m just so disinterested and he asked me was I gay three times. So now if I don’t just jump at every guy that comes along I’m gay? You know what, yeah OK whatever. I should have told him yeah. It’s never good enough for people for you to just prefer to be alone unless something truly unexpected and spectacular comes along. People who can’t be alone don’t understand people like us.

    Trish_lx, I know right! If he’s gay, we know we can’t have him for sure. There’s something reassuring about that, LOL.

    , I totally get you. Why say anything at all without proof in a media outlet that is supposed to report actual news? Thanks for the compliment and you know I love when you stop by!

    It’s good to know that you all are cool b/c if I got any “OMG if he’s gay I’d never watch his stuff again” comments I definitely would have thrown a fucking fit.

  17. Anonymous

    WFW..just when i think you couldn’t possibly be a more amazing person than you already are, you say something like this..

    – It’s never good enough for people for you to just prefer to be alone unless something truly unexpected and spectacular comes along. People who can’t be alone don’t understand people like us.

    i’ve never heard our plight (yes i use plight cuz it’s so fricken irritatingly difficult at times making people understand..) explained so simply and yet completely.

    you deserve someone damn special and don’t you dare settle for less. xxxB

  18. Anonymous

    WFW: I’m agreeing with the whole..

    – It’s never good enough for people for you to just prefer to be alone unless something truly unexpected and spectacular comes along. People who can’t be alone don’t understand people like us.

    I wasted too many years ‘settling’ & in the end just couldn’t bring myself to. I’m certainly hoping to find the right guy oneday, but unless that

    – something truly unexpected and spectacular comes along

    then I won’t be settling..who gives shit what other people think??

  19. Anonymous

    To All You Beautiful, Independent, Non-Settling Women – Let me say this…nearly nine years ago I was totally living your philosophy and then, as the song goes, I fooled around and fell in love, got married after a whirlwind three month “courtship,” and now have three lovely kiddies with the same man. He’s not perfection incarnate by any means, but he’s hot in bed, takes great care of his family, loves to play TV Jeopardy with me, watches Prison Break religiously, and loves me for everything I am and am not. Fate is a funny thing because it never seeks your consent…it just happens. I know you’re not searching, but something may just happen anyway. 🙂 After all, how can such wonderful ladies remain undiscovered?

  20. Krissie

    It’s never good enough for people for you to just prefer to be alone unless something truly unexpected and spectacular comes along. People who can’t be alone don’t understand people like us.

    I knew you’d understand. I ‘m not gonna run away from “something truly unexpected and spectacular” but until then…

  21. babe1973

    I think Wentworth is strong enough to come out of the closet is he is gay. Bt I don’t think that he has to justify himself just because an ass**** like Perez starts writing stuff on him. Perez has inside info on nothing. And Wentworth is not really a Party guy… he even said that in several interviews. We all know how easy it is to start a blog and write anything…Perez is doing that. By the way….he is being sued by several photographers… HAHAHAHAHA. I love Wentworth unconditionally…so even if he is gay, I will still love him and support his work.

  22. Anonymous

    Wentworth being gay or straight would not bother me. However, I have to say that given his comments regarding the ‘wife and kids down the line’ I would be EXTREMELY disappointed in him if he should come out at a later date. I would be saddened because I would see the above comments as lies – and unnecessary at that. Whatever his sexuality he has a right to privacy, but I’m afraid I would rather he refrain from comment than try to mask anything.

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