Wentworth Miller the Rap Star

You know, I’m not completely sure, but I’m thinking Wentcrazy has escaped from the Asylum. I may need to get Went on the phone again

Yeah my name is Went
I’m heaven sent
I really am a player
but they all think I’m a gent

No I ain’t no philanderer
but I’ll do what I can to her
and she’s so happy to get it
that I know she’ll be taciturn

You think I’m effusive
but I’m really elusive
the paps they can’t catch me
they’re so fuckin obtrusive

The Cristal will be flowin
but you know where I’m goin
home to play me some Scrabble
and use words like flocci­nauci­nihili­pili­fication

Yo I’m fittin to abscond
just like I’m James Bond
I need me a coffee
Maybe flavored almond


No wait, that really was Went. My bad.

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14 responses to “Wentworth Miller the Rap Star

  1. Krissie

    LOL! This is so not like him…

  2. Stacy

    Oh I bet he has mad rhymes. But I bet it would be hard to find rhyming words for his vocabulary. For example –

    Well, my name is Went, I’m heaven sent, but I ain’t no philanderer that’s certain. When you see me disembark, the unmentionables plummet. I may come off as uneffusive, but wait until the Cristal is devoured. Then the soiree commence! Yo, I’m fittin’ to abscond. Farewell, I’m out.

    I imagine that he would probably attempt to rap like I imagine Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air would rap. That would be priceless. Especially if he would do the “Carlon” dance.

  3. Anonymous

    whats LMFAO?

  4. Wet For Went

    Laughing My Fucking Ass Off

  5. Pomegranate

    “Yo, I’m fittin’ to abscond.”

    Frakking brilliant.

  6. Wet For Went


    Now that you started it. I might have to write a rhyme for him, lol.

    Alright I used as many of Stacy‘s words as would make sense and I updated the post. LOL That was fun.

  7. Krissie

    Please, God, Jesus, Mary, anyone… Somehow make him rap that! WFW, rotfflmao!

  8. babe1973

    Stacy that is so true. I can imagine him like Carlton. LMAO.

  9. Wet For Went

    I second that Pomegranate. That line was gold so I had to leave that in as is.

  10. Stacy

    Well, I wish I could say that my 8 years of higher education allowed me to let those large words roll of the tongue but I spent quite a bit of time at Dictionary/Thesaurus.com. Thanks for cleaning it up, I was having trouble. Teamwork baby!

    I think we should add a line inspired by Tweener’s quote “does my moms have big breast-es-es but Im fresh out of ideas. Oh well.

  11. Belgian

    This rap is almost as risible as Went is pulchritudinous.

  12. notthedoctor

    LOL to the whole Rap Went!
    and belgian’s pulchritudinous… so true.
    who’ve known i’d be learning big word in a blog called Went For Went. lol.

  13. Anonymous

    You are a literary genuis if can write this at 7:18 a.m., WFW!

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