Are You All Forgetting to Vote for Wentworth Miller?

Please don’t tell me that all of you Wentworth Miller FANATICS are going to let that dude from Angel beat our Went. PLEASE DON’T TELL ME THAT! Your instructions are as follows:

Vote for Went. Over and Over and Over again. Don’t know how? After you vote…

For IE:
Go to Tools>Options>Delete Browsing History
Then refresh the page and it will let you vote again

For Firefox:
Go to Tools>Options>Privacy>Clear all
Then refresh the page and you can vote again

For Safari:
Go to Safari>Empty Cache
Then refresh the page and you know the drill, vote again

If you have problems, let me know in the comments but vote dammit or else Went is not going to win!


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18 responses to “Are You All Forgetting to Vote for Wentworth Miller?

  1. dawn

    I would vote like a maniac, I actually have the time to do that between sitting here and freaking out over my checking account and sitting here and freaking out over my checking account, but I havent figured out how to get my Safari browser to oblige and let me vote maniacally. Oh and I want to tell you to have an awesome holiday WFW. You’re a brilliant and hysterically funny writer and we Wentyholics are really lucky to get to read your wet Wenty words of love and lust and stuff.

  2. Wet For Went

    Are you freaking out in a good way or a bad way? I updated the post for Safari. Have a great holiday yourself and thank you for the tongue-tying compliment!

  3. babe1973

    I vote 5 days per day. I everyone has to participate. I guess the fans of the other stars are doing the same as us. Come on girls. Show your support to the man we all love. VOTE OR DIE!!!LOL

  4. dawn

    Thanks WFW, this is funny, because I tried emptying my cache to vote over and over again, and it didn’t seem to work. And then…I tried it again after you instructed me to…and guess what? Lol, its a Wentymas miracle. And bad, bad, bad freaking out way. I’m not very practical sometimes. And I wish I could think of a better compliment, one that really describes how much you’ve made me laugh in only the few days that I ‘ve been enjoying your blog! So now Im going to go vote..or die. lol

  5. babe1973

    You have to delete the cookies.

  6. babe1973

    Believe it or not. I just voted way over 50 times. I will do it again later and every single day. I also think that we should vote for the show…for real support for his work also. GO WENT, GO WENT…!!!

  7. notthedoctor

    i’ve voted ten times the day before yesterday,then i voted twenty times yesterday… but today i’ve been so busy i ofrgot to!
    i’m so ashamed! i don’t know what to say, i’ll just run there and make up for my mistakes, i never thought i’d be the one to fail him when The Pretty needed it the most!
    *running to vote*

  8. Anonymous

    I went to all of my wentworth myspace groups and posted this so everyone can vote for him there!!

  9. amyy

    omg wfw… we have a went look-a-like!! i hate guys trying to look lk him, he is the perfection!
    here’s the link…

  10. babe1973

    Sorry the link doesn’t work

  11. babe1973

    WFW you have a spammer on your blog.
    Amyy, still can’t see. There is something wrong with the page.

  12. babe1973

    Ok amyy I saw that pic…. NO WAY. He doesn’t have 1/10th of Wentworth’s beauty and charms. Went is no only hot, he has this aura around him…something that attracts you like a magnet. I think the mixture of ethnicity has something to do with it.
    But the guy on the picture is hot too..but nowhere close to Wentworth.

  13. Anonymous

    I have just checked the voting and Went is 1st !!!!!!!!!!!

    thank you all -)


  14. Anonymous

    WFW, I voted 10 times for Went earlier today and he was at #1 with 48% of the votes…I just checked and he’s at 47% of the votes now. The poll is rigged, damnit! Those Angel fans are paying someone off! Ladies (and gents), c’mon, let’s show them they can’t mess with Went fans!

  15. Wet For Went


    Dawn, believe me I feel you on the money spending. I spend every cent I make and some I don’t even have yet.

    Amyy, he’s cute but he’s no Wentworth!

    Keep Voting Everyone and spread the word!

  16. babe1973

    WFW guess my statement made the difference. People are voting like crazy. Lol.

  17. babe1973

    WFW if I were you, I would start a new post with this:

    We really need to act fast for the votes. Somehow, David Boreanaz is becoming unbeatable. I have been voting for the last hour and his votes are high 10’000 over our Pretty (I believe there is some major chaeting going on, like a hitbot or something). Here is a technique for faster voting for IE users:
    1 Go to tools-internet options-confidentiality-refuse cookies.
    2 Go to tools-internet options-advances-multimedia and uncheck “show images”.
    After this all you have to do is click the vote button and F5 to refresh the page.
    I votes 300 times just now. We all need to support our man. Let’s go for it.

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