Prison Break Recap 12/18 (Fake) Episode

Michael is wondering what to do. They’ve called far too much attention to themselves and they have to get out of there but there’s no way he’s letting Kellerman get away with what he did to his Sara. He picks up a champagne bottle and cracks Kellerman over the head with it. POW! LOL He and Linc drag him out of the strip club and put him into the trunk. Sara follows. Then they speed away without having any clue where it is they’re going.

Isabel brings Sucre some soup in bed and helps him sit up to eat it. Now she notices which picture fell from the nightstand…It is a picture of her husband Jose who recently passed away. She tries not to but she starts to cry as she picks up the broken glass. Sucre asks what is wrong and she tells him that her husband was killed only weeks ago. Sucre notices for the first time that she is pregnant, though she can’t be more than a couple of months. He reaches out and touches her belly before he realizes what he is doing and he takes her in his arms while she cries and tells her it will be alright. He thinks of Maricruz raising their baby all alone. He has to find her.

T-bag is all smiles at the dinner table while Susan and her children look terrified. “Looks good.” He says and then he tries the meatloaf. “Could someone please pass the salt,” He asks with a smile. Susan passes it. T-bag puts some salt on his food while everyone looks on in silence and asks “So how was everyone’s day…”

The test results are in and it’s Mahone’s blood but there is no body. Mr. Kim gets this information from one of the many super secret govt moles pervading every branch of law enforcement. He is worried now. He calls Kellerman. Too bad Kellerman is passed out in the trunk and doesn’t answer.

Bellick is swinging wildly into the crowd but can still feel the repeated jabs in his stomach but this time they all seem to be quicker and closer together, not at all random. They’re all coming from the same person..He falls to the ground and looks up and sees Manche, Sucre’s cousin. “Who’s the wolf now?” Manche asks then he stabs him some more and runs off while the guards work their way through the chaos. By the time the guards get to Bellick, he’s dead.

Kellerman is coming to in the trunk and trying to whisper as he explains to Mr. Kim that he has the brothers and Sara but he needs help. Mr. Kim doesn’t tell him that Mahone is alive and that he is already on his way to the only place Mahone would go now, his ex-wife’s house. Meanwhile in the car, Linc still wants to hunt down Terrence Steadman but they don’t know where he is. Sara has an idea. She calls her friend Roxy who was the one dancing for Kellerman to ask her if he mentioned anything about where he was going. Roxy says that he mentioned something about Montana. They turn around and head in that direction.

C-Note has to open the front door to the cop car so he can unlock the back one and get his wife out. He opens the door, and gets the back door unlocked but she still isn’t moving. He reaches for the keys to the car to ensure they can’t be followed and to unlock her handcuffs but just then, one of the cops wakes up! The cop reaches for his gun and C-Note tries to prevent him from getting it out. They struggle with the gun, it’s pointing at C-Note, no the cop, no the wife, someone is going to get hurt! and then it goes off…In the RV closeby, Dee Dee screams.

Dinner is over and T-bag, confident that Susan won’t endanger her children by doing something stupid, heads to the bathroom. Susan tells the children to go and hide and then she picks up the phone preparing to call the police when T-bag walks back into the room…”Now you wouldn’t want to break up our happy family would you?” He slams down the phone, grabs her by her hair while she screams and pushes her into a chair. He grabs a butcher knife and holds it on her neck. “You wouldn’t happen to have any duct tape would you darlin’?” She doesn’t answer. He finds it in a kitchen drawer, tapes her up and searches for the children wielding his knife.

Mahone finally arrives at the house but no one is home. The windows are broken and the door is ajar. He walks in and finds Mr. Kim standing there. Mahone lunges at him but out of the shadows one of the govt cronies grabs him from behind and sits him in a chair. Mr. Kim explains that he has one last chance to get Michael and Lincoln and this time instead of threatening, they will be physically holding his family to ensure he gets it right. One false move and they’re dead.

Haywire hears something. A loud sound is interrupting his Cast Away bliss…It sounds like fireworks! Fireworks? Far in the distance on the other side of the island he sees them. There must be people on that island! Turns out, the other side is a resort…He’s on the undeveloped side! He decides he’s had enough alone time and journeys to the other side with his best friend at his heels. As fate would have it, when he reaches the other side he sees a Holland America cruise ship, PERFECT! He sees that the service entrance is open…now’s his chance. The dog whines and gives him the what about me puppy dog eyes. Haywire walks over to the crates being loaded onto the ship and hides until the coast is clear. He brings one back, empties it out and tells the dog to get in and he does. He puts the top on the crate, carries the crate over to the entrance and brings it in as the ship signals its impending departure. Haywire is free, and his little dog too. THE END.

Alright now guess who’s going on hiatus this time? ME! Next week is Christmas so you should all be with your families opening presents that put them into debt and celebrating a Christianized Pagan Holiday. Fake Prison Break episodes will be back sometime next year and look, while we were all having fun the clock has been counting down and Prison Break will be back in just one more month, 2 weeks of which you won’t even miss b/c you have Christmas and New Years to distract you. Doesn’t that make you happy?!


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8 responses to “Prison Break Recap 12/18 (Fake) Episode

  1. Anonymous

    Finally someone killed that fat bastard Bellick!
    You, WFW, tend to make a lot of my wishes come true! LOL!

  2. babe1973

    WFW you should apply as a writer for FOX. You are real good at this. I am going to miss your updates sooooo much.

  3. mink

    WFW, once again I’m wishing you wrote the show. I do so wish they’d kill off Bellick on the show, ‘cos that storyline is just so zzzzzzzz…….. No offence to Wade or anything, but still.

    Anyway, although you are going on hiatus from your Fake PB eps, I do hope that doesn’t mean you are totally deserting your post!

    Oh, and whilst I have the chance, Happy Holidays, hon! Here’s to a 2007 just brim full of Wenty fun and games! LOL

  4. Wet For Went

    LOL, yeah it was time for him to go but only b/c I couldn’t think of anything to do with him fast enough so I was tired of it. I sincerely don’t think I’m that great of a writer but I do have an overactive imagination it seems. The hiatus is just from the PB eps for now. I still have Day 12 of Wentmas tomorrow and a couple other things but after that I probably won’t be back until next Wed or Thurs for a brief appearance and then away again for New Years. Happy Holidays to you too and we KNOW 2007 is going to be good cuz the real PB will be back and Went is going to do a movie. I can feel it.

  5. tia

    Great Bellicks gone, now how about that damn Sara she is so boring,we got our sex scene, and boy what a seen it was but now bitch gotta go !!!!!!

  6. Anonymous

    Thanks again…great creative writers have fantastic imaginations, so therefore you are a great writer. I know you want to remain anonymous, but if I had to guess, I bet you work in the creative department of some web publishing house because you’re both techno savvy and creative and you don’t seem to sleep much. That’s my guess. 😉

  7. epantz

    i didn’t even know sucre’s cousins name before i read this post! props to him for killing Bellick… so much for Bellicado…
    awesome episode wfw! ❤

  8. soiled undies

    Awhhh…but who’s gonna keep Avocado company now?

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