Wet For Went Bracelets

OK so I’ve found something I think will work. There is a color called Buff (perfect name) that is basically a beige that would do nicely. The bracelet will just say ‘Wet For Went’ on the outside, very simple. No it won’t match a damn thing, unless you’re Wentworth Miller (and yes I’m sending him one too although his will just be blank on the outside and have a special message inside of it). Apparently there can even be artwork on it so I picked a picture:

I thought about a tux pic or one of my many other favorites but I have no idea how detailed it will be. I mean how intricate are they going to make the artwork on a freaking rubber bracelet? I suspect we’re just going to get a head and shoulders outline in a square and if that’s all we get this is the perfect pic for it. (Actually I probably need to order a sample to see how this whole picture thing works before I order them for real). So that’s the design, now for the particulars.

Money will be accepted through Paypal or Google Checkout and they are going to be $20 a piece including shipping and handling. They will go out Priority Mail with a tracking number. If $20 sounds like a lot to you, I can assure you it isn’t. Priority Mail shipping is at least $4 and internationally it’s more than that. Paypal will take their cut of your payment right off the top before I even see the money, I’ll be printing from Paypal so that you can get an email confirmation (which costs money too) and I will have to print out labels b/c there needs to be a barcode for the post office to scan (and my damn printer needs a new cartridge), then there’s time and freaking effort. The bracelets are $5 a piece and of course discounted if you buy enough of them BUT I am NOT going to get stuck with a million bracelets so bulk ordering is out of the question. It sounds like I’m complaining but I’m not. I’m just trying to make the point that this is not a money making venture; I’m doing it for the love. Sound cool? Let me know what you think or if you have any design ideas in the comments.

If all that sounds good to you as is then by all means click the button below. I’ll place the sample order first and I will be probably be placing the real order before the end of the year. Delivery looks like it takes 2 weeks so I need to get the sample order in ASAP so I can place the real one. If you do order one I will keep you updated on the status by email.


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12 responses to “Wet For Went Bracelets

  1. Anonymous

    If you want to sell this item fast there needs to be a little Wenty-porn in the art work.


  2. Wet For Went

    The shot of him from the back from The Human Stain laying on his side is also a possiblity but like I said, I have no idea how they’re going to turn out. I’m ordering the samples before I go back to work next week so if anyone has any other ideas…

  3. babe1973

    You are only going to get your orders with Paypal. I don’t use them anymore, and closed my account. I would love to get one but I can only send you Western Union. I can also make a transfer to your account.

  4. Wet For Went

    Dammit babe, lol. There’s always one trying to fuck up the plans. We’ll talk.

  5. nicbeast

    WFW, thank you very much for doing this. I have placed my order and am looking forward to my precious…

  6. Wet For Went

    I just saw it! I will keep you posted and you’ll also get an email when it ships and your LOTR references are making me love you more I want you to know. BEST. TRILOGY. EVER.

  7. Anonymous

    wow u really ARE santa claus!!

    i’m just too far away to order one 😦

    I would though if u u’re selling a went blow-up doll ;p

  8. babe1973

    Lol WFW. Sorry….LMAO. I closed my account because someone frauded my account and they didn’t give a shit. But I definitely want a few of those bracelets.

  9. nicbeast

    WFW, maybe we are soul mates! It IS the best trillogy ever…and I feel compelled to also give props to the original Star Wars trillogy…sad I know, but you can’t help who or what you love, you just have to enjoy it. Looking forward to my precious and thanks for doing this. Hope your holiday is filled with what brings you joy. (Just knowing I am getting that bracelet will keep me smiling this holiday season!) Peace!

  10. nicbeast

    Blow up doll? Really? My brain is reeling with the possibilities. I feel very dirty…must go shower…OOOOOO blow up doll in the shower… OK too far…sorry…

  11. Anonymous

    Hi! I’ve been reading your site for like a month and I love it, just haven’t commented anything yet.
    As you see, I’m not a blogger, but still interested in this bracelet thing.
    Greetings from Finland and
    very merry wentmas 😉


  12. soiled undies

    I was going to suggest that! I think there should be WFW bracelets, like showing we belong to this cult – *cough* sorry blog.

    But seriously I’d want a WFW bracelet.

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