Hey UK!

Your Weekly Went is coming complete with posters around Central London that look like this:

Mmmm, I’d love to see THAT everywhere I go! Your wait for Season 2 is over on January 15, 2006. Have Fun!



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13 responses to “Hey UK!

  1. Anonymous

    hey, another pic with a fan, don’t know if you’ve seen it already…

    what’s with the hat????!!! (but he’s cute anyway:)

  2. Anonymous

    WFW, sorry I’ve been a little busy, and have not been able to keep up on the blog-gossip. I’m moving house, going to LA…no!!not to find Went, it’s for business. Anyway I’ll try and post every now and then. All the best for Christmas WFW…and to all the Australians..have a little Chrissy-pudding with hard suace for me.


  3. Anonymous

    Cute picture ….damn luck fan!!


  4. Wet For Went

    Yeah I saw that one but thanks! I don’t blog every single one I see or I’d NEVER sleep. I will however be looking out for an Aussie fan pic so get on it Aussie fans! Send me a pic!

    Jailbird, take your time with your REAL LIFE and all that, lol. We’ll still be here when you get back 😉

  5. Anonymous

    he looks like paul walker on this pic:S:D TOO MUCH PHOTOSHOP i’m telling!!!:D

  6. epantz

    yeah he kind of looks like a wax statue… weird… although who wouldn’t want a wax statue of went in their living room? too creepy? lol

  7. Krissie

    Hey, photoshopping people, get this: WENTWORTH MILLER DOES NOT NEED YOUR “HELP”!!!!!!!!

  8. mink

    I’m actually kinda nervous about this, WFW. I mean, I know it’s a bit ‘shopped’ ‘n’ all, but still…this pic is fucking smoking hot! The cause of my nervousness is this: they usually display these posters by the sides of busy roads and next to the platforms of underground trains right by the rails. I have to be honest and say that the chances of me veering into oncoming traffic or finding myself under the wheels of a tube train due to unavoidable Went-gawking followed by inevitable Wentgasm are not slim. Still, it was nice knowing you, WFW. Remember me (and my all-consuming Wentcession) fondly.

  9. Wet For Went

    Yeah they do love to photoshop him to death for some reason but it’s a hot pic. Mink, I was just composing a reply at The Church but now that you’re here and all…I will miss you when you die in a horrible fiery crash or with your guts splattered all over the tracks due to Went’s ridiculous hotness! I’ll do a tribute post to you and everything…

  10. mink

    I will miss you when you die in a horrible fiery crash or with your guts splattered all over the tracks due to Went’s ridiculous hotness! I’ll do a tribute post to you and everything…

    Gee! Thanks, hon! That’ll make it all worthwhile! And don’t let me hanging around here stop you taking the piss out of me at Church – Heaven forfend! 😉

  11. babe1973

    Krissie I agree with you. Wentworth is the only person that I don’t photoshop. YOU JUST DON’T PHOTOSHOP PERFECTION.

  12. Anonymous

    that fan pic is so adorable..bless him for taking the time out of his dinner to take a pic..all manners that man!

    and krissie..as always..on the mark! no photoshopping is needed..EVER! unless of course i get a pic with him and i have to erase myself…hehe!

    jailbird..my mouth is watering for the chrissy pudding…fingers crossed…

  13. Anonymous


    let me know what you eat for Christmas!! I like both fruit cake and the steamed pudding…Merry Christmas downunder:)


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