Went Candids! Went Candids!

I had to freaking come up for air for this one. I go to sleep and all hell breaks loose. Thanks to brookeonline of The Church for scanning this! Wentworth Miller has arrived in Melbourne, Australia. I feel like I’m there! You Lucky Fucking Aussies! And an update on the only part of his schedule that we’re sure of from ozziegirl:

Prison Break cutie pie Wentworth Miller will be the guest of honour on a harbour cruise on Wednesday to celebrate a long-term deal struck by Foxtel and 20th Century Fox Television Distribution. The cruise will be on board the luxury vessel, the AQA.

Oh boy…We’ve got color! Thanks Krissie for the RED ALERT and Wendy for posting it!

Awww Went! Red for the Holidays! Just for us! You didn’t have to do that…but we’re glad you did. Cute beanie! Have you been working out?

Here is the article where the pic came from:

TV heart-throb Wentworth Miller made a casual, fan-pleasing arrival at an extraordinarily busy Melbourne Airport yesterday.
He arrived from LA and chatted with fans as he queued with other holiday-makers for more than two hours before finally clearing a gridlocked Customs.

Miller’s chiselled features, startling blue eyes, woollen beanie and T-shirt made him easy for fans to see in the crowd.

The Prison Break star, who is one of Hollywood’s hottest young actors, is in town to spend Christmas with youngest sister Leigh, who moved to Melbourne a year ago.

“My sister’s just come back from Uluru with tales of kangaroos and the beauty of the area . . . she has a number of day trips planned,” Miller said.

“She and her friends have been very good about organising road trips and helping me explore what Australia has to offer.”

Miller is heading to Sydney in early January to talk up a Prison Break marathon that will screen on Fox8 on Australia Day.

He said he jumped at the chance to come to Australia.

“It made sense to come here and catch up with my close family and I also get to check out a country I have heard so much about,” he said.

Miller, 34, was born in England, but has lived most of his life in the US.

Miller plays engineering wizard Michael Scofield on the smash hit series. Schofield attempts to escape from a Chicago prison with his brother, played by Australian actor Dominic Purcell.


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! A Church Member just won the lockdown with Went that is being advertised on Nova 96.9 in Sydney (sponsored by Fox8). CONGRATULATIONS BG! I want details! I am so excited (like it’s me)! AHHHHHHH!

You all may want to just camp out in Starbucks (be sure to be there at 8 am, he likes that time it seems) as he has been seen there twice in the last two days!

The Second Encounter even included an actual location:

It was the City Square one on Collins, the first on you encounter when you walk down Swanston Street from Flinders Station. I have a feeling he’s staying at the Grand Hyatt or the Regent, cuz they’re really close to that Starbucks.

If I find out anything else, you’ll be the first to know!


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62 responses to “Went Candids! Went Candids!

  1. dawn

    You are so awesome WFW, Do his arms look bigger or is it just the shot? And how is it even humanly possible to look so adorable and beautiful after being on a plane for that long?

  2. Anonymous

    Beside it being summer in Australia ….things just got a little hotter for you Aussies….you lucky bastards!!

    Kangeroo’s, Meat pies & Wentworth Miller!!!

    #jailbird…love downunder!!

  3. Anonymous

    WFW…can you find a way to post your “Wentmas Song” on Youtube….Pleeeese I’m begging you, with pictures. I want everyone to know how smart,funny & entertaining you are. I’m still laughing my ass-off listening to it.


  4. Wet For Went

    Dawn, You forgot waiting at customs for another couple of hours. GOD HE IS BEAUTIFUL!!! OK I’m seriously hyperventilating like I live in Australia or something and will see him. Butterflies…Headache…Can’t breathe…Might die…He DOES look more defined than usual. I think he’s been working out. Oh Fuck, can’t contain myself..can’t breathe…might die…excuse me for a few minutes. I need some water, LOL.

  5. Wet For Went

    I know jailbird aren’t they INSANELY lucky? AHHHHHHHHH!
    You HAVE to kidding about that song right? LMAO That was a joke! It’s bad enough y’all heard it. I’ll think about it though, LOL.

  6. Anonymous

    No it’s the best, you don’t know how many times I’ve played it. I love how you get louder and louder. It totally made my Christmas….all that was missing was a little “man nipple” & “peen” but we can save that for next year.

    Pleeeease!!! I’m Beggin’ya!!


  7. Krissie

    Ok, ok, ok… Must. Calm. Down. FUCK! CANNOT!!! I am freaking out! I tried to take a nap before tonight’s going out and getting trashed and all but I got up after 15 minutes just to see if something new has come up!

    WFW said:
    Butterflies…Headache…Can’t breathe…Might die…He DOES look more defined than usual. I think he’s been working out. Oh Fuck, can’t contain myself..can’t breathe…might die…excuse me for a few minutes. I need some water, LOL.

    Yes, yes, WFW, all of that here!!!
    I said that too, about possible work out (and now more hyperventilating because all kinds of very specific working out come to my mind).

    And to smile after the flight and two-hour-line-hassel when some pap shoves a camera into your face… ONLY WENT, people, only Went can do that!
    (Do I sound too insane? It’s because I am.)

  8. Anonymous


    breathe girl breathe!!


  9. Krissie

    I REALLY CAN’T!!!! I keep thinkg about what he might be doing (and then remember his sister’s friends being “helpful”) and then I freak out some more…
    Excuse me while I go get myself a drink. Maybe a happy-pill or two as well.

  10. Wet For Went

    LMAO Krissie.

    OK Jailbird you’ve convinced me and I just happen to be sitting here doing absolutely nothing at all so I’ll whip something up in a jiffy…or as close to it as possible, lol.

  11. Anonymous

    WFW, you are unbelievable… with Xmas and all I didn’t think you would be posting. But I checked just in case – yeah I needed my daily dose of Wentworth-related craziness – and there it was…

    He looks even hotter than before… is THIS possible???? I shall call him The Hottness

  12. Anonymous

    Oh god!!!…I’m so happy.

    I have to tell you this….

    This morning I went to the gym and while I was working-out I realized I was singing the “wentmas song” in my head, and then it came to me that this should be on Youtube and I just couldn’t workout anymore so I left the gym, raced home to post this on your blog.

    Don’t change a thing …it’s perfection as it is:)

    Love Ya #jailbird

  13. Krissie

    I believe the correct title would be His Hotness Wentworth Earl Miller III (at least that’s how I address him in my Wentasies :D).

    I’m better now, drinking…
    It doesn’t help my cooking but screw it. YouTube the song, WFW, you might go Arctic Monkeys all the way!

  14. Anonymous

    OK you Aussies….you can have Wenty, but remember he’s just on loan for Christmas, you have to give him back….check his Bum, it says “Property of USA Fans”
    …and that’s stamped on both cheeks of his round perfect Ass!

    just playing around #jailbird.

  15. dawn

    Yay WFW on Youtube! Ok and yes WFW and Krissie you guys are so right. I did forget that when that pic was snapped he’d been waiting in customs for hours. And to give that sweet smile when you know he must be exhausted is just so Wenty. And I know I ask this question over and over again but how the hell does he manage to be so sexy and so adorable at once? And Im always wondering what he’s thinking about when I see a photo of him. And he does, he really does look more defined. Please don’t die or go insane though guys, pleeeeease. Although what a way to go! I’m so suddenly hyper now, lmao

  16. Anonymous

    Krissie…is there any booze involved in the cooking?? Your making me laugh.


  17. Krissie

    No, I’m just drinking on the side! lol
    Now I’m wondering about the holiday us Europeans might borrow him for. Is there a holiday directly connected to having hot%heavy sex? I’d just want him to feel at home…

  18. Anonymous

    Krissie are you telling me your drunk:)…has Went finally driven you to drinking & cooking at the same time.

    Eropean Sex Holiday named WENT-A-LICIOUS….I like your hospitality Krissie.

    #jailbird….Watcha ya cookin!!

  19. Krissie

    I guess once you get addicted to one thing (that would be Went! lol) it gets real easy to just move on to everything that comes along (WFW’s blog, of course, drinking, smoking < -- ok, that was first but got intensified when I found out His Hotness smokes too!).
    I’m not cooking cooking, i’m just finishing stuff cuz my mom had to go to work. The food must be ready for us when we return around 3-4am drunk and hungry! (Kinda hoping “horny” would be taken care off! What you said? That’s not how you celebrate Christmas? Oh, well…)

  20. Krissie

    OMFG! Just saw that picture in colour!!! T-shirt RED, beanie BLU-ish!!!
    Quickly, another drink! To celebrate the lack of brown, of course! lol

  21. Wet For Went

    Now Krissie I know you just didn’t blurt that out and not tell me where I can get the pic to update the post…

  22. Krissie

    Do you mind me PM-ing you on that at myspace?

  23. Wet For Went

    Go right ahead!

  24. Krissie

    Apparently I DID! lol
    I’m in an awe…

  25. Anonymous

    “Krissie”…your site is really beautiful…great job with all the pictures. Enjoy your Christmas food.


  26. Krissie

    Jeez, what’s “krissie” for? Am I allegedly me? lmao
    Thanx, you too! (Unless you already had yours, fucking time zones… lol)

  27. Wet For Went

    Jeez, what’s “krissie” for? Am I allegedly me? lmao


  28. Krissie

    But why am I in quotes? I really wanna know… *pouts*

    Oh, btw, how’s youtubing coming along, WFW?

  29. Wet For Went

    When it’s finished I will post it, but not a new post, I will update either the Happy Holidays one or the last 12 Days of Wentmas one. I’ll let you know though since you and jailbird are probably the only ones who care, LMAO.

  30. Krissie

    Are you fucking kidding me? Cuz I know at least one person (but I’m thinking two!) that’s been singing it for the last two days (or whenever you shared it). And that’s me NOT included! You got yourself a fan-base! lol

  31. soiled undies

    WFW: I care!

  32. Wet For Went

    LOL, It’s coming up within the next hour. I’m finishing it up and then I’ll upload it and then it’s off to see the family!

  33. babe1973

    He is sooo cute. I am happy that he arrived safely…
    Does anyone know where to find that tshirt?
    Merry wentmas everyone.

  34. Anonymous

    you guys are cracking me up!

    I’m thinking all this Christmas booze won’t help the cause: you will only feel more horny when looking at this newest Wentworth picture when you’ve downed a bottle of wine girls. Take it from the expert…

    booze + Wentworth pictures = very naughty WM thoughts

    I can only guess what booze + the real Wentworth would be like…
    (a nice hammocking time 24/7 LOL)

  35. Anonymous

    WFW, here’s the actual source for the picture and the article:


  36. Anonymous

    fuck, it doesn’t display the whole thing. I’ll just cut it up in two then:


    sorry about that!

  37. Krissie

    “(a nice hammocking time 24/7 LOL)”

    Ok, this anon sounds a lot like someone I know… since we are the only two persons that use “hammocking” in that way…

    “I’m thinking all this Christmas booze won’t help the cause: you will only feel more horny”

    I am still drunk. I almost screwed a friend just because he was wearing an argyle sweater… Wentworth Miller, this is what you do to me!
    Merry Christmas!

  38. Anonymous

    OMG there is a comp on the radio to WIN A LOCKDOWN WITH WENTY im sooooooo gonna win!!!!

    but i will be there at the harbour is i have to dog paddle around after that boat!

  39. Wet For Went

    HAHAHA! Who else is drunk? LOL Krissie, that’s nothing, I almost screwed my ex when he came over a couple days after I got my copy of The Hour. Wentworth Miller is dangerous…LETHAL I tell you!

    LMAO @ anon 1:06! I can see someone doggie paddling after the boat, LOL. That is so funny although everything is funny when you’re drunk…Off to bed for the big day tomorrow. *Listening to Fat Daddy on repeat* La la la la la

  40. Lexie

    a copy of the HOUR i knew santa forgot to get me something..

    2 more sleeps then wenty is in syd and i can use my new super zoom digital camera

  41. Anonymous

    Krissie: you sound like a sick, twisted, but totally cool bitch..I like it..a lot

    WFW: same


  42. Krissie

    Awwww, Inspector, that is the sweetest thing anyone ever said about me! lmao
    Now… Damn-lucky-Aussie-Starbucks-working-early-shift-girl-who-met-HHWEMIII-and-got-his-famous-be-good-note!!!!!! I. AM. SO. FRUSTRATED:!!! And jealous! And, girl, I am happy for you! really! You just made it to my I-wish-I-were-you list!
    And you, Mr Miller, again: AWWWWW!

  43. Anonymous

    I so bet I could make my darling Wents turn red..he he

  44. Krissie

    Do I really wanna know? Why yes, yes I do!

    (WFW, we are turning your blog into a forum…)

  45. Anonymous

    This is my favourite gift this year!!! Thank YOU Wentworth!1000000X(K) Ok, I was kind of hoping to find you underneath my wentmas tree (cause it was my ONLY wish his year), BUT seeing you in this holiday wrapping (red tshirt etc:P) as first thing on christmas morning…. undiscribable feeling… didn’t expect such a surprise really. Thanks, sweety, for hanging around in airports, getting yourself photographed!!!
    And when, oh WHEN, are you coming to Europe??? Cause that’s where I live. yes in Europe, Eastern-fuckin-Europe. So far away from Australia as possible. And US (damn you lucky bitches living on the same continent with the Pretty, urrrh). So next holiday, Went, you better be coming here!!! Like on Easter. With a bunny suit:P

    And, WFW, your song is kinda catchy. Yesterday, when I couldn’t sleep, i actually started to sing it (in my head not out loud:D) insteed of counting sheep:D

    Wow this is the longest comment I’ve ever posted here:D I should quit this anon profile and start taking credit for the bullshit I write:D:D

  46. Krissie

    Are you aware of the fact that the RED-ALERT-T-shirt is no more the newest seeing of Went??

    He’s been spotted in Starbucks…

  47. Anonymous

    You know what? I’m beginning to hate myself now. BIG TIME!!!

    I was meant to go to MELBOURNE for WENTMAS… But decided not to cause I wanted to go to bail next year. It was a tough decision. Melbourne for Wentmas or bail next year. Hmmmmm…


    God hope his sister and her friend decide to take him to Perth. She’s organized road trips and helping him explore what Australia has to offer. I’ll show you what Perth has to offer. Only 2 ½ hours by plane and 25 min’s drive to my place.
    *whispers under breath* Bloody Melbourne.

  48. Anonymous

    I find this conversation gross, can we get back to Went.

    krissie have you taken over wfw’s blog??

  49. soiled undies

    Anon12:28, What’s wrong with you?!
    This is a perfectly decent, stimulating and suitable conversation.

    We are always on Went, God! I wish that was literally!

    While WFW’s away the whores come out to play.

  50. soiled undies

    Breaking News! Has everbody seen Google? They’ve got kangaroos on their banner!

    Australia’s getting free publicity! God bless Wentworth Miller.

  51. Wet For Went

    Thanks anon! I updated the post! And just so you know, when you post long links, I can still see them. No need to cut them up and repost. Here’s how you can see them too: Either triple click the long link (eventhough you can’t see it all) to select the whole thing and post it into the address of your browser and voila, the whole thing will appear or you could always go to the Permalink page for the post (by clicking the date at the end of the post) and you can see the entire message or link that appears to be cut off when you are in the Post a Comment page. There now we all know!

    Alright jailbird, dawn, Krissie and su, I uploaded a slideshow to You Tube using my 12 Days of Wentmas song for the audio. Here it is.

  52. soiled undies

    Anon8:31, In an “bunny suit”!!! Are we thinking playboy/ playgirl here? Good one!
    Went putting easter eggs in my bushs…

    [Middle Removed]


    A special shout out to my goddess
    WFW! Hope you got some sexy unmentionables. Are you wearing a slutty Mrs Claus suit? Wish I was there!

  53. Wet For Went

    anon 1:06 a church member just won that competition! Don’t give up! Keep trying!

  54. babe1973

    Please anyone…do you know the brand of that tshirt he is wearing? Thank you.

  55. Anonymous

    WFW, thank you. Really.

  56. Wet For Went

    Babe, brookeonline from The Church identified the writing on the shirt it says “Good Dog/Bad Dog” and is a reference to a hot dog place. I googled the slogan and came up with this. The shirt was probably free.

    And no problem Krissie.

  57. babe1973

    Thank you WFW. I was going crazy trying to find out what was written on that t-shirt.

  58. Anonymous

    you guys are so hilarious. i love it. i think i’m in love as much as u guys are. i love went.

  59. Wet For Went

    In love AND lust anon 12:56. Don’t forget about Wentlust.

  60. Anonymous

    anyone know how to be Wenty’s little sis Leigh’s friend? or where she lives ? hehe…i might have a plan in mind 😀

  61. that’s why it will never wor. Zaid Bethanie.

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