A Few Things…

OK…While the cat’s away the mouse will play is an understatement for what has been going on in here lately and while it did make me laugh and I also participate in some light off topic discussion in the comments section from time to time (although I can do what I damn well please cuz it’s my blog, don’t forget that), this shit is getting out of hand. I preface this by saying you know I love you people but some of you *cough*Krissie*cough* have decided you are going to turn my comments section (you know, where the comments on the posts go?) into a message board or a forum and ummm, no you’re not. Never fear though, as you will notice a new chat box in the sidebar to your right. 🙂 You don’t have to register to post there but if you want to use the same username everytime you definitely should (enter your username of choice and click profile to password protect it so that only you can use that name). You can still remain anonymous if you wish just use anon with the time of your last comment on one of the posts on the blog (if you want to be recognizable) or identify what type of anon you are e.g. nice anon, wicked anon, shy anon, something like that. Everyone can not use anonymous as there is a feature that will recognize that the same username has already been used in the same session (at least that is way I understand it). Try it out and take all of your not specifically related to the post discussions over there and like su already said, spit or swallow has been covered and is not off limits, just not completely relevant to Went being spotted getting off a plane, lol. I’m sure you see my point here. Now if I start you off (which I’ve been known to do) please do respond in kind, but that post was purely informational. Let’s not make it a habit to clutter up the Went sightings and info posts with our fantasies (and yes I take responsibility for my drunk comment, lol). Take your chatty asses over to the chat box and don’t go off on wild tangents in my comments section please, Thanks.

  • The You Tube for The 12 Days of Wentmas song is up though the 3 of you who begged me to do it may not have seen it, lol, so I’m reposting it here. Enjoy!
  • The sample bracelet order has been placed so as soon as I get them, I will update those of you who have already paid and those of you that have expressed interest. I am looking into an alternative payment system for those of you that don’t use Paypal but I haven’t really finished investigating that yet so I’ll keep you posted.

  • One last thing, over the past few days I have elected not to make new posts based on topics that have already been discussed in the last week so I just updated the old posts with new info. You might want to check back to see if there isn’t something there that wasn’t there the last time you looked! Alright, it’s Christmas and I’m off to see my family. Use that fucking chat box to chat dammit and I will catch up with you guys later! Merry Christmas!


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43 responses to “A Few Things…

  1. Anonymous

    Thank you WFW! I hope sanity prevails here (well, to a degree!). I much prefer to read your funny comments and responses. Not everyone wants to read about what some “whores” would do with Went’s cum. There’s funny and then there’s filth. And this shit was getting borderline disrespectful to Wentworth.

  2. Wet For Went

    LOL, OK just to be clear, I don’t object to the content, just the fact that the convo went on so long and in so many different directions that weren’t really relevant to the specific post in question (and I happen to have a soft spot for whores) but you’re right, the innuendo should be funny people not just outright filth (not that it can’t be dirty). We LOVE Wentworth Miller here (truly) and nothing anyone says about him is ever intended to be disrespectful, that much I’m pretty sure of. Now, as Went would say, “Be Good.” I’m out of here!

  3. Anonymous

    Ooops, that didn’t work… Well, I’m just to embarassed to show my face (name) here again. But I truly am sorry.

  4. Wet For Went

    It did work Krissie and I saw it! I even have a response:

    Why of course Went, anything for you, although no forgiving is necessary, I’m not mad! I even made her a nice chat box on the side so she can talk about whatever she wants (her AND Inspector)! LOL Maybe I need to be forgiven for calling her out in the post? But it was done with love Went I promise. I love my Krissie! She had 3 favorite comments last week for Goddess sake! Tell her I said to come back and nobody is going to give her any shit about it or they’ll answer to me. Love you!

  5. Krissie

    You made me cry. I will punish myself somehow (whip WILL be included). I love you too.

    And I can’t find the chat box (comp-dummy…).

  6. Wet For Went

    Right above the Post Categories Krissie.

  7. babe1973

    WFW, I laughed my ass off… This is soooo cool.

  8. Anonymous

    Hi, know this doesnt really belong here, but it could be related to WFW signing -)
    Have a look at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4s6V1w98d4&NR

    and check 1.41 minute, Went is actually listening to his song from Tigertones -)))

    And if you all already saw it, than ingore this =)

  9. Anonymous

    Me again, anonymous 3.54pm.

    I hear what you’re saying WFW but your blog started off 100% witty and 100% funny however due to the comments is rapidly deteriorating into something I would be completely embarrassed for Wentworth to read. I know this is not your fault but can’t we as a web community show this artist the respect he deserves and represent him in a positive way? The obsession some people seem to be displaying towards this man is disturbing!

    I’m guarantee you that I am not a conservative person but honestly if discussions on swallowing Went’s cum is acceptable here then I don’t think I’ll return. There’s nothing here I can’t find elsewhere on the web where the standards and level of respect are set higher.

  10. soiled undies

    I was experiencing several technical difficulties earlier but now that I’m up and running I’d like to add my two cents.

    krissie: We all (with the exception of anon3:54 it seems, though we can convince her/ him otherwise) still love you!
    Come back! We Catholic whores have to stick together. Don’t worry if anon tries to bite I’ll protect you (we’ll do it together WFW), all you have to do in return is hold onto my pocket…

    WFW: Like I was saying in the chatbox I am amazed at how accommodating you are. You really go out on a limb and always do your best for us. Thank you for being in my life. God bless.

    And amen too for having a soft spot for whores! So many people are ready to throw stones at us because of what we say *cough* anon3:54 *cough* but they don’t realize it’s all just in the name of good fun though I will admit, it does get a little crude sometimes. Tolerance anon, tolerance okay. We whores can get a little excitable, please excuse.

    Okay that was more like $20.
    Just remember all; it’s Wentmas! Peace on earth and goodwill towards all Went lovers (even the slutty not too subtle ones).

    PS. WFW: Loving the updated 12 days of Wentmas song! The choice of pics are great! There were even a few that I hadn’t seen yet. Can I add OMG! Heard the yay! It just had to be with the cumming!

    Okay, Good Night and Good Luck!

    once again

    MERRY WENTMAS everyone!

  11. Wet For Went

    Didn’t I say I was leaving? OK anon, I didn’t mean I was actually down with the cum swallowing convo although it has been brought up here before on a much earlier post (I don’t remember where) but was touched on lightly and not in great detail and just so I have this right: Went cum swallowing offensive, Went peen NOT offensive. Got it! Hear that everyone, let’s try not to be TOO crass. I know balance is a difficult thing…The freaking site is called Wet For Went so we KNOW there is going to be some naughtiness going on but y’all are not getting paid by the hour for these comments, lol although some of you need to be. I’m out, for real this time!

  12. Anonymous

    I oficially love you, SU!!!! And WFW, but she already knows that! And if I need to apologize again, I will!

    And I still can’t find chatbox. Above Post categories — nothing!

  13. Anonymous

    Thanks for the love. Bye bye.

    Have fun with your smutty little chatbox too. It seems Wentworth isn’t worthy of any respect according to his so called “fans”.

    So sad.

  14. Anonymous

    It’s too late soiled undies I saw your message. And I am leaving, don’t worry.

  15. Wet For Went

    anon, I deleted those comments, not her b/c no one has the power to tell anyone to leave here BUT me. She apologized. You don’t have to go but if you do, that’s up to you. Fuck, people it’s Christmas. Stop this madness!

  16. soiled undies

    Thank God! Bye! *waving*

  17. Anonymous

    I can apologize again. Or you, WFW, can just show my apology. I don’t realy know what else too say.

  18. soiled undies

    Yes I’m truly sorry for disrespecting you WFW. I will now do penance (and try to regain my good mood) by singing along to your Wentmas song. Hope I’m forgiven.

  19. Anonymous

    I’m just wondering WFW, when you sang that oh so beautiful song of yours, were you home alone??I couldn’t possibly be singing that song with three other family members in my house so …??

  20. Anonymous

    oops sorry, that was me Julie!

  21. Wet For Went

    Krissie and su, I was never mad at either of you in the first place just don’t go running away readers and Went fans cuz that isn’t cool. I love you all and I don’t want anyone to feel like they can’t come back here again especially based on anything someone other than me said. Krissie, I took care of that for you and su some of your comment got clipped in the process (only the part that pertained to Krissie’s). I do not want to be in the business of deleting anything other than spam here people so PLEASE play nice with others and keep the porn level on soft porn, for me?

    LOL, Julie I live alone so yes I was all by myself. 🙂 Now really people I have to go! Be good.

  22. soiled undies

    Done and done. Soft porn only got it. I’m glad you deleted those comments. They were not me. Too mean. I was angry.

    Now go to your mommas and eat! The food is getting cold. I’ll behave myself – promise.

    krissie: the chatbox is under WFW’s biography (does that help?) It’s this blue and white alternating section piece thingies with writing. Got it?

  23. Anonymous

    At first I couldn’t even see it. Now I can. But I can’t write anything there… Must be my stupid computer. And we are soooo off topic again that I’m shutting my fucking mouth!

  24. soiled undies

    krissie: Calm down hun!
    I also struggled at first (still am it’s a little tricky). Just type your name in, then your message and click on go. You can save a password when you click on profile but make sure you’re always logged in if you want to comment. And hey presto! It’ll work

  25. Anonymous

    The little square above your posts? It’s empty to me. I can’t type in it. But I can read what you say. Probably it’s for the best. Don’t want people to go all “Salem” on me again!

  26. notthedoctor

    on a light note, i put the 12 days of Wentmas in my ipod AND my cellphone! and it plays whenever i get a text message so it keeps playing and playing and playing until i check my message. No More checking now!
    WfW i love what you did in you tube, now i have to favorite it and rate it and comment it, so much work but so worth it, you rock!
    and regarding the CommentGate, i have to say that i come here as much for the blog as the comments, well, more for the Blog itself and our favorite blogger WetForWent really! but still i love the people here… THAT and the fact that we can say FUCK and WENTWORTH in the same sentence hee hee!
    anyway, i think everybody should just shill out and have fun and lust The Pretty… that’s all folks.

  27. soiled undies

    krissie: *shrug* Maybe it’ll work tomorrow?

    notthedoctor: Nicely put!

    Now Night all! (or in my case Good Morning!)

  28. Anonymous

    WFW….thank you so much for posting your song on youtube, you have made me very happy.


  29. Stacy

    Holy shit, I’m gone for a couple of days and all hell breaks loose. **runs off to read the previous posts comments to see what the fuck is up**. Anyway, thank you for the 12 Days of Wentmas. It was fabulous! And, once again, I feel special that my Wenty Winter Wonderland Wallpaper made the final cut. Merry Wentmas and Happy ho-ho

  30. Wet For Went

    LOL, Krissie, don’t freak out. I introduced the freaking chat box IN THIS POST so it is of course on topic. OK I feel like a mod or something. I’m not censoring you, just trying to keep the post comments related to the post and keep y’all from going overboard. That’s it and although I mentioned you in the post (and it was playfully I assure you) it wasn’t just you so don’t take all of the burden.

    su, buttercup noticed the yay first, lol, she was the only one that got that. You have ruined me with me saying that shit all the time now.

    No problem jailbird, lol, it took a lot longer than I expected but it turned out OK so it’s all good. The funniest thing is when it gets to the end and the “This has been a Wet For Went Drunk Production” pic comes up right after I say “Aw Shit.” That was not planned, it just worked out that way. All of the timing was random b/c I had enough of a time finding the right amount of pics and getting the timing right (at first it cut off the “and stuff” at the end and I couldn’t have that), then the gifs weren’t looking right so I had to replace them with other pics and it actually isn’t the same as the still picture posts but…wait was there a point to this? Oh yeah, it was fun.

    Stacy, I had forgotten to shout you out about the wallpaper b/c I hadn’t planned on using that until the New Years Post, but thank you once again. It came in handy! I’ll be using it again this week.

  31. Anonymous

    All: Oh My goodness..what can I say other than I am so SO sorry. Certainly no disrespect meant to anyone least of all poor Wents 😦 I think I’ll just crawl back into my box now..

  32. Anonymous

    Awww, you ladies are REALLY crushing on Went! It’s SO cute!

  33. Anonymous

    your hard work is much appreciated WFW, I tried to search for it on youtube yesterday but had no luck…any clues WFW??

    Your right, the stills on your blog make more sense but I still enjoyed what you did with youtube.

    The best part is when you go get all high pitched for the 5 wet-blue-steeeeeels….and then you shout the 4 BUTT-SHOTS really loudly.
    It’s priceless!!…I’m still laughing about it and Christmas is over …WFW it’s the gift that keeps on giving.


  34. Anonymous

    I love the rythm of Wents a-layings-sittings-walkings-posings. And how you get sick of it at the 5th day… but suddenly cheer up at the 12th! lmao

  35. Wet For Went

    notthedoctor, and you still CAN say FUCK and WENT in the same sentence. Nothing has changed and you are cracking me up. You really downladed it to your iPod? LMAO That is hilarious.

    LOL yeah Inspector you weren’t around to get your spanking yesterday but all is forgiven.

    anon 8:59, well OF COURSE we are! Love him! Love love love!

    LMAO jailbird and Krissie. I blame the gin and juice. Went’s name wasn’t in the title. I updated it but you’re right unless you come from the site or just know my YouTube channel it is not easy to find. I don’t think it’s indexed yet b/c if I look under my own username I only see 8 videos not 9. I’m sure it’ll circulate better soon.

  36. mink

    Damn it all! Haven’t been around for a couple of days what with the whole ‘Christmas’ thing and the excitement at Church and I missed all the drama! (Apparently, the occasional bit of drama on the web is unavoidable, as we’ve learnt at Church. [Hence why we now ‘rule with a rod of iron’ *sigh*])

    Anyhow, why I’m actually posting is to say…Damn, WFW! You have a very sexy voice, babe! In fact, I can’t quite believe no one commented on this already (and if they did, sorry, I didn’t see it); both a sexy speaking voice and not a bad set of pipes for the old singing gag either. Pretty impressive. And of course hilarious (natch). My cheeks were aching with laughter by the end of the song, and a particular guffaw was elicited with your (somewhat frustrated) “Fuck! This song is long!” in the middle there. LMAO! So I now realise that the voice which says, “You are visiting Wet For Went…” is you. Duh! Didn’t think about that before – but, of course! As I’ve said before, if I weren’t already head over heels body and soul for Went, you’d be in trouble, girl, I have to tell ya! LOL.

  37. Wet For Went

    LOL mink it was pandemonium! I was late for X-mas dinner (although it turns out there was a family plate making rotation going on so no actual complete family sit down dinner was had so no need to feel bad)!

    Awww, thanks! I was half drunk for that song and I didn’t realize until I listened to it again that by 5 I was already tired of singing it, LOL. How could you not know that was me on the blog greeting? Who else would it be? LMAO, that is funny. You’d be in trouble too girly if you lived here and apparently so would the person I was chatting with at 4 this morning as I re-read my comment after I saw a pic and that was defintiely flirting. No shame whatsoever with me I tell you. Went better hurry up and get at me already or I am going to be taken by the time he shows up!

  38. lita

    HAHAHA Greatest YouTube vid that ever lived! It really made me laugh. Thank you for bringing us the 12 days of Wentmas. Lmao And you should really think about being one of those voices for movie commercials… you know… those movie commercials…

  39. am y

    GreAt SinGing!!


    can’t get enough of wentworth and thank you wfw.

  40. Anonymous

    WFW ….I’ve read the comments above and you see there are many people who enjoyed you song. Do you realize that your international now.


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