Today in People I Hate

Hey you in the apron! It’s Christmas Day in The U.S. and what do I wake up to? Rain…Rain and you hugged up on Wentworth Miller. Where is your other hand you whipped cream frothing floosie? Huh? On his ass? And don’t think I didn’t notice that severe lean in of the face…trying to feel the material on his jacket…and smell him. You’re not slick, not at all. Went at Starbucks? Yeah there’s a shocker. He LIVES at Starbucks. *goes into a jealous rage* Merry Fucking Christmas Starbucks girl…*mumbling* Of all the Starbucks in all of Melbourne he had to pick yours…


source by way of Baaca from The Church


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13 responses to “Today in People I Hate

  1. Anonymous

    She’s never washing that apron again.

    That’s all I can say right now, just tooo jealous…

  2. soiled undies

    Went! Are you unzipped?! What a pleasant surprise!

    Just in time for Wentmas.

  3. Wet For Went

    LOL anon 1:20. I’d seal it in some plastic to keep in the smell.

    su, you know I thought that too right? LOL Just his shirt hanging down though. *sigh*

  4. babe1973

    What a cutie….But I though it was summer is Australia??? Why is he wearing a jacket? That girl is so fucking lucky. I hate her.With love. Lol.

  5. Anonymous

    WFW, I’m laughing my ass off, how come you’re always so quick with the words(I actually don’t know how long you took to write that post, but … ya know what I mean!)?

    I’m hating this girl all along with you …

    But why, in the name of God, did he have to wear a fucking Michelin jacket?Just so we couldn’t see his perfectly shaped body?Why do you torment us so much Went? ???WHY???


  6. notthedoctor

    i stay away from the internet for 48 hours and what do i find?
    Jealousy has became my middle name!
    Our Pretty looks so beautiful in that pic, doesn’t He?
    i guess the girls are going to squat all the starbucks of Melbourne now, go girls! and get us lots of pics, with zoom on his pretty eyes too!
    that girl is so lucky.

  7. Anonymous

    You really know where the “funny” is WFW.



  8. Stacy

    I had never really considered “coffee girl” as a career option, however, with the recent rash of Went + Starbucksgirlofthemoment I’m seriously reconsidering my options. Law vs Starbucks? Decisions, decisions. If for one moment I thought there was even a remote chance he’d show up in my neck of the woods, I so would be filling out my application. Oh to be a frothy little caffienated drink for just a day..

  9. Stacy

    Ooops. PS: I hate you Starbucks girl. You have replaced Cake Woman.

  10. Anonymous

    babe1973, just thought i’d let you know it’s been unseasonably fricken freezing here this xmas…hence the jacket..

  11. Anonymous

    He’s SO tall! What a great change from the 5’6 actors who look much taller on the big screen because they do all of their scenes on circus stilts.

    Loving you, Went, loving you!

    WFW – Thanks for being quick-on-the-draw with these Aussie sightings. You’re the best!

  12. Anonymous

    I just read her write-up…how sweet! As I was reading her words, I could totally relate to what she was feeling. Man, oh, man…I just hope that if I ever see Went, I can hold it together long enough to have the presence of mind to get two autographs and a picture with him. He has cool handwriting…I’m Filipino, we’re into that sort of thing. 😉

  13. Wet For Went

    Julie *smiling* I want to see him out of that jacket too!

    LOLStacy…Cake Woman…

    anon 9:08, I’m trying my best to get them up as I see them!

    anon 9:39, His handwriting is cute, like everything else about him.

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