Today in People I Hate…

Or do I love you? I can’t decide. On the one hand, Went is touching you which clearly makes you my enemy but on the other, how can ANYONE not love that face? So let’s talk about that for a second. What foundation do you use to get that perfect shade of yellow? It’s fantastic! I’ve never seen a face so yellow! Second, I don’t know how I find you so incredibly adorable when you clearly have no teeth. How do you eat? I bet you give great head. Hey, Just where in the hell are your pupils young lady? How many fingers am I holding up? And your hair…It’s like it grows BEHIND your face. Is that an optical illusion? Seriously, you should be in the circus or something because I am almost more fascinated with your face than Wents’. Oh well, Went is touching you, so I must plot your demise but it’s really hard to hate someone who looks that damn happy.

Congratulations Smiley Face Girl!

source by way of Geniass and PrimulaBlue of The Church


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29 responses to “Today in People I Hate…

  1. Anonymous

    my god he’s not going to be able to go ANYWHERE here without being stopped for a pic..

  2. mbnd

    that could have been me i only the husband had purchased the damn ticket for x-mas.
    Wishin I was her.

  3. Wet For Went

    Well everyone KNOWS he’ll be at Starbucks, so yeah, there will always be someone waiting for him there. Oh to meet him…*sigh* He’s so sweet. Did you read the last fan encounter? He went back into the Starbucks to get the pen from the fan so he could sign autographs for the people outside. I. love. that. man.

  4. Anonymous

    are you serious? he’s killing me with the manners..

  5. Anonymous

    aarrrrhhh!!!! not another one…. like let’s just save our time and nerves, gather up ALL Went’s fans/all women in Australia, take a nice group photo with The Hotness in the middle and everyone will be happy. at least I wouldn’t have to wake up every morning to this… I know it’s not nice to be so jealous. But I’m only human!!!!

  6. Anonymous

    I’m not even jealous anymore. I’m beyond that. This is the point of deep despair for living in a God-forsaken country without a single Starbucks. Went wouldn’t be caught dead here. col

    And I’m actually grateful because this girl told us about his early morning scent (ahh, new material for my wentasies…) and him being so polite with the guy who barely knew who he was.

    There is perfection.And then there is Wentworth Miller.

  7. Anonymous

    Same anon here. Krissie… You just made me realize- NO STARBUCKS WHERE I LIVE EITHER!!! I’m just gonna open my own. Name it Starbucks- Wentworth special. or sth like that… fuck why do I live in such abandoned place?????????

  8. Anonymous

    No Reese’s Buttercups either… (or however that word is spelled). We’ve got nothing to offer.

    I live through these lucky girls.

  9. Anonymous

    It’s the middle of Summer in Australia, so what the hell’s the matter with Went he keep wearing a his winter outfit. I think he’s lying…..he’s hiding in Montana or somewhere in the States. OR just wants to draw attention to himself and the 1 outfit he packed in his backpack.


  10. Anonymous

    I hope he’s having a blast…from that glazed over look on his face, I bet he is! 🙂

    Smiley face girl – you have EVERY reason to smile from ear to ear, er wait, you don’t have ears. 🙂

  11. Wet For Went

    LMAO @ anon 4:48. So much excitement AFTER he leaves the country. Why isn’t everyday like this? Oh b/c I’d get fired from my job that’s why! LOL

    Krissie, Looks like he can not LIVE without that Starbucks drink so No Starbucks, No Went. Sorry.

    LOL anon 8:48, buttercup says it is unseasonably cold right now so he is dressed appropriately I believe and actually, I have become used to seeing certain pieces of clothing and I don’t know what I’d do if I saw something new.

    anon 8:49, yeah he does have that “It’s really early in the morning and I haven’t had my coffee” look but it could also be an “I’m really drunk” look but the girl in the pic said she tried to sharpen it so that may be why he looks like that. LMAO she doesn’t have ears. Did I forget that one?

  12. notthedoctor

    oh MY!! me love some just-out-of-bed look on The Pretty, he’s so yummy.
    Lucky bitch. 🙂
    Those Aussie girls are very efficient, everyday we get a new picture of our Wenty!
    Thank you for sharing.

  13. Anonymous

    WFW: “Krissie, Looks like he can not LIVE without that Starbucks drink so No Starbucks, No Went. Sorry.”

    A razor blade, anyone?

  14. Anonymous

    I’ve got a better idea than a razor blade, Krissie. You can just put a fake Starbucks sign on your door, so whenever HE’s visiting your country, he’ll come to you, as it is the ONLY Starbucks in the whole country. At least that’s what I’m doing, here in freakin ESTONIA.

  15. Anonymous

    I swear, last post:
    ESTONIA is no worse that fucking no good middle of nowhere CROATIA!

    But I’ll sure give it a try! Thanks! lmao

  16. babe1973

    I live 5 minutes from Geneva, Switzerland. We have 3 Starbucks here. Wentworth, you can come here. Lol.

  17. Anonymous

    he still look sleepy. his eyes kinda puffy but still HOT!

  18. Anonymous

    Good Lord. I can’t believe this. If Starbucks is his taste, then I predict he’ll be in Ohio next because we have one every three feet.

  19. Marleen

    Went is mine!
    Why don’t we have a Starbucks in this stuppid little country called The Netherlands?
    I should move to the USA.
    I want Went!

  20. Anonymous

    There is new picture of Went, check this out:

    people you are all so lucky !!! -))


  21. Anonymous

    More details on the picture above:

    Wentworth Miller is fulfilling one girl’s dream after another down in Australia. The most recent sighting of Went was today as he was catching an Aussie lunch with a few friends at restaurant Pancakes on the Rocks in Sydney. Here’s lucky Went fan Natalie’s account of the story:


    He’s soo nice! I met him at Pancakes on the Rocks (it’s a restaurant) in Sydney. He was waiting for his meal and my friends and I approached him and just asked. =) He’s the NICEST guy! I love him.

    He was dining in with another man and woman. Or maybe two men and a woman? I don’t remember, sorry! I was too busy staring at him. It was approx. 12.30pm, for lunch.


  22. babe1973

    This is driving me crazy. My jealousy can’t take all these people who meet him every single day. AAHHHHHH. Ok I am calming down…..
    All those women touching our man. This is unacceptable…Lol.

  23. Anonymous

    babe1973: I know !-)) and did you see all the other pictures from the boat cruise and the article from boxergirl ? -))
    oh well, this will never happen out here…damn it

  24. mbnd

    WfW Newsflash more sighting’s & pic of our wentman in Australia check out just jared WOW WOW WOW & my fellow went fans check hi out for some eye magic

  25. Anonymous

    anon 7.26..where can i find the boxergirl article and pics? ta 🙂

  26. mbnd

    i ment *him* out I just get all flustered talking & typing about him

  27. Anonymous

    Lenka, where are you from? sory for ask you. becouse of your name. i thik i’m from same country.

  28. Anonymous

    anon 10:32
    Ive already mentioned it somewhere here…from Czech republic

    frustrating, cuz its soooo faaar away from all those lucky ladies meeting Went -((((

  29. Anonymous

    …jo tak to souhlasím, a to si některé slečny tady myslí že jsou ze zapadákova, no až na tu z litvy, chudák.
    Docela mě překvapilo když jsem narazila na tvé jméno! marký

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