Happy New Year!

Went has left the land of Kangaroos and Boobs and should be safely back in the land of Plastic People. I for one am depressed at the prospect of no more daily Went updates, no more fans to hate on, and no more excitement. *sigh* So I’m going to drink myself into a stupor this weekend and I won’t be posting (unless something exciting happens). That makes this the last time we’ll “see” each other until 2007. While I’m away, feel free to chat it up in the chat box amongst yourselves (I might pop in) AND what could prove to be REALLY fun if you actually do it, leave Wentworth Miller a Happy New Year voicemail message, preferably drunk, but sober works too. If you’d like to leave one, go on over to my ImageShack profile and talk away. If for some reason it doesn’t work in your browser then that means you must not be using Firefox. Download fucking Firefox and you won’t have those problems. I’m not going to tell you that again. I’ve tried out the leave a message feature and it works fine. You can delete the message and start again if you screw up and you can also play it back so you can hear what it sounds like before you send it. Make sure you say who you are and where you’re from in the message somewhere or if you want to remain anonymous, you can do that too. Maybe I’ll even do one. I will listen to them and post some, if not all of them, next week. We can send our love out into cyberspace and maybe it will find its way to Went.

Oh and Went, You know what would really make a girl happy? A voicemail from you. I didn’t get anything from you for Christmas so consider this my belated present.

Happy New Year Wentworth, you beautiful man and Happy New Year to all of you! See you in 2007!

Awww Stacy! Now I feel better. This makes 2 of Stacy’s pics on this post! Thank you! *sniff*


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10 responses to “Happy New Year!

  1. Anonymous

    HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR, WFW!!! Or should I say a Wenty new year..? Well it’s the same anyway. Thanks for making these last few months of 2006 so enjoyable for me:)

  2. babe1973

    WFW I really wish you great new year. Thank you for all the fun you gave us these months on your blog. I am looking for the same fun in 2007. Take care.

  3. Krissie

    WFW, you have made these last few months memorable!
    Thank you for the updates, thank you for the funny, thank you for the dirty, thank you for the LMAO, thank you for the 12DoW (really, thank you for that, pictures and singing and especially granting my b-day wish!), thank you for the love and above all, THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU!

    *raises a glass of ~insert drink of choice~* Here’s to year 2007! May it be the year of Wentworth Miller in every possible way: Wentasies and Wentcounters, Prison Break and movies (please, God, let us have some Went-movies…mmm, big-screen Mini-Went… err, where was I?), WFW’s daily reading-candy on OLP (because laughing can only do us good!)and to wrap this up, Went being nominated for as many awards as possible so we get to see him wearing a tux ALL THE TIME!

    WFW and fellow WFW-addicts, I wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  4. dawn

    WFW, I love coming to this blog. You’re just incredible. And the people that comment here are awesome. And when you said that maybe Went would leave you a voicemail I couldnt help but imagine it. Just the realization that it was him would be so striking, because no one sounds like he does. Talking to you. Telling you Happy New Year in that low, gentle, strong voice that makes it so easy to imagine his warm breath against your neck. With that inflection that makes you know he’s telling you so much more then just Happy New Year…Ummm…yeah. I’m going to stop myself there. Happy New Year WFW and everyone.

  5. Wet For Went

    You too anon 5:29! Have a Wenty New Year and you’re welcome! 🙂

    babe1973, back atcha babe. The fun is going to depend on Went. Wentworth I need more material…

    Krissie, Happy New Year and nicely said. Went, we want a movie next year.

    Again dawn there you go with the visualizations…fucking brilliant. You know when I talk to Went it’s my way of speaking things into existence. One day my Prince will come. I love having you here. Happy New Year!

  6. Anonymous

    Okay, I am gonna make this short, since WFW, you’re the one who deserves every compliment!I said this like a gazillion times, and I’m gonna say it again(if you don’t mind.)You ROCK!
    Dawn, I have to say, you out-mastered yourself this time … I was almost spiraling down with your little mental-abuse you tried on us there! 😉
    Very nice picturing it, I might add!You should all try!

    Okay fuck this is getting too long!
    So I wish you all a WENTWORTHY (what other word to use??) new year and lots of happiness in the years to follow!

    Kisses, Julie

  7. mbnd

    May your blog in the year 2007 feature one of us in the people we love to hate
    just don’t black box us
    may our chat pals have a great ending of 2006 & 2007 bring us all that we have planned

  8. Anonymous

    Have a rockin’ 2007 everyone, and Went, BE GOOD! 🙂

  9. notthedoctor

    WFW, commenters, wfw readers, and fellow chatters Have a very Happy New Year!
    WfW thank you for every Went candy you brought us, for we seem to have a sweet tooth just like Him. And may you bring us more next year, for 2007 will be Wentyful!

    PS: Amen Sister mbnd 🙂 May 2007 bring us all we have PLANned!

  10. Anonymous

    How-fun these last couple of months have been with you WFW…I love your taste in men. I thought I was gonna die when PB got yanked off the air…but visiting you has helped me not to miss PB…thanks for the daily fix.
    Love ya

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