Wentworth Miller: The Only Way to Start your Year off Right

Went. Is. The. Hotness.

Awesome fucking close up of The Perfect One thanks to boxergirl of The Church yet again and edited by brookeonline. In the original pic he had red pupils and it made me think: This must be what DrunkWent looks like!

And then we have another couch pic edited by mink where Went looks even MORE pleased with boob overload. Observe:

So cute. Then of course there are these pics, posted by lydia at The Church, of a photoshoot in Australia of Went using the most awful background I’ve ever seen…WTF is wrong with you picture taking people? I have named this group: Neon Madness.

Worst background ever? Pretty close but he still manages to look hot and Oh my GOD and just LOOK at the hotness below:

Big thanks to Krissie for calling my attention to this one and huge thanks to Tulipa for posting. SO SEXY!

And now even more Aussie hotness courtesy of Krissie‘s lovely reposting from WMO.

*Secretly crying out Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi! under my breath and disavowing all allegiance to America due to no pap pics of Went re-entering the country…no good fucking paps…*

I’m fucking sick (which is different than being plain old sick thus the use of the word, fucking) and I won’t be around much so savor this post b/c it may be the only one for a few days. It all depends on how I feel.

Alright now everybody back to bed. Happy New Year!


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16 responses to “Wentworth Miller: The Only Way to Start your Year off Right

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks WFW!!
    He is gorgeous in close-up!
    And that Red shirt!!Driving me insane (in a very good way ofcourse!)
    I’m not gonna hold you up any longer, you get some rest!!!
    Thanks again!I love you!!!(not being lesbian and all!! haha!)


  2. Anonymous

    I’ll come back with a proper comment but for now…
    ¤_¤ ¤_¤ ¤_¤ ¤_¤ ¤_¤

  3. Stacey

    Happy 2007 full of wentworth!! Love the pics, minus the backgrounds he still looks exceptionally hot! Hope everyone is feeling better than I am, 7:30pm just got out of bed! Thanks again WFW you’ve made my hangover feel better!!!!

  4. ErinMarie79

    I’m stepping out of the church! It’s my first time posting here. Normally I just lurk and giggle my ass off. I do have some mad love for your blog though WFW. I can’t get over how good Went looks close up. I don’t know how boxergirl managed to keep her undies from melting off her whilst peering into those blue/hazel/green orbs!

  5. Anonymous

    Happy New Year Wet for Went!
    Hope you stay wet for our most handsome hunk on the screen!
    Purring cat from purringcat.vox.com

  6. dawn

    First of all thank you for posting these pics WFW. Ok, the close-up is absolutely amazing. His lips. His eyes. His skin. The stubble. The little smirk. Just that face. No. Words. And that pic with the white shirt draping across his chest and his adorabley intense serious look? Just…pure Wentworthy hotness. As for the ones with the funky backgrounds…I second you WFW, wtf? Were they taking part in the experiement of just how hot is Wentworth? Because I cant believe he managed to pull off being sexy with those awful backgrounds. But he did. He’s amazing.

  7. krissie

    That shirt in the window-picture is trying to tear itself off so hard… The poor button is barely holding it together!
    Damn photographer should have waited for a second or two…
    (Although, Shirt, why are you trying to get yourself off his body???)

  8. Stacy

    You know, I think I have one of my grade school pics (circa 5th grade/1991) with that multi-color neon backdrop lol. But, that window photo more than compensates for the neon madness. Instead of bringing sexy back, he’s trying to bring neon back. Please noooooooo!!!!

  9. Belgian

    No help to be found here, I know, but maybe somewhere out there there is a Wentaholic Anonymous group? The first step would be to ban all smirky close-ups, because those make your pants fall off magically despite of all the willpower.

  10. Anonymous

    Wow, I didn’t even expect any posts such a short time after new year’s but these pics are great!!!! The background screaming behind him is awful of course, but I really don’t care, can’t take my eyes off of Went anyway. The photographer must have been female and completely out of her mind because of the model:D
    Anyway, THANK YOU again!

    And belgian, well I think I am an anonymous (check the name) wentaholic but I’m not so sure I want to quit my addiction. I’m afraid it’s like a drug addiction to me. If I don’t get it I’ll be sick and all…

  11. redlightmind

    Orange? Looks like he’s trapped IN a Jamba Juice!

  12. mama bear

    he’s so beautiful…sigh.

  13. Anonymous

    HOLY-SHIT!! that’s the worst background. Was the photographer high??? ASSHOLE!!! tried to spoil my Wenty’s good looks.


  14. lita

    I too agree that the backgrounds were amazingly ugly … and I TOO am upset at the lack of photos featuring Wentworth Miller re-entering America. Those Aussies really got down to snapping photos, didn’t they? The first close up is nice.

  15. cocot13

    oh my GOD look at him he is perfect and look at his skin I mean he has no pores WTF I know their are hand fetish and feet fetish but what about skin fetish because I may be a member or have to start my own group

  16. Anonymous

    how does he manage to look shy and reserved (hands are a dead giveaway in the Sydney shots..)and yet quietly confident? so very confused….

    belgian..thank you for revealing some info..i’ve been lurking :p

    cocot13..i hear you but seriously..his hands..MY.GOD. they make me shiver just looking at them! the length of those fingers…

    WFW..kisses and hugs for you. hoping you feel better soon…gotta get back to zooming and crossing ankles girl xxxB

    happy new year everyone! mwah!

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