Fall into Went’s Lap

The man who was born to model is now modeling for the store that sells his favorite jeans: The Gap. Thanks to geniass for the heads up and our very own Patty for our first sneak peek at the new campaign and I can’t forget iotlp who saved me from having to think of a title for this post myself, LOL, I could not have done any better than that. Finally, the world can see him in his beige, in life size form and marvel at the wonder that is Wentworth Miller. God he’s beautiful…Get thee to the malls and get me more pictures of sexy Wentworth Miller. Make haste! Is this the only one? We’ll be playing “Where’s Went,” through this whole campaign. Think not what your blog can do for you but what you can do for your blog…I’d go too except I’m still bedridden for the next day or so. God he’s hot…

AHHHHHHHHH! tellyfan got another one!


and Ooooooooo an even better shot of the first pose…Thanks Krissie and Jo

Houston we have arms…beautiful arms! And the hint of a lap? What’s that Santa? Oh yes I’ve been a very naughty girl…A spanking? Yes, I deserve it…Wentworth Miller is a walking orgasm.


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38 responses to “Fall into Went’s Lap

  1. Anonymous

    LOL, from the picture you can really get the idea that Wentworth Miller is for sale.

  2. trish_lx

    OMG, he’s just sooooooooo HOT and now he’s for sale! 🙂

    Anyway, I just got back from holidays and I was catching up on all the news. I really missed coming to this blog everyday and laughing my ass off with you, WFW! You make my work days pass much easier!

    I wish you a happy new year and a fast recovery.


  3. mink

    I know you are sick, sweetheart, but I cannot hold back a giggle that you still managed to crawl from your sickbed to post this. Still, I understand. How fucking gorgeous is this pic? I would put money on it that not many of these posters are going to end up in the trash, I just hope that no violence breaks out in Gap stores between *ahem* admirers intent on getting said posters for their wall! LOL

  4. mink

    Oh, and “The man who was born to model…” LMAO! *sigh* Wasn’t he just? If ever someone was created to be looked at… *further sigh*

  5. Wet For Went

    If only anon 5:47. I’d love to see the price tag on that. Worth a million bucks that one if not more.

    trish_lx, We missed you too and thanks for the well wishes. I think the fever is gone now but I’m getting warm again. May need to see a Dr.

    mink, LOL. It finally occurred to me last night to turn on my laptop (duh) and bring it to bed so now all I have to do is roll over, read a bit, and pass back out but this obsession has passed all known sanity limits when I am posting sick cuz I don’t do SHIT when I’m sick. I would however crawl out of bed and be at a Gap this very morning if one of those posters could fit in my little ass studio but alas, nowhere to put it so I will leave that alone. Wentworth Miller is a walking work of art. I could look at that man forever.

  6. krissie

    For a Princeton graduate he sure does model well.
    So I’ll just sit back, relax and enjoy his future career choices…

  7. Anonymous

    Went’s lap… Even paradise doesn’t sound that tempting.

  8. Anonymous

    He really is made for modelling!Do you think his parents know??

    Oh how I would love to live in the fucking U.S.A right now!No Gap Stores here, and it will eventually destroy me!!Fuck it!!

    Thanks WFW and all the ones you credited!!Get your asses to Gap and just click that camera’s button, people!


  9. Mama Bear

    Sorry to hear that you’re sick, WFW. Get lots of rest, drink lots of fluids, yadda, yadda, yadda. 🙂

    You say that you can’t fit one of those mongo Gap posters in your studio, but you’re forgetting your ceiling. You could have a veritable WentSistine Chapel! 🙂

    Thanks again for posting this news. I wonder if Went wears those Banana Republic fragrances…mmmmm. He is so gorgeous!

  10. Anonymous


  11. krissie


  12. trish_lx

    Oh… No GAP here in Portugal either, Julie… (sigh).
    We just have to wait for other obsessed fans to take lots of pictures. Maybe GAP will post him on the website too. That would be lovely.
    He’s just the cutest thing ever. I just listened to the interview in the australian radio. His voice just makes me melt…

  13. notthedoctor

    DESTROYED??!!! over my dead body!
    Tomorrow morning i’ll check the Gap stores we have here. I pray Went their beige campaign has reached Paris.

  14. lita

    It was bound to happen sometime. Hes officially a star, a well known celeb, hes ‘made it’.

  15. Wet For Went

    Ah but will there be commercials? THAT would be spectacular…

  16. Belgian

    We want the Gap, we want the Gap, we want the Gap, we want the Gap…

  17. belgian

    And what is that ‘clean and simple’? I want Webt dirty and …, well, nothing else, really.

  18. belgian

    WeNt… brain cells melting here:)

  19. Wet For Went


  20. Anonymous

    *mouth fell open. won’t be able to speak for a while. must stare at the picture*

  21. trish_lx

    the new picture is great!!!

    I am praying for commercials as well.

    belgian, my friend, you are so right: we want him really really hot and messed and dirty. grrrrrr….

  22. Anonymous

    Well great commercial trick indeed, I’d buy any kind of shit that Went is modelling for…

    And do I hate my country or yes??? First, no Starbucks and now no Gap either. ARRGGGHHHHHH

  23. linds

    He is the most Gorgeous man alive. Happy New Year, WFW!!

  24. krissie

    Anon 1.46, I so understand your pain! Same here!
    And I’d buy air if he was selling it.
    Bottle it up and bring it on!
    Clean & simple!

  25. dawn

    All of the pics are gorgeous. But that last photo…Even the words ‘clean and simple’…its some advertising ploy, because like belgian said, she wants Went dirty. And its like even though they went for this very clean, soft lit image, all it makes you think about is …dirty Went thoughts. The people who set the shot and concept knew exactly what they were doing to us. They were probaby doing it to themselves too. Sublime torture or something. I dunno, don’t mind me, I’m a puddle on the floor right now. (WFW I hope so much that you feel better soon.)

  26. redlightmind

    He can fall into my gap!

    Feel better WFW!!!

  27. Wet For Went

    mama bear, I’m trying and that Went Sistine Chapel idea is a good one!

    trish_lx, I checked the website first! No Went there yet but that would be ideal for you folks that can’t see him in stores. I will make the pilgrimage this weekend to see the holy posters. Mmmm, Giant Went….

    Oh yes belgian, we want him dirty…very dirty…

    Happy New Year linds!

    And I’d buy air if he was selling it. Krissie, I think that just about sums it up.

    Thanks for the well wishes dawn and THIS was a photoshoot. He is so beautiful that I’m tired of stating the obvious but I just can’t stop.

    And…we have a favorite comment. LMAO redlightmind and thanks!

  28. Anonymous

    Let’s buy him! I’d like to gaze at him every morning when I wake up, instead of rushing to work!!!
    Actually it’s not very realistic, as I heard him say he had to get up at 2!
    But never mind! Let’s fantasize!!!

  29. Anonymous


    I might have to resuscitate and channel my adolescent talent for nicking road signs into discretely pilfering one of those posters. Life size, huh? Might be tricky.

    Oh, and I hope you feel better WFW! A positively disgusting but very effective cure for damn near anything: hot honey lemon water with crushed garlic (2 cloves per 8oz of water). It’s pretty … interesting. But if you pretend that Dr. Went (a la Underworld) is “administering” your cure, I’m sure it will go down easier. 😉

    Be well!

    And … um … keep posting. 😀

  30. Anonymous

    You know what this calls for… another WFW fake episode of prison break

  31. krissie

    Oh, the arms…
    Oh, the veins…
    “Get your hands off me!” is a sentence
    he’d never hear from me!

  32. Gunn

    OMG LMAO Cant breathe.. Your the best!

  33. Boxergirl

    Forearm whores the world over rejoice at the sight of the GAP ad’s…

  34. soiled undies


    This man is so pretty, give him a MEDAL already!

    I’d buy ANYTHING with his face on it! ANYTHING!

    BTW, I’ve just become a forearm whore and I am NOT ashamed!

  35. babe1973

    GAP is lucky I am not an employee, I would be drooling so much, the floor would be soaking wet. LOL.

    *looking at the Pretty with my mouth open and drooling*

  36. guinevere79

    No Gap here either. Will these ads be in any magazines? Please please tell me which magazines… I’ll have to settle for those instead.

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