More Modeling for Wentworth Miller?

A local fashion brand is reportedly eyeing Wentworth Miller, an American actor who fast became the heartthrob of young Korean audiences with his performance in “Prison Break,” the smash-hit TV series out of the United States.

Popular casual fashion retailer, Bean Pole Jeans, told the Korea Herald that it is trying to hire the young actor as the brand’s next model but the plan is still under consideration.

“He is one of the candidates. We, (Miller’s agency and Bean Pole Jeans) have just exchanged emails so far,” said an official of the company.

Although the company hesitated to comment in detail on how far negotiations had progressed, their signing of famous movie actress Gwyneth Paltrow to its list of models last year along with Daniel Henney, one of the hottest Korean-American actors, makes the possibility appear likely Bean Pole will close a deal with the “Prison Break” star.

Miller, 34, has recently gained popularity among young Korean audiences who feel more open to foreign culture and who have free access to the internet to fulfill their soaring curiosity of the celebrity and his personal life.

“I loved to watch the TV drama and the character played by Miller. He really did well representing the character who tries to save his family and friends by risking his own life. Although I am waiting for the next episodes of the TV drama, I feel very interested in getting to know the person even through collecting information on the internet,” an internet user said.

Miller plays Michael Scofield in the Fox Network’s television series “Prison Break” which has become an international hit. The English-born American actor fascinated both domestic and international audiences with his role, a fine-spirited engineering genius who attempts to break out of prison with his brother, who is sentenced a death penalty. His brother, Lincoln Burrows, is played by Australian actor Dominic Purcell.

Miller appeared in “The Human Stain (2003)” playing the younger version of Anthony Hopkins’ character.

Miller received a 2005 Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor in a Dramatic Series. The first season of the show aired last year through Catch One, a local cable TV channel. Fox has not yet confirmed the release date for the much anticipated “Prison Break 2.”

Oh PLEASE let him say yes. I haven’t even been to The Gap yet to see his new ad and already there’s talk of him modeling jeans? He looks hot in jeans and we may get some GBS in those ads. Mmmmm, wouldn’t THAT be lovely? G….B….S…I don’t care what you’re selling: With Wentworth Miller as your model, you can’t go wrong.



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13 responses to “More Modeling for Wentworth Miller?

  1. Anonymous

    Hopefully the GAP will give him some new fucking clothes…I’m tired of seeing him in the same shit everyday. He so-handsom and has the worst taste in clothes….EVER!!!

    Fashion Police

  2. amy

    wow… wenty i’m amazed by you
    what more can he do.. he can sing act model write talk..oh can he talk.. wfw, it’s time you met our man…

  3. mama bear

    WFW – – Does GBS = Great Butt Shots? If so, I whole-heartedly agree!

  4. Wet For Went

    LMAO Fashion Anon you are always so frank with the clothes hate. I find his fashion choices endearing.

    Now Amy if I met him I’d have this incredibly hot sexual experience that I could never talk about. Do you know how much that would eat me up inside?

    Close mama bear, that’s Gratuitous Butt Shots and I want lots!

  5. krissie

    “GAP-MY-ASS he’s too old to model for the GAP…”

    #$&%@!!#”?&/%&@! *with fucking love*

  6. babe1973

    I went on the GAP website and there are no pics of him. I hop they will put them up. We don’t have GAP in my town. Only in Paris and that’s 4 hours train ride. You know I could be crazy enough to actually do the ride just to see him LOL.

  7. Sybil

    A Wentworth Beanpole ad would be great. The Daniel Henney-Gwyneth Paltrow Beanpole ad makes me melt everytime. Imagine if it were Went giving you those looks! *sigh*

  8. trish_lx

    I can’t wait for those commercials! I hope they sign him.
    I just watched some of the ones with Gwyneth Paltrow and the hot korean actor, using the link sybil provided. They are so cute.
    Who do you think will be casted with our Royal Hotness?
    Anyway, WFW, you read my mind when you mentioned the butt shots. We absolutely need them. And a few Levi’s commercial sort of pictures as well: Wenty naked except for fitting jeans not totally zipped … hmmm … I want to see him in all his male sexy hotness and admire all that fuzzy track going all the way down the open pants… letting my imagination run wild now … (fainting).

  9. Anonymous

    Let me say it another way …..he should be modeling for something with a bit of class…the GAP is a teen market.

    I love him but his fashion sense offends me cause I’m a clothing designer by trade.

    Krissie **** to you too, with love& kisses

    Fashion Police

  10. babe1973

    I visited to Bean Pole it’s very “GAPpy”. Totally his style.
    Anon, Wentworth is so hot, he doesn’t need to dress nicely.

  11. Anonymous

    wentworth miller would look hot modelling uniforms. omg imagine him in a fireman outfit!! (drool)

  12. Anonymous

    i can not wait to see u at the airport in Korea……you’re so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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