Wentworth Miller is Cheating on Me Again

Went, I thought we had this discussion…Long distance DOES NOT MEAN free to see whoever we want until we see each other again. Is this that fucking Emmy girl? Is it? *turning red with steam coming out of my ears* Don’t make me say I quit you. Don’t make me…*cries*

source Thanks Krissie and Tulipa!


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161 responses to “Wentworth Miller is Cheating on Me Again

  1. Anonymous

    WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wet For Went

    I’m trying to find out that very thing Anon. WTF indeed. Although this could be another “friend” thing so don’t jump off a cliff…yet…

  3. tia

    OK as I am typing a post defending his ass this MOTHERFUCKER is being photographed with BEIGETTE are you telling me that their DATING and maybe have been this whole time HOLY FUCK,so is the reason he decided to COME OUT as STRAIGHT is because of her do you think Beigette layed down the law to him and said that it’s enough that people think your single but gay as well,you need to fix this NOW, that lucky BITCH

  4. krissie

    Yes, WTF???, thank you!
    And it’s not even the fact that he’s seeing someone (well, it is, of course!) if that turns out to be the case. It’s the possibility of LYING!
    Please, please, Wentworth, let it not be that you’re just like everyone else!

  5. Anonymous

    Eek! Well that article of a few days ago claiming that they were dating certainly does seem to fit now, doesn’t it? You remember – the one we all dismissed. Of course, it could be nothing, but let’s face it, you don’t take someone to the EMMY’S if you don’t like them, eh?
    Plus, New Year parties are great for renewing old ‘acquaintances’.

  6. Anonymous

    OMG!!! My day’s completely ruined by this! My poor heart SHALL NEVER recover if in fact Wentworth is proven to 1) a liar, 2) dating this Beigette girl! WFW say it ain’t so, pretty please.. (softly whimpering now)…

  7. Rafa

    I bet you all wish he was gay now haha.

    Come on, it’s commons to see closeted gays trying to cover it up by lying in interviews and taking pictures with hot girls.

  8. krissie

    You know, to get the “No, I’m not gay.” sentence and pictures to support it in the same fucking day is just creepy.
    Tomorrow morning he might be married.
    With a love-child on its way.
    This is too much for me to handle. *crawls under a blankie and sucks thumb*

  9. cocot13

    that lying motherfucker, what happened to I’m single I dont have time to date, or I would prefer to be with someone who wasn’t an actress , lies all lies, I cant take this, I mean I knew this day would come but not on the same day he confirmed he was not gay, and with her of all people, breath, breath,I am not happy and am going to just have to think of him as being gay, PERIOD!

  10. Anonymous

    Erm…I don’t get the leap from this picture to he’s lying. He knows the woman and they’ve been out before. This picture does not mean he has lied about his single status in the past. The last time I recall he mentioned his status was at Mipcom. That was a while ago and things change. Even then, this does not mean its serious.
    Oh and RAFA – ‘I’m not gay’ does not mean ‘I’m closeted’. It means -‘I’m not gay’. Deal with it.

  11. Anonymous

    oh god all those MiSa WeSah freaks will go crazy when they see this

  12. Anonymous

    I say hes just covering up his sexuality *crosses fingers* or maybe their like really good friends like bffs or something. I honestly prefer him being gay

  13. Anonymous

    This just ruined my good day..WAIT this could be an old picture that just popped up recently..

  14. mink

    Might I suggest (in the nicest possible way) that everyone chill! There’s nothing in any of these pics that makes it look like these two are a ‘couple’ couple. No hand holding or intimate touching of any kind. And (as pointed out by Jess), she even has her wallet out to pay for her own ticket.

    As them dating would indeed make WM a liar, I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt until we see much more convincing proof otherwise.

  15. Anonymous

    I wholeheartly concur with Krissie; although perhaps this is a good thing b/c my school girl crush on Went has become quite unhealthy… I mean as x-mas gift to myself- I framed a collage of black & white photos of Went… That’s a bit much, no? But nonetheless, I’m still very upset by this in deed! *heavy sigh*

    And Rafa- Went is NOT gay!

  16. Anonymous

    Mink, she has a wallet out?!

  17. Anonymous

    Cosmicgirl, your not the only one lmao..believe me.. I know the manager of the gap in my town n was going to ask her for one of the wentworth promotional pictures..this is not healthy..

  18. redlightmind

    I say WTF because I’m just jealous it’s not me (hehe)…but I wouldn’t go about calling him a liar. His status could have changed since the last time he said he was single AND even if they are dating, it doesn’t mean it’s exclusive, it could be they’re just friends….many possibilities here. Lets not lose sight of the best news ever-HE’S NOT GAY! *doing the happy dance*

  19. Anonymous

    Note to self: self go to the nearest GAP & marvel @ Went’s beauty… this is unhealthy in deed!

  20. Anonymous

    Haha or ask for the billboard thing like i was..maybe i still will.. but this is not healthy.. DAMN U WENTWORTH FOR BEING SO SEXY

  21. Persephone

    Hold the phone. Do I see a grampa sweater?!

  22. Anonymous

    “them dating would indeed make WM a liar”,

    I don’t get this. Why would he be a liar for having said he was single in the past?
    This is NOW, not a few months, weeks or even days ago. And he hasn’t mentioned anything lately.
    Things can change from one day to the next.
    All this aside, nobody knows if she is any more than a friend anyway.

  23. geniass

    Ehh…whatever Beigette…get some new clothes.

  24. Anonymous

    Ok sorry im rather behind..but whats BEIGETTE?

  25. Wet For Went

    Oh yes Persephone, I see Grandpa sweater as well…

    meeshyyy, Beigette is just a nickname for her. She’s the girl from The Emmys. Mariana Klaveno.

  26. Abba

    NOOO Went,Ok their are more pics of them together this has ruined by evening. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  27. Anonymous

    Krissie is right, too much publicity in one day after years of never being see out with man, woman or beast ….it’s all too creepy and very suspecious.

    What does it all mean, is Went a liar and shallow like all the rest of Hollywood, does he need a beard to cover his tracks.

  28. redlightmind

    He looks like a hot farmer! Plow me Wentworth, plow me…

  29. redlightmind

    I seem to have a one-track mind…

  30. Anonymous

    What do ya’ll think of Perezhilton now???….still think he’s wrong??

  31. erinmarie

    I think it was a coincidence that he went out with Mariana the same time the article came out. He doesn’t know the date articles come out, so let’s be realistic. ;p

    Also, it wouldn’t bother me if Went lied about being single. I mean, I crave my privacy and I’m not an actor, so I understand him wanting to keep things quiet. People seem to go slightly ape shit when he’s seen with someone so can we blame him for wanting to keep that private? If I were in a relationship with him, I’d prefer to keep it as quiet as possible.

  32. redlightmind

    Are you kidding me WFW, you crack me up everyday. I fucking love you too!!!

  33. redlightmind

    Hallaluyer, Erinmarie! I agree.

  34. Anonymous

    what does beigette having a wallet out have to do with anything?
    since when does going dutch to a movie preclude fucking?

  35. Wet For Went

    Alrighty people. Jess from The Church IMed this blogger and she confirmed that he was alone when she met him. No Beigette. That means they must have met up at the theater. Also, in this pic she has her wallet out so if she’s paying for herself…probably not a date. (also Jess’ theory)

  36. Anonymous

    I checked out Perez today and he said, Wentworth just went further into the closet with his statement that he’s straight.

    He also said that his friend dated Wentworth before he was famous.

    I think Wentworth should have never said anything, now the debate starts all over again.

    I still love him either way.

  37. Anonymous

    Geez, there is some serious ugly coveting going on here. I actually feel sorry for the Lucky bi…, um, young woman with the cutesy-girl-next-door-looks. I mean, one of these days Wentworth will find a partner, which may (but probably *gulp* won’t *tears*) be one of us (read: me). And when he does, I’m sure we will all have to find some way to carry on and survive … you know, without a restraining order.

    So, screw the gym, let’s start training for the inevitable Went Snatch, starting with Lucky Miss Thang in the Shawl.

  38. mink

    I’m with erin and WFW; I don’t see anything suspicious in the timing of any of this. He couldn’t have known when the Australian article would surface exactly. And he was just going to his local cinema (which he’s been reported as attending many times before) with a friend. He wasn’t taking her to The Ivy (and thus planning to parade her before the paps)!

    And – Jeeze! Perez! – just come out with proof already or STFU! *eye roll*

  39. carla

    krissieยดs funny!

    why Beigette?

    is it because her emmy dress?

    reading all your comments makes me feel better about the perez hilton post..

    group hug! lol

  40. Anonymous

    jesus what are you people going to do when he does get a girlfriend or a wife and there are pictures of them holding hands and kissing, no wonder he keeps his private life private

  41. Anonymous

    Humm… Yeap! I think we all need some serious help ๐Ÿ˜ก

    Does anyone knows what’s that cinema’s name or whatever?
    It’s in L.A, right?
    Thought he was back to Dallas for PB shooting already.

    But serious though: I need help… that or Wentworth! ;)*

  42. Anonymous

    I’m not a big fan of his fashion choices, but I can honestly say I’ve found someone who dresses worse than him. First that Emmy dress that looked like a tube of beige toilet paper, and now a blue shawl with knee-hi brown boots AND a jacket??!! She looks like she’s wearing the whole GAP women’s department at the same time!

  43. babe1973

    Yes that is Mariana Klaveno from the Emmys. Well I guess that confirmes that they are dating… Actually I knew that from the Emmys. I mean you don’t go there with just a friend. You take someone special with you. Maybe we will see them more often now together, until the gay rumors really come to an end.
    Wentworth, I am exploding with jealousy, but you seem so happy…

  44. amy

    he looks like he lost a lot of weight.. meaning he’s starting to look to young and pretty for the beigette…whatever makes him happy makes me happpyyyy *cough* ughh…

  45. babe1973

    erinmarie I sooooo agree with you. All this crazyness is scary. On the other hand, I am very pissed at what some bloggers here say about his sexuality… I mean I understand that the gay people are sad but please stop the speculations. What is the matter with you people??? When a star doesn’t react to rumors, he is gay and when he reacts, he is gay too??? So does this mean that whenever Perez Hilton says something, we have to say hallelujah? Does Perez have a picture of his friend with Went? Is really is easy to make up stories on celebrities.
    I absolutely love Wentworth, and unconditionally. This means that when he is pissed, I understand him and respect that. He has the right to not tell us about his status, it’s his life. There is one thing we really need to understand. Stars don’t sign up for this kind of crap on them. We can’t expect him to tell us all his life story. He is here to entertain us and be our eye-candy.

    WFW, sorry I am not being very funny today but I really felt that Went is kind of getting sick of all the craze. Comments like tia, saying he is a MF just makes me angry. LET THE GUY LIVE. No wonder why some celebrities lock themselves up in their homes and never go out.

  46. Wet For Went

    Aww babe, you OK? tia was kidding. I’m not sure Went was as pissed as the article made him sound. If he has not been on Myspace then he is not familiar with the celebrity spoof pages that exist there and sometimes it’s hilarious but I won’t belittle his feelings if he is in fact upset. Perez pissing you off? I agree, he doesn’t have any proof which is why I have never addressed it. There’s nothing to say about it really. I just ignore it. Try it. It works. *smoothing babe’s hair* Is that better?

  47. babe1973

    I feel a lot better WFW. Lol. Thank you for the cheer up. I kind of feel sad for Wenty because it’s like a cry for “let me live”. Poor man…

  48. Anonymous

    A match made in heaven—they’re both fashion-challenged. lol
    I’m not hating, though.
    Obviously she’s got something he likes.
    Pretty girl, probably has a great personality—-
    Hell, if Went’s happy, I’m happy for him…

  49. Anonymous

    Remember it doesn’t matter what they look like dressed…she gets to see the Mr. Miller when he’s undressed! OOOh baby!

  50. Anonymous

    If this is his new girlfriend I hope he is happy and all you over jealous fans grow up!!!

    He is not your property to own and he can do whatever he likes without having to put up with creepy fans who don’t know when to draw the line.

    He is an actor admire his work and him from afar. Thats it period.

  51. Anonymous

    Nice hair. What is this? The 70’s? At least it goes with the boots. And what the fuck is she wearing? A poncho? Dude. Seriously.

  52. Shiva

    This guy is a freaking liar first he says he doesn’t have any endorsements.Then he’s in a gap ad.He then says in interviews’ that he doesn’t want an actress as a girlfriend.Who is he with an actress.Then in October in Cannes they asked him in an interview is your heart still available meaning if he was still single he said yes.What can you expect he has a few planets in Gemini they tell you one thing and do another lol.

  53. Anonymous

    The next question is…when’s the wedding?

  54. Anonymous

    anonymous..SHHHHHHH dont speak of that yet..*covers ears* I cant hear you!! I still think its a publicity stunt..you should look at one posters comments over at justjared(Softspoken), he/she has a really good explanation n how its prolly a publicity stunt. It actually makes sense. Heres one part of the comments Softspoken wrote: “First of all Wentworth is just getting started in this whole entertainment industry, he is running full speed!!! Why would he want to hope off the train right now to settle down. That doesnโ€™t make any sense at all. He tried to get into the acting business for ten years and he just now succeeded who on earth would want to settle down when your at this point in your life.”

    I agree with this statement completely..which means this whole thing was probably just a publicity stunt

  55. Anonymous

    Hey the dude is 34 years old…what did y’all think… he would never be with someone…*POP*…that’s the sound of the fantasy bubble hitting th pin of reality.

  56. tia

    I meant motherfucker as a term of endearment people lol jeez people take it easy

  57. Anonymous

    I read somewhere a little bit after Wenty took her to the Emmys that she does have a boyfriend who she is engaged to that is NOT wentworth miller. So i speculate that Wentworth is just probably a really good friend of hers

  58. Anonymous

    Geez! Enough of the hating and nasty comments on her (friend, lover, whatever). Shouldn’t we be happy he actually has someone to go out to catch a movie with? And its ridiculous to think he’s a liar just because he previously mentioned he was single. PREVIOUSLY meaning in the PAST. Its right now the present and they could be still be in the stage where they’re working out their status (you know like normal people do).

    I guess Im just trying to say that Went’s a normal guy. He deserves to have some space to settle his own personal affairs, especially when he’s always been more than gracious with his time and energy towards fans/media. So be nice people!!

  59. Anonymous

    lol i’m happy if wenty has a girlfriend…why not?he’s 34 years old itz time for him to become a daddy! ๐Ÿ™‚ yeah

  60. krissie

    It’s time for him to have a baby?
    Oh, what a beige baby that is going to be!

  61. trish_lx

    OH %&%@$!!
    It’s friday morning and I was trying to feel happy and cheerful about the weekend. I get to work, start the computer and come to this blog (which is currently my favorite web page, just plain magnificent) and then look at this picture and go… bleaggh! grrrr…
    Well, I don’t know if they’re dating or just friends or whatever. I just know that she is some lucky bitch and they seem to be having lots of fun together.
    Hating with love, WFW right? Really trying over here…

  62. Anonymous

    OK, my first reaction was quite furious(NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, WTF?????? etc…), but it took me so long to read through all the comments that I sort of calmed down and pretty much everything that was on my tongue is already said.
    Still I have to say- she has ugly boots. And their up-to-ears smiles are just disturbing me.

  63. Anonymous

    Can his clothing get any worse??? Can I love him more???

  64. krissie

    From where I’m standing, the only thing wrong about his clothes is that it is covering his body.
    Beigette, on the other hand… *love, K, love, dammit!*

  65. Belgian

    I really don’t understand the hatred, girls. I’d have both of them any time, maybe even together ;).

  66. Belgian

    Shiva, what’s with the Gemini? We are very happy being one ๐Ÿ™‚

  67. Anonymous

    1:57 AM–the voice of reason. lol
    If Mariana is engaged, is she wearing an engagement ring? Is it even remotely possible that maybe she broke off the engagement to be with Went? Women do break off engagements y’all, it happens all the time and with Went as a “friend” or whatever, am I the only one who might “rethink” an engagement?
    And even if it is a “publicity stunt” that means they can’t be involved? Does leaving in different cars mean they couldn’t have met up later?
    Bottom line, we don’t know what’s going on between them. They could be friends, beginning to build a relationship, lovers, fuck-buddies or whatever. We can speculate all we like and we still just don’t know.

  68. Anonymous

    Ah! Anonymous – wise words indeed. You said what I think. Anyway, where is proof of this engagement?
    For what it’s worth, I like what they are both wearing and I think they look good together whatever their ‘relationship’ is. *ducks*

  69. Anonymous

    “the only thing wrong about his clothes is that it is covering his body”

    Krissie, I love you! LMFAO!!!

  70. Mariana K. LOL!


    i have too a blog
    I’m french

    I hate this mariana

  71. mama bear

    OK – what’s crazy is that I’m the 72nd comment on this post! Geez, this picture has everyone going nuts!

    I, for one, don’t think they’re together. If they are, more power to them…I once had a male BFF who was nice to roll around with in the sack. I’m sure other people do too, and that may include Went and Beigette (LOVE that name, by the way!).

    I’d like to direct your attentions to how Went even manages to pull off the redneck trucker hat look with style…now that deserves a hearty WTF?!? He is just truly amazing. No wonder Beigette is smiling from ear to ear…wouldn’t you be if everyone was speculating that you were Went’s lover? I know I would be saying “Critics be damned…MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” ๐Ÿ™‚

    Oh yeah and that Perez nonsense…again, it’s unfounded speculation. I believe in The Pretty whole-heartedly – he stakes too much on his integrity to lie about who he is. If you’ve seen/heard/read enough of his interviews, you’d know that he doesn’t mince words…it’s all about the straight dope with him.

    Everyone, group hug, we’ll get through this together. And WFW, congratulations again…you have managed to bring forth more lurkers with this pic than I’ve ever seen (me included!). Hope you’re 100% now!

  72. Sybil

    I saw this other photo of them at People magazine’s website….

    Are they holding hands?!?


  73. Sybil

    Oops, it looks like the webpage may have cut off the link…

    Here it a shortcut to the People maga page:


  74. mama bear

    I don’t know if I should do this, but share and share alike, right?

    OK people, break out the pitchforks…I came across this photo on People.com:


    From where I’m sitting, they’re definitely holding hands. What does it all mean??? LOL

  75. Anonymous

    I dont think it looks like their holding hands..I think it was just the timing of the photo. It looks like her hand is under her coat along with the other one

  76. Wet For Went

    Those links are wrong. Try this one and I can’t tell…

  77. Anonymous

    I agree with anonymous. Her arm is in a weird position to be holding hands with him. Besides, if they were holding hands, wouldnt we have seen it on here and/or justjared? It was definetly the timing of the camera

  78. krissie

    Blankie!!!! Where’s my fucking blankie??!!!! *sucks the whole hand*

    J/K Good for you, Went. I actually think she’s pretty. I hope you are holding hands.
    Mmmmm… the hands…

  79. Anonymous

    If they were holding hands, wouldnt we have seen a pic of it on justjared or something? It doesnt look like it at all so dont worry ^.^

  80. Anonymous

    Hand-holding or not, they’re mighty close up on each other. Note how her shoulder is all close up on his back. And the protective “in-front-of-her” stance he’s assuming. Looks like carkeys in his hand, too. Does that mean they drove to the movie together?

  81. Anonymous

    No they didnt. People saw them come and leave separatly. And its just the camera angle. if it was head on it would look different

  82. Sophia

    The poncho made me think of ugly betty ๐Ÿ˜›

  83. Anonymous

    The reactions to the two of them is off the hook..WHAT’S anyone’s rational for over analyzing the pics of them to determine their dating status or whether they are more than friends? He was correct in his interview that his fans don’t really know him..This guy obviously likes this pretty girl. Get over it already.

  84. soiled undies



  85. Anonymous

    11:51am, THANK YOU!!!
    I couldn’t have said it better.

  86. allheavens

    Jesus, do you women think he is a eunuch? You would rather have him gay, celibrate, possibly castrated than have him dating.

    Obviously he is a grown ass man and is probably getting laid on a regular basis, deal with it.

    Whether Marianna is the object of his affection or just a friend is basically his business.

    I think Marianna is a “blind” to throw people off the scent of the “real” object of his affection and considering everyone’s reaction I don’t blame him. I would lie my ass off too.

  87. babe1973

    Anon I am totally with you. As much as totally LOVE the man, I think it’s time that we let him live. I actually think she is real cute and they go well with each other. I really wish it was me, and I hate her with love ( I got it WFW LOL ). But we need to draw a line between joking and really being mean. She is not ugly.

  88. soiled undies

    allheavens: I’d rather have him a eunuch!

    I say CUT IT OFF rather than let HER have HIM!!!!

  89. allheavens

    Sorry, I spelled celibate wrong.

  90. Anonymous

    maybe beigette is a friend, maybe she’s a friend with enefits, maybe she’s his girlfriend, i don’t mind. But i can’t help noticing that in those candids she looks like SWC’s clone. Look at the hair!
    Speaking of which, there are three things i’d bet my life on:
    1) went is not gay
    2) beigette is and old and close friend of his (notice how he looks at her, like an older brother.
    3) the “real” object of his affection/love is definitely
    another woman.(yes, the one you are thinking about);)

  91. Wet For Went

    Oh Lord! IS WeSah in the house? LOL

  92. babe1973

    Now that you say it…it’s true. She does look like SWC. Well since he can’t have the real one…LOL.

  93. Anonymous

    Y’all know you don’t have anything to worry about. Girls that dress like that don’t put out until at least the third date. By my count, this is only the second (that there is proof of anyway). There’s still time to take her out. Of the picture I mean. Oh bother. That didn’t come out right at all. I need to practice that whole hate with love bit.

  94. Anonymous

    Actually, I’d be happy to see him with someone. But it better be a good girl, cause he deserves the best. I hate to think that he’s lonely. I want him to be happy. Cause he’s a nice guy.

  95. Anonymous

    well, time will tell if WeSah is in the house. Certainly there’s something between the two of them. Body language never lies…

  96. dawn

    I’m, late to this and just read through the comments. Accusations of lying. Of manipulating his fans and the press. Selling out. Having lousy taste in women. Basically, a fire storm. Anyway, I dont really care who’s he’s with or not or whether he feels like he needs to protect people he cares about from being intensely scrutinized. I just want to watch him. And oh yeah, see him in act in stuff too.

  97. soiled undies

    Anon5:01: Don’t take it so seriously honey! Most of these people are just joking.
    We all want the best for Went and want him to be happy!

    Right everyone? Right?

    Okay. I’ll stop pretending now!


    Just joking Anon…lol

  98. soiled undies

    Anon5:01: Went as a ken doll – NOW THERE’S AN IDEA!

    A Went doll – you can PLAY with him all day…and night too!

  99. mama bear

    anon 5:01-Awww, you’re really in love with Went – that’s so sweet! ๐Ÿ™‚ su is right…most of us are kidding. The others are just plain mean. Besides, Went knows how the biz works…whether people down him or praise him as a god, the main thing is that they’re talking about him. It’s the nature of the beast.

  100. Anonymous

    Went and Mariana the lastest Hollywood “it” couple of 2007. We’ll be following..their every move, where the go to eat..geez the rollercaister of these two and the focus on them has only just begun…LOL!

  101. babe1973

    WFW you have a spammer here. Anon 5:20 stop this!!!!
    No seriously it’s true. I really love this place and I come every hour but with the twist this is taking, I too hope that he doesn’t read this. SU you are one funny girl, but the funny jokes are the short jokes. There have been 107 comments so far and it’s all about insulting Mariana. Imagine if it was you… Now I am reconsidering ever meeting a celebrity. I wouldn’t want this kind of comment on me.

  102. babe1973

    By the Way Cocot13, if being “Woman no2” on a cancelled TV Show makes you an actress, well I must be a star. I have been more on TV than her. She is not an actress, she is trying to be one. Just like almost anyone in LA.

  103. Anonymous

    Anyone wanna get drunk?

    And then we can go Went-hunt!

  104. Anonymous

    Wow this thing has spun out of hand!!
    Chill people, seriously!
    Like WFW said : Hate with Love!
    (this girl is far from being ugly, as much as I’d like her to be!lol)

    I myself am not too fond over these pictures but I wish Went all the best (plus, there’s no sign of them being an item, really!)If he wants to date girls(and he will, believe me)that’s only up to him, and we shouldn’t be commenting on that!

    On the other hand, Went knows what showbizz is like, and I think he can handle it (after all he has been on the other side for over 10 years)And ANY kind of attention is good for him, like it or not!(and he knows that)

    So maybe we should stop and spam WFW’s blog with our stupid little comments and keep them to ourselves, okay people, now move on!!

    Okay one shout out, YAY He’s not gay!


  105. Anonymous

    it’s called “publicity” ….and she is not cute enough for him.

    I think they are attempting squash the gay stuff out there. He can’t make a movie if everyone thinks he’s gay.

    WFW: I guess I can’t treat Beigette differently than I would a fan so no ragging on her looks OK? Well at least not in a mean-spirited fashion.

  106. Anonymous

    NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Wenty say it isn’t so!!!

    Why this lucky bitch gets to hang out with his Royal-Hotness I’ll never know.

    I liked it better when he was gay, straigh-Wenty is too bland.

    WFW: just working that red pen magic on overzealousness.

  107. Wet For Went

    Alright already with over-hating. Pretend she’s a fan and hate with love. *Napolean Dynamite voice* “Jeez!” */end Napolean Dynamite voice*

    I don’t think it’s suspicious. He’s been seen with her before. He’s said they’re just friends before. Nothing out of the ordinary about it from where I sit. Let’s see…if he wants to catch whatever movie this is, it’s only there a certain time right? He was in Dallas filming, then he went to Australia, the only time he could hang out in L.A. with her is when he is physically IN L.A. He’ll be back off to Dallas probably before he can blink. Article coming out as these pics do…I’m thinking coincidence but I could be wrong. That’s just my theory.

    Oh and yes abba there are 6 more pics in this series.

    redlightmind, I swear you will be the death of me and you keep setting a new record for Fastest Favorite Comment Decision. Congratulations ONCE AGAIN in advance, LMAO. I fucking love you.

    I even edited myself!

  108. Marleen

    Please Went, don’t hook up with her. You can do so much better. (by wich I mean ME)

    WFW: over-hating!

  109. Wet For Went

    For God’s sake, GIVE THE GIRL A BREAK b/c she isn’t. Calling her a lucky bitch however, totally allowed…Carry on.

    The red pen is my friend.

  110. Anonymous

    ok this I’ll admit it..I was rather disappointed that Wentworth’s choice of a girlfriend was not a young woman of color. hey I am not saying this girl he’s happy to flaunt as his galpal is ugly. She’s average. Would I say pretty..well cute is close enough. But as Hollywood has an abundance of beautiful white woman so much on the arms of it’s leading men that there is no shortage of them being glorified.. Now as we all know Wentworth is biracial..Hey, how awesome it would have been to see him this lastest of Hollywood’s young up and coming star on the rise.. proudly facing the paparazzi’s with an equally cute nubian sista by his side.
    As I said this is not hating her..she’s just alright. And I gather to be diplomatic and not come off catty everyone keeps saying she’s ‘pretty.’ Uh…Misha Barton is pretty, Lindsay Lohan is pretty..but this girl Wentworth is with is just alright to cute. But then again has this guy ever been with a black gal…don’t seem to recall any pictures of him with any…so there you have it.

  111. nicbeast

    I like the idea of Went as a blow up doll…

  112. babe1973

    Hey WFW, happy to see the red pen here. Lol. I do understand YOUR sense of humour. This is why I come here all the time, but some new-comers totally were mean. Even some regular ones, no names, became too “unfunny”. I am sure that your hit counter is steaming…LMAO. WFW ROCKS.

  113. mbnd

    Ive just read ALL the comments that were posted & cant help but laugh
    Im GLAD hes finally pictured with a female…..puts all gay rumours to rest. i wouldn’t be surprised if he took her to the Golden Globes on the 15th of Jan. Men & women can be just friends

  114. Anonymous

    Hey, why the editing with the red pen, if your not happy with the comments then don’t post pictures like this ….play it safe.

    I think all points of view are valid. I like reading some verity instead of the boring stuff on JJ or the Chruch….they have a narrow perception. How many times can one read “he’s hot” or “Wentgasm”.

  115. Wet For Went

    LOL they were all very SLIGHT edits. I’m treating her like I would treat a fan in this situation…well partially. I don’t allow ragging on fan’s looks either. Just call me a big ole softie sometimes but that shit upsets me so I toned it down but I did not delete anything. I’m trying to be fair here…

  116. amy

    here’s your comment since i didn’t post one.. or did i? hmm.. well THE RED PEN is a GOD!

  117. linds

    Ok, not to go all babushka/mamala on my fellow commentors, but perhaps there is wisdom in the words, “if you love something…set it free”? As in, we love Went so much that we feel he is free to date women who are not us – even if they make unfortunate fashion choices. *meow*

  118. redlightmind

    WFW is right people, this is a LOVE board, not a hater-ade stand!

  119. soiled undies

    Dammit linds, I can’t set him free!

    The claws are in too deep! The obsession is too great!

  120. krissie

    I’ll be serious for a change.
    It’s really sad that so-called Wentworth-lovers diss Marianna (that’s right, I didn’t say Beigette) when we can all see that she is someone that he cares about deeply. If not for her, we should have enough decency to respect her for him.

  121. Anonymous

    *applause* I agree, Krissie. Let’s not lose sight of what’s important… treat/respect others the way you’d like to be treated/respected. And my bad for referring to Marianna as Beigette. But honestly, I didn’t know her real name @ the time of posting my “distraught” comment.Lol. Enough with this madness… ~peace~

  122. Wet For Went

    Am I witnessing a Mariana love fest in here b/c that was NOT my intention, lol.

  123. Anonymous

    No, just a love fest for RESPECT, and treating each human with respect… that’s all. No worries, we know your intention. *wink,wink*

  124. Anonymous

    LMAO WFW. Don’t worry, no love fest for Mariana. Just respect towards Went, thus respect towards her.

  125. Anonymous

    Seriously, I getting out my fucking straight razor! What the fuck has the world come to? Fix this problem, Went!!!!

  126. Anonymous

    makes me sad, how the tide turns on this guy. I want you all to imagine that it might be possible, truly possible that he, his friend, their friends read this blog? That they are human beings, like you and your friends and family and that feelings could be hurt. You have called someone who he cares about ugly and other horrible names. I love reading this blog WFW, you make it fun to adore him but the comments are way, way out of line. He is not a ken doll, he is a guy doing a job, period. Why be so mean when he is just living his life as we all do?
    I am a big Wenty fan too, I don’t care if he is gay, str8, alien or fauna. I enjoy him, period.
    I so hope he never runs across this blog now when before I was hoping that he might see this particular blog as a lovefest.
    Think folks!

    WFW: My red pen has cleaned up anything I felt needed cleaning. I can not be held responsible for other people’s opinions, I can only edit how they choose to express them. I don’t condone (genuine) negativity but I think that my sense of humor and the sense of humor of others on this blog is misread A LOT. Believe me, I love Went and want him to be happy. I don’t give a fuck who he sleeps with, goes to movies with, goes ballroom dancing with, makes no difference to me. I love him, I love his work and that will not change. The lovefest is not over b/c he went to the movies with Mariana, lol. Seriously, if some of you people are taking me and a lot of the other regular commenters here seriously then I don’t really know what to tell you. Also, I had a traffic boom over this pic it seems and some anons were commenting whose tone I don’t recognize. These are not the regulars. That is all.

  127. cocot13

    alright babe1973 I get it and I’m sorry you dont understand I’m only joking I’m waving the white flag here xoxo

  128. Anonymous

    some of these people need a fucking sense of humor

  129. mama bear

    hey, is that brown sugar?!? fashion anon, what’s your consensus?

  130. Anonymous

    His shoes are pure evil, they have a life of their own. I’m worn out trying to style this man….lucky he’s so beautiful it kinda hides all his sins ๐Ÿ™‚


    Fashion Police.

  131. linds

    Su – I admit it! When I first saw this pic the pain just SLICED through me. But now, after careful contemplation, a few glasses of wine and a bong hit, I feel much more charitable. Hey, if I can’t go to the movies with Wenty then I suppose somebody should be able to. And if I was this girl I would be on these blogs telling everyone to get fucked – don’t hate me cause you ain’t me. Secretly I hope they do it and she kisses and tells *devilish grin*!

  132. cocot13

    last time I apologize for my opinions on here

  133. Wet For Went

    I knew you were playin cocot13. That’s all that matters, lol.

  134. kat

    OMG what is wrong with u ppl..calling him a liar coz he stepped out with a GIRL yes a girl hu is his friend..or a thats he is hiding in the closet even more..bejeezus give the guy a break. Imagine when he does date someone. Actually i dont wanna imagine..i’ll still love him nonetheless. I aint surprise dthe guy wants a super private life

  135. linds

    Ok here’s the part where I become an uber bitch : when you are in a position such as Wentworth’s, you don’t get a private life – let’s just put it out there. He’s rich, he’s famous, he’s loved and adored, we treat him like the supernova he is because we all love him, he’s doing a job he loves (how many of us can claim the same? Personally, my job is OK but it’s not my passion, it pays my bills). So for all those lucky SOBs chillin’ in the ‘Wood, face facts – you have it better than most. The trade off is that your private life is gonna be put out on front street for scrutinization. Buck the fuck up! And Wenty Baby, though I love you, that goes for you too! We WILL discuss the poor choice in foot wear. We WILL rag on any girl you take out that isn’t us! But get this – we WILL love you/cherish you/watch your show/see your movies/ buy your shit/line your pockets until the day we die. Peace…and hair grease.

  136. mama bear

    Brava! Well-said, linds!

  137. linds

    Thank you Mambear – that little soapbox is the result of some serious PMS, but I just had to put it out there!

  138. Anonymous

    Anon that posted about the color of Went’s friends. When I saw him in Sydney, he was with a black woman, who he treated nicely, like a buddy, not a girlfriend but a buddy. They were laughing alot over their food, he waited for her and opened the door for her. Just so you know, here we aren’t so concerned but since you pointed it out. I wish I had taken a picture of her, just so you know he is not choosing his friends by color I am sure.

  139. Anonymous

    I’m wondering if the black woman was Pam, his PA?
    What did she look like, Sima?

  140. mink

    linds, I think I love you! And anon above me, I’m with you – I’m thinking the black female buddy in Sydney had to be Pam.

  141. linds

    Mink – thanks man. love, peace, and you know the rest.

  142. Anonymous

    I’m sorry but he probably would never hook up with a black woman unless she was super light (and maybe not even then). I just don’t see it. I’m a light skinned black girl and I must say, it disappoints me a bit. I’m pretty sure the black lady you saw him with was Pam his PA. He probably sees her as Hattie McDaniel or something.

  143. Anonymous

    Wow, WFW, I thought we were being nice to the gatekeeper, Pam. Assuming that Went would not date someone due to their skin color is ridiculous considering how many times we have seen him pictured with a woman. I think its awfully judgemental to do that.
    And as a dark skinned black woman. I resent you (last anon) calling his assistant Hattie McDaniels, nothing wrong with her in my eyes but I know what you are implying and you should really look deep for that little statement.

  144. Wet For Went

    anon 2:23, I saw anon 10:31‘s statement and as it is her opinion of what she thinks Went thinks about his PA and she didn’t say anything bad about Pam herself, I don’t see where that needs any editing. Perhaps y’all think I edit comments more than I actually do, lol. On the topic of color, Went has referred to his black heritage more than once and called himself not white. What his type is, is his own business. The man can’t please everyone and shouldn’t be required to date a sista to make black women happy if he doesn’t know any that he’s interested in. Remember that he is also Wentworth Miller the product and he is playing a white man on a hit show. Playing up his blackness doesn’t fit this role but when it did (around The Human Stain period), it was touched on quite a lot. I think he’d probably hook up with anyone he vibed with and I doubt Went looks at anyone like Hattie McDaniel but as I’m not inside his head I can’t say for sure. Now don’t be hatin! Well not on Went anyway…

  145. mama bear

    I hope went’s “type” is the closet freak because that’s what I am.

  146. Anonymous

    what about those rumors of him dating Gabrielle Union or atleast someone who resembled her last time I checked she was dark skinned

  147. Anonymous

    Hello, I didn’t call Pam Hattie, I said, that is the way “he” sees her. In other words he sees that she works for the “studio” and in turn works for “him” in a subservient role. I just think that is the way he has kind of been trained to see certain black women. And no Went isn’t required to date anyone to make people happy but I’ve noticed a lot of you “white” girls get really ticked if anyone insinuated that a person (such as Went) might not date you if you are white. It is ok to be all PC when you aren’t the one who gets dissapointed. Anon 2:23 learn to read. And Anon 5:43, that thing about Gabrielle was just that “a rumor” nothing more, definitely not true as Gabby came out with her man last year.

  148. Wet For Went

    anon 1:56, I would really like to know why you assume that is the way Went feels about black women. Do you know something we don’t?

  149. mama bear

    Anon 1:56 – How do you know we’re all white in here? I, myself, am many shades of gray.

    Regarding Went, let’s look at the facts as HE has presented them in countless interviews.

    He’s not gay.

    He’s been too focused on his career to date.

    When he does date, he prefers intelligent, self-confident brunettes.

    He’s never specified whether he prefers black or white women because I’m sure he knows that would be tantamount to professional suicide. Plus, I just don’t get the vibe that he’s that kind of person anyway. Since he’s so introspective himself, I imagine that’s something he values in other people too. I bet people who define themselves strictly by the color of their skin or even the culture that’s attributed to that color would be repellent to him. Let us not forget how often he has quoted Toni Morrison’s Beloved, “Definitions belong to the definers, not the defined.”

  150. Wet For Went

    anon 3:44, You might be right about that.

  151. Janessa

    he could do soo much better look at him he should go for a mulatto women that girl is not that pretty shes average

  152. Sanctus

    Yes please! lol….I’m mulatto and I would love to have him!! XD (not that he’d have me u.u)

  153. model

    Wentworth Miller dating Naomi Campbell, is this true?

  154. i think that wentworth should date any girl he wants white black i mean he is a black man too people just cause he plays a white man on tv doesn’t mean his white and the other thing about him being gay that is a rumor just like him dating union so people please shut the f*** up and let him live his life

  155. bexyboo

    Naomi Campbell???????????

    Absolutely no way. Went is a charming, well educated, polite well mannererd sex god.

    No way in this this world would he date a loud mouthed stroppy spoilt bad tempered one like her in a million years! And she’d probably not want to get her hair messed up while they were shagging.

    WENT! There are loads of lovely willing ladies on here that would be more than happy to oblige. And they wouldn’t throw things at you either. Except maybe our bras and pants.

  156. LAgurl

    You know for whatever reason, I always thought he would be a good match with Maria Menounos…is that just me?? I really like her, she’s smart, but cute and flirty, and not annoying. Oh and she’s a brunette!!!
    I guess I’m just a Maria Menounos fan – lol. Haha.

  157. Anonymous

    maria menounos? really?? hmm.. she’s a bit to perky for my liking..

  158. shortstuff

    ^^ sorry that was me.. my stupid computer stopped automatically putting my username..

  159. LAgurl

    Yeah, she’s smart, and pretty ๐Ÿ™‚ She’s a journalist, you know. But I like that she’s not annoying like that Kirsten or whatever her name is on E! channel. I don’t think she’s attractive at all. Maria at least has some brains and cool! No I’m not a lesbian but I just think someone like THAT would be a good match for Went. You know, they can read newspapers and actually talk about something meaningful.

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