UK Prison Break Promo Knows What You’ve Been Waiting For

More. Wentworth. Miller.

Thanks wheelygirl!


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16 responses to “UK Prison Break Promo Knows What You’ve Been Waiting For

  1. trish_lx

    Oh WFW you always know exactly what I need… Thank you.

    The scene when Wentworth is grabing the bars and looking out makes me dizzy and breatless.

    I just want to reach for those bars and shake them violently, push him out of there and bite him, kiss him, squeeze him all over!!!!!

  2. krissie

    And I JUST took a shower…

  3. Belgian

    That innocent look on his face right after he kisses Sara… A lost little boy… I really want to hold him and tell him everything will be allright.
    Our beautiful Wentworth is truly an amazing actor.

  4. Anonymous

    Wow, that’s one hell of a new approach!

    That song used to be for a coca-cola add, but now I’ll always associate it with Went carrying a coca-cola box!!How great is that?
    (Imagina him sweating and carrying that large box with only a tanktop on, his muscles showing, *Dying here*)

    I love how she(the voice)says ‘He’s all yours’, oooh how I wish!!

    Now I’m gonna get myself a coca-cola, excuse me!


  5. mama bear

    LOVING this! thanks, wfw!

  6. linds

    Is it bad that I feel like a giddy little schoolgirl who just invaded Wentworth’s privacy? Or bad in a GOOD way? God Bless those Brits!!! They know how to work it out! Love the song.

  7. linds

    Oh, and Went’s good too. I can’t beleive I left that out! I was rendered temporarily dizzy!

  8. sammie_pie

    LOL, Krissie! I’m so glad I slept in! Now I can shower in pleasure…

  9. Stacey

    OMG!!! soooo hootttt!!! Sorry, no other words.

  10. Anonymous

    Glad to be of service! Though I’d really rather be of service to Went!

    I’ll try & catch the whole thing with the beginning voiceover if they show it again tomorrow.

    Wheelygirl (wouldn’t let me log in for some reason)

  11. carla

    okay now thats what you call a teaser!! i want more, take it all off went! >:)

  12. Anonymous

    Dead on target.

  13. redlightmind

    What I want to know is…what happened to the towel in the famous shower scene? I need it.

  14. Anonymous

    You know, I’ve been trying to work out why I love Wentworth so much, and I’ve decided it’s because he makes me smile.

    I see him – my eyes smile
    I hear him speak – my lips smile
    I read and listen to his eloquence and insight – my brain smiles
    I learn about his kindness and courtesy – my heart smiles

    I smile and smile
    While my g-spot gently weeps…


  15. Anonymous

    Full version now available here

    And I love anon’s post above sooo much I could weep along with you.

    Wheelygirl (still can’t damn well log in)

  16. Anonymous

    Dear Wentworth!

    I would loooove to be your slave, sex slave that is. Feel free to ask for a kinky favour, I would love to give you that pleasure.

    WFW, thank you… You made my day.

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