Prison Break U.S. Promo

One week from tomorrow…YES, ONE WEEK FROM TOMORROW…Prison Break is back! I have one thing to say: MiSa freaks, It’s your time to shine. *secretly squeeing along with you*

Thanks catsbycat!


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10 responses to “Prison Break U.S. Promo

  1. Jen

    My jaw dropped when I saw it. When Went kissed Sara I first thougth it was Dominic. Oh well..

  2. Marleen

    Cannot wait to see the whole episode where Michael en Sara kisses. Wish I was Sara.

  3. mink

    Two problems for me with this latest kiss as opposed to the first one: 1) ‘Michael’ is fully clothed 2) Sara has horrible hair. Sorry, but the new hair cut isn’t working for her. She cut that beautiful, lustrous mane to look like a bag lady? Not a good move. Let’s just say they are really going to have to ‘bring it’ to make this live up to the hype for me.

    And get your hands on that man, woman! What the hell are you thinking????

    Also, I’d better see open mouths, I’d just better. Nothing does more to dis-convince (I know that isn’t actually a word) me of the ‘reality’ of a hot, passionate kiss on TV than chaste, puritanical, closed mouths. šŸ˜‰

  4. Anonymous

    Couldn’t they just throw a wig on that poor girl….Sara!Sara!Sara!

    Fashion Police


    FUCK sara tancredi that LUCKY bitch! Yet, I can’t wait.

  6. tia

    god I hope they kill her off, well after the love scene of course

  7. Anonymous

    Where are you WFW????

    I miss you and your RED PEN.

    did you desert us šŸ™‚

    Fashion Police

  8. Anonymous

    Oh man, this new episode better be a good one … I didn’t wait for a month and a half to see a bad ‘action scene’ (you get me?Action scene? LOL)!
    Let those misa freaks get what they prayed for since there little obsession started!(I don’t mind some Hot/Steaming scenes with Wentworth!Naked Went, remember, dear producers?)


  9. velvetine

    did he KISS sara? omfg, that bitch better back up quick…. i’m not kidding. michael/went/the pretty is MINE.

    on a random side note, as he leaned in for a kiss, i didn’t at 1st see sara and i thought he was making out with paul kellerman. hahahahahaha O_o

  10. Wet For Went

    mink, I have to say, that fucking hair is upsetting me A LOT and I agree, touch him you idiot! If I see open mouths…I don’t know what I’ll do…This scene better not disappoint and I was just watching X-Men 3 yesterday and thinking that Hugh Jackman and whoever the girl is that plays The Phoenix nailed their scene in the infirmary. I wouldn’t mind seeing Went do one of those…

    LOL Fashion Police and no I didn’t leave you. I’m still here.

    tia, LMAO at you wanting her to die. You’ve been saying it for months so here’s to you getting your wish, AFTER the sex scene and it better have some clothes coming off. I can’t take anymore angst and longing. I want to see some action dammit!

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