Wentworth Miller in D Magazine

I am a huge fan of the Wentworth Miller Photoshoot although when things like Neon Madness happen it makes me want to shoot the photographer. Wentworth Miller is beautiful anyway but once in a while, a shoot comes along that makes you thank your lucky stars you are not blind. This (pg. 94-101) is one of them…

Oh baby, when you close your eyes like that I imagine you inside of me.

You playful little devil. What’s that you say? You can’t wait to get to the bedroom you have to have me right here?

That stare…Went are you trying to kill me?

Oh God, Oh God, the lap and the position of that hand…I’ve imagined seeing you pleasure yourself so many times…Is something dripping from your hand Went?

Went, are you actually FRAMING the goods with your hands? Mercy Went! Stop torturing me! Lord help me…

That’s right baby, lean for me. Lean dammit!

Wentworth….May I? *sitting on lap facing him and orgasming immediately*

I don’t know about you all but I need…I need…*hyperventilating* I need a moment…

Thank you junglegirl and brookeonline and geniass!


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37 responses to “Wentworth Miller in D Magazine

  1. Anonymous

    No crossing necessary.

  2. Anonymous

    this just made my day..wow theres too much sexiness for my brain to handle!!!

  3. geniass

    Good freaking lord. He just oozes sex, just oozing! I’d just to join you on Went’s other leg, er lap.

  4. mink

    This simply cannot be legal. That is all.

  5. Patty

    WFW, I noticed that hand by the goods too and thought it was just me being dirty. Now I know you are there with me? Someone needs to photoshop those pants off.

  6. Anonymous

    Italians have such an appreciation for fine art…

    First David … now, Went…

    Cosi bello!

  7. mbnd

    but i aint promiscuous
    and if you was suspicious
    all that shit is ficticious

  8. Anonymous

    is there no limit to how fine he is?

  9. sammie.pie

    Went Almighty! There is no end to this man’s sexy perfection… No.End. Again, why was I not born a piece of cotton clothing- oh, to cling on Went’s glorious naked body?! *dies happy*

  10. Anonymous

    These pictures are just….. too hot….to handle…. my eyes… are burning….I CAN’T SEE! * gets up. bumps into every piece of furniture in the room *

    But that was worth it 😉

  11. Anonymous

    Oh yeah!!! Well FUCK ME HARDER!!!

    :)BIG DEAL

  12. Amanda

    I’d rather fuck him!

  13. Anonymous

    This man should be illegal! My heart hit the floor when I saw these pics…thanx so much wetforwent!

  14. Anonymous

    That pic of him seated with his hand positioned is begging for some “naughty” photoshopping.

  15. The.Red.Head


    I just can’t handle this. Really, I’m kinda freaking out here those pictures are soo hot wow I can’t breathe what’s happening

  16. Anonymous

    those pics are just orgasmic, total wentgasm,over and over again.

  17. trish_lx

    That picture of him in the cover, with his eyes closed, is so beautiful, so touching, so vulnerable it almost makes me cry. It’s like a piece of art that moves you to the core.
    Can a man at a given moment be more perfect than him right there on that picture?

  18. Belgian

    Was I ever glad my SO had left just before I opened this page. There’s no way that I could have talked myself out of the sounds I just made. The ‘list’ does not preclude jealousy.
    WFW, I think you should borrow me your name right now, ’cause that’s what I am: DWFW.

  19. Anonymous

    lol krissie! no crossing. no zooooming. just a look. done.

  20. amy

    YAY! i believe in miracles, where you from you sexy thang since you came along you sexy thang

  21. linds


  22. Anonymous

    A bubble bath , these photographs in front of you , your hands and listening to Vivaldi´s aria “Amato bene tu sei la mia speranza ” (that would be my perfect piece of music)would be for me a moment of perfect happiness

  23. Anonymous

    Viva Italia!!! the Italians know how to do it!

  24. Anonymous

    oh my god. I am having too many conniptions. Must focus. Can’t concentrate. I’m right there with you WFW.
    Must turn pc off, oh, I can’t. Am at work.

  25. Anonymous

    This MAN is dangerously handsome…too much for his own good! Wonder if the day will ever come when his beauty shall fade and he’ll become one of yesterday’s nearly forgotten hunks…oh God no, that would be a shame! Like a girl once said, I sleep so I can dream of him…*sigh*…I sleep so I can dream of him – sweet.

  26. Anonymous

    I know Went didn’t pick his clothes, but!!! I can’t help it I gotta say something.

    Pin-stripe shirt with a pin-stripe pant…Oh and let’s seperate them with an ugly belt, put a leather jacket on and we have the perfect ensamble.

    Wentworth’s amazing looks trensends bad taste and ill-fitted clothing. Go Went Go!

    Fashion Police

  27. mama bear

    I truly don’t know what to say. Picture #3 is burned into my psyche…he’s an absolutely flawless man.

    Oh and Fashion Police, in this shoot, I don’t give a flying fuck about his Euro-trash ensemble. How can you look at anything but his smoldering stare and/or his loaded package?

  28. Anonymous

    gay gay gay!!!!!

  29. Anonymous


  30. Anonymous

    Thank you for these, WFW!!! thankyou thankyou thankyou…

  31. Wet For Went

    What can I say to these comments except I agree? I can’t stop looking at these. I don’t ever want to post again so I can continue to pretend he’s looking at me when I’m in the chatbox. I thought I was lusting before…

    He knows what he’s doing. He’s torturing me on purpose! I can’t take much more of this. I’m going to go blind.

  32. Wet For Went

    I forgot to say whoa whoa whoa and you’re welcome to everyone who thanked me and if you really want something special, go to my Imageshack for the high res pics courtesy of geniass. THANK YOU GENIASS! *staring at high res wallpaper drooling and not getting any work done*

  33. redlightmind

    I’m actually speechless.

  34. nicbeast

    *shaking head*

    That man should come with a warning label.


  35. Anonymous

    *Brains just Collapsed*


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