Favorite Comment(s) of the Week x 2

Twice the fun this week since I didn’t do these last week.

ln said…
Football is fun and all, but compared to Wentworth…. pleeeeeeease!
Went running around in those tight pants, however….mmmmmm….. *just fell off my chair*

I am STILL waiting on this special for my Tivo. *shaking head* Went in tight football spandex…Hello!

Pen said…

You know, I’ve been trying to work out why I love Wentworth so much, and I’ve decided it’s because he makes me smile.

I see him – my eyes smile
I hear him speak – my lips smile
I read and listen to his eloquence and insight – my brain smiles
I learn about his kindness and courtesy – my heart smiles

I smile and smile
While my g-spot gently weeps…

This my friend is truly beautiful…*g spot commiting suicide b/c Went will never find it*

Anonymous said…

so if he said he wasn’t gay but didn’t say he was straight can we assume he’s bi?

1/10/2007 3:33 PM

Why yes my anonymous friend, we can. *smiling* I know, WFW is a bad bad girl…


mama bear said…

You know, upon second glance, I must say…even Went’s chest hair seems classy. Not too out there, not too crazy…revealing just enough to keep us tantalized by the thought of what it leads down to. *Sigh*

I now declare his chest hair, A STAR!


nicbeast said…

mmmmm…Treasure Trail…mmmmm…mine…my own…my Precious….

My love, my own, my…Precious…*stroking the Precious*

geniass said…

Good freaking lord. He just oozes sex, just oozing! I’d just to join you on Went’s other leg, er lap.

You’re on.


mink said…

This simply cannot be legal. That is all.

I can think of 5 states off the top of my head where what I want to do with these pictures is in fact illegal.


Patty said…

WFW, I noticed that hand by the goods too and thought it was just me being dirty. Now I know you are there with me? Someone needs to photoshop those pants off.

Damn photoshop, I could do it with my teeth.


Karen said…

Italians have such an appreciation for fine art…

First David … now, Went…

Cosi bello!



linds said…



Fashion Police said…

Couldn’t they just throw a wig on that poor girl….Sara!Sara!Sara!


Anonymous said…

Am I the only one seeing that divine glory and glow around him? He is a saint.

1/16/2007 2:51 PM

Anon, no you are not the only one. I also hear the monks singing as well “AHAHAHAHAHLAYLOOOYAH!” *crying and worshipping*


cocot13 said…

Perez and his followers have definitely infiltrated this site

The hell they have!


the.red.head said…

Is it possible to have an orgasm from hearing Went’s sexxxxy voice? If so, then that explains a lot…

Why yes it is and it happens to me all the time. Welcome to my hell…or is it heaven?


notthedoctor said…

OH Australia!!!! How many more surprises you have for us!
i think that country is as in love with Went as we are!
Gotta love it. I don’t regret He went there now.

I know and the interviews are STILL coming. Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi!

Anonymous said…

Ok, if that was the real Wentworth Miller, and he really talks like that to his female fans-SIGN ME THE F*CK UP TO CHATBOX!!!

1/18/2007 11:42 PM

If the real Went ever showed up in the chatbox, I would ban each and every one of you and talk to him myself. WFW


Krissie said…

There’s a HUGE difference between believing and knowing, right?
Knowing takes the fun out of stuff.
Believing makes the impossible possible!
(Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Went in chat box… same category, people! lol)

If only everyone were as smart, talented and lovely as you Krissie, this would be a better world.


tia said…

just ignore the haters WFW I know that was him lol

I love a believer. I will tell Went you said hello when he comes back.

As always everyone, thank you for your comments even those of you with absolutely no sense of humor whatsoever. Your obtuseness amuses me.

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