Wentworth Miller at the TCAs

And on the Sixth day, Wentworth Miller put on a suit and was photographed…And it was good.

*singing* You are so beautiful to me, Can’t you see? You’re everything I hope for, you’re everything I NEED! You are so beautiful…*whispering now*…to me…*happy tears*

Look at my TV Show men together in one pic. This pic makes me so happy it’s ridiculous. Oh Wentworth you look HOT. As always, more pics at Just Jared. Thank you Jared!


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19 responses to “Wentworth Miller at the TCAs

  1. Krissie

    God took some time to come up with Wentworth Miller.
    Armani took some time to come up with that suit.
    Having those two put together, it’s gonna take me no time to come.

  2. the.red.head

    Oh.my.god he is “becumming” more beautiful everyday!

  3. Xiomara

    he looks great n e way but wen he’s in a suit..hot damn hold the press…extra extra read all ABOUT it

  4. CaseyXX

    i dont think i have any words to express my love 4 him right now. I bet he’s not human cos no1 can look this good

  5. KT

    Good lord he looks fine. wudnt it b great if he was the next James Bond. I mean technically he’s English. Then again he’d ave to kiss loadsa girls

  6. MeanGirl

    Feeling hot hot hot

  7. Anonymous

    no, kt, he’s not “technically english”. that’s some home-grown, 100% mixed-race, american-bred male beauty there!

  8. sammie.pie


  9. nicbeast

    God must have just finished making the world’s worst serial killer and decided to make up for it my making Went.
    Praise Jesus.

  10. notthedoctor

    OH Wentworth! Just bring that gorgeous Tux with ya when you come to visit me in Paris, will ya?

  11. amy

    B-E-A-Utiful lay. -1234345 under par… hole in one went, god i love this man!

  12. Anonymous

    Oh God.. Honey, you are the 9th wonder of the world.. How can anyone look so desireable?? That suit takes me to the Mariah Carey clip – who wouldn’t jilt their man at the alter if Went turned up to steal them away? Oh ! Just pictured the masquerade where Went looked fuckable taking that black mask off.. * give me air! *

  13. linds

    I forgive every previous fashion offense. The man has officially hit it out of the park!

  14. Anonymous

    Wondering if Jack Bauer could beat Michael Scofield…?

  15. Wet For Went

    Usually I am all about the button-downs with top buttons unbuttoned and the jeans…oh god the jeans! *breathing heavily* But I do love him suited up as well. I love him in his non-matching clothes, I love him in a towel…Oh yes I’ll lick him on a train and yes I’ll suck him on a plane. I’ll let him spoon me in the a.m. I will, I’ll fuck him sam I am! *doesn’t know how Dr. Seuss got in there*

    anon 11:00, I love Went and I love Michael but Jack Bauer would kick Michael Schofields’ ass. Let’s not kid ourselves. Prison Break and 24 together again, TONIGHT! WOO HOO!

  16. Anonymous

    Yeah, it would take him only 24 hours to get the eight most wanted men in US ,lol.

  17. mama bear

    Went looks so debonair in this pic…definitely a return to old Hollywood – I feel him channeling Cary Grant or old Larry Olivier. He blows both of them away, of course.

    I never realized how short Kiefer is! With Went being 6’1, it looks like Kief is what, 5’9ish maybe. I guess that means Tom Cruise and Sly Stallone would be right above his waist. 🙂

  18. Anonymous

    I know I should be focusing on Went, and ONLY on Went but… what is up with Kiefer’s face on that pic? He is bright pink!
    I got it, that’s what you get from staying too close to the Hotness. Wentburn, people, WENTBURN!


    I dont thank jesus for putting a man on the earth whos so handsome and gay.

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