Wentworth Miller Candids

Candid Wentworth makes me happy. Went is that a new coat? Maybe this should be a High Fashion post? The beanie matches the coat Went and jeans go with everything! Ah but no, the shoes…*crickets* You know, at least they’re new. Bravo my love. That’s right SHOP!

Thanks Baaca!


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18 responses to “Wentworth Miller Candids

  1. Anonymous

    Handsome as always.If he were wrapped in a tablecloth he’d still be smokin’ hot. Goddamnit! Some people have it all, looks and brains. Maybe that’s why we belong together;he’s got everything, i got nothng.

  2. Anonymous

    Oh GOD I’d luv to run into him somewhere unexpected! My heart would stop! …Oh Went hunny, I need to see you!

    If I saw him and he flashed that sexed smile I’d be quivering…! *wetting my panties*

  3. niika

    I adore went but he has an awful sense of style LOOl. Sorry.

  4. marissa

    Are those shoes new? Looks like he had those old ones washed or upholstered or something — they look the same as his old ones!

  5. the.red.head

    How can he look so goddamn fuckable in a BEANIE? I’m at a loss…

  6. Anonymous

    Lol.. actually I do like his daily casual apparel.. has a very contrasting, street-style approach, and besides, his clothing clumsiness is the innocence of him! awww… He could be draped in a curtain and look so edible and gorguz!

  7. Anonymous

    I love him

  8. Anonymous

    went babe, i am falling deeper and deeper in lurve with you. every new pic and interview your natural beauty and intelligence never ceases to amaze me. you are just beyond perfection. thank you for always managing to make me smile in all different places =)

  9. Anonymous

    Holy-crap new clothes…matching new clothes.

    Ahhh but the dead give-away THE SHOES…..Wentworth your a God but your human too.

    Fashion Police

  10. Anonymous

    God, he is hot.

  11. Anonymous

    He looks better and better and with his beanie on his just the perfect man like every girl want.

  12. Anonymous

    “Detroit” promo with WM, SWC and Dom:


    They talk a bit about their kissing scene/s.

  13. Anonymous

    What, no beige??? And matching colors (almost..)Went’s really making progress. And the beanie reminds me of Wentmas… Oh.

  14. mama bear

    marissa, I LMAO about your theory on Went re-upholstering his shoes! I personally think he forgot to turn his rental shoes back into the local bowling alley. Still, he looks HOT…if I ran into him looking the way he does in this pic, I would still have to pick my jaw off the floor.

  15. Anonymous

    Okay people, wtf is the matter with his shoes??
    Have you looked at the fluorescent, and might I add, Poofy(what the?)Jacket??
    His shoes aren’t that bad *Looks around trying not to get killed*
    oh and the jeans, High Five Went!!

    The beanie just makes me smile, not to mention his adorable cutesy-pie looking face!!God, I love this Man!!
    *happy thaughts*


  16. redlightmind

    Me likey the beanie…it rhymes with Weenie. I want to see more of both.

    My God! What would my mother say about my behavior???

  17. Anonymous

    My Mother would disown me if she knew the thoughts i was thinking of Wentworth! OMG! He is the most beautiful man to ever walk this earth.
    I am in love!

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