Wentworth Miller FOX 8 Interview and Promo in Australia

No video yet but when I get it, you shall have it. In the meantime, who needs video?

“Nice boobs you got there.”

*thinking* I can’t believe I just said that.

*still thinking* So conflicted…I want them.

*more thinking* I must have them. I’m going for it.


“When I get out of here, I am going to do things to you that will make you scream.”

“I can’t wait that long…Bend over.”

Thanks Krissie and Marianne!

UPDATE: OK so here’s the interview

Thanks Julie!

UPDATE #2: And here is the promo

Thanks geniass!


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18 responses to “Wentworth Miller FOX 8 Interview and Promo in Australia

  1. the.red.head

    Lol I always love his hand gestures… they leave so much room for interpretation!

  2. Patty

    WFW, thanks for the belly laugh! Went is total hotness! (but I have been cheating with Jake this weekend. What is up with that? ) Prison Break needs to get back on the TV now!

    Oh, and you realize his hands are big enought actually grab MY giant boob(s)? Thanks you, Jeebus! Now back to the fantasy….

  3. Anonymous

    Well I need video, and you do too, so here’s the vid link!!

    P.S. great captions, you naughty WFW!
    P.P.S. Don’t you think white suits him very well??*Yummm…*


  4. mbnd

    Just wish it were mine he was reaching out for. He would have been better off I wouldn’t have him arrested & put behind bars just between my sheets.

  5. karen

    “…nicely exfoliated, but very dry…”

    *thinking* *about* *massage oil* *in* *ALL* *the* *right* *places*

  6. Anonymous

    Picture #2:
    White Shirt + Wentworth Miller’s Tongue = Temperature Rising

  7. notthedoctor


  8. Anonymous

    #@!$%&#*@% !!! *dying*
    – GOD that stunning face is absolutely to DIIIE FORRR!!

  9. niika

    *grab* LOL. The pics and the subtitles are too funny xD, love the vid.

  10. sammie.pie

    “When I get out of here, I am going to do things to you that will make you scream.” — Oh Went, Be Good & keep your promise, k? Make.Me.SCREAM!!

  11. soiled undies


  12. Anonymous

    Wow he looks so different from first season. Aged well like fine wine…he’s looks more his age with his hair. I can’t decide which way I perfer him, with hair or without hair?….what does everyone here think?

  13. Anonymous

    HAAHAHAHAAA!!!!:D That comics was hilarious!!!!!! And speaking of the interview I already thought there’ll be no tattoo question this time, but…

  14. linds

    Oh Went, Went Went. You ARE a walking work of art!

  15. mama bear

    TOO funny! That stare is priceless!

  16. Anonymous

    thank you linds for stating the obvious…bless him that he thinks he needs that tattoo to make him a walking work of art! *sigh*

  17. SavMed

    Lick, lick, lick, lick, lick, lick, lick, lick, lick *tongue numb… must continue…* lick, lick, lick, lick……….

  18. Anonymous

    Wentworth without hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mwah

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