Wentworth Miller and Sarah Wayne Callies Interview Marathon

I’ll be updating this post as I get new links.

Good Day Dallas

Good Day Boston

Good Day Detroit

Good Day Birmingham

Good Day St. Louis

I don’t have time to watch them right now (still at work) but enjoy!


Thanks mink and geniass!


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23 responses to “Wentworth Miller and Sarah Wayne Callies Interview Marathon

  1. Anonymous

    Hey does anyone know what the deal was with the keys of that reporter?? Went said to remember her from somewhere!!!!! Jealous!!

  2. Anonymous

    I just love them together.

  3. Anonymous

    great interviews! ummmmm…I think someone has a crush on Wenty. What the heck is he playing with in those interviews? *smile – something comes to mind*

  4. Anonymous

    Does anyone know if these interviews will be posted on youtube or if they have been posted on youtube? Thanks!

  5. the.red.head

    Gotta say tonight’s episode of Prison Break was pretty cool. Did Went look hot as hell or was that just me?

  6. Anonymous

    I can’t get the dumb thing to work on my computer.

  7. Anonymous

    jeans. are. good. 😉

  8. Anonymous

    Cold sores? I would gladly endure a mild case of herpes for a few deep kisses from Went. What the heck is Sarah complaining about? 🙂

  9. Anonymous

    oh, as if you wouldn’t just be channel hopping just to see him. 🙂 and as you said buttercup…jeans!!!

  10. Anonymous

    Yeah… You can see them in you tube plus another one in the Morning Show of Mike and Juliet , quite funny by the way. He couldn´t help saying this “Oh my God ,Sarah, you´re sexy”

  11. mink

    “He couldn´t help saying this “Oh my God ,Sarah, you´re sexy””

    I think it should probably be clarified that it was the host who said that, NOT Went.

  12. Wet For Went

    Thank. you. mink.

  13. Anonymous

    Right, sorry about that but it sounded to me like Went´s voice (I know, I know … his voice is unique …how could I get it wrong?) and besides I didn´t pay attention to what the host said afterwards so I didn´t realise my mistake

  14. Wet For Went

    Don’t take it personal anon 11:00, lol. I have a general aversion to WeSah.

  15. Stranger

    I wanna know what that keys thing was about! Come on Went, we promised to say everything to each other, what’s that about? And you remember HER? You remember HER? We’ve got some erasing to do.

  16. sxc beast

    Mmmmmm… Wentworth

  17. i just love wentworth miller and sarah wayne callies together.it should be – wentworth and sarah miller.

  18. ...

    juhuuu prison break season 4 coming soon with 22 episodes

    michael scofield(loveee)

  19. Fuushi

    really?? when?
    I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Maybe they bring Sarah back in a kind of “memory”

  20. Sara4Went

    no shes alive!!! whether they bring her back or not is another question. but she is alive. didnt u watch episode 13 of season 3???? listen carefuly x

  21. Sara4Went

    and yeah i bet you ‘have a nice time’ with him, Sarah!! lucky biatch

  22. Anonymous

    de verdad eres muii riko

  23. te lo guro eres demasiado lindo tus hojos hay me encantan son hermozos igual q tu

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