Wentworth Miller talks to Woman’s Day

Wentworth Miller talks to Woman’s Day about his family life, his recent Christmas down under, and how playing a jailbird on Prison Break has changed his opinion of criminals.

We hear you spent Christmas in Australia …
I have a younger sister, Leigh, who’s down here in Melbourne for a year. Her boyfriend has a scholarship. As a result, the whole family came here for the holidays.

Did your Aussie co-star on Prison Break, Dominic Purcell, give you any tips?
Dominic is a surf fiend, so everything he says about Australia comes down to the surfing. That’s useless to me because I grew up in Brooklyn [New York] and it wasn’t part of our culture — and I’m terrified of sharks!

What do you do when you’re away from the set in Texas?
I like to go to the movies; I like to hang out with my friends from the cast. We’re really close-knit. We’re lucky in that we don’t have the drama or alleged drama that seems to go on in other TV shows. We tend not to go to bars or clubs en masse, because it’s like having a blinking neon sign over your head.

Has playing an inmate changed your opinion of jail?
My appreciation of who the men and women are behind bars has changed significantly. People would like to believe there’s a world of difference between us and them and that the line is thick and distinct and clear. But the truth is, it’s not … you could wind up in prison, I could wind up in prison. I see signs driving down the highway in the States and you pass a construction zone and see a sign that says if you hit a construction worker on the highway, it’s 10 years in prison. So if you sneeze the wrong time, suddenly, you’re behind bars.

If you had to choose your last meal, what would it be and who would you share it with? It would have to be of course with my family — my two sisters, my mother, my father. They’re the core of who I am and what I am. They’re the backbone of my support system, which has been invaluable as my life has transformed in the past year and a half. As far as what we’d all be eating, my mum makes a great shepherd’s pie. Our version is a layer of mashed potatoes, then meat in between, then green beans and like, a tomato sauce. Then I’d wash it down with a little mint chocolate-chip ice cream, the green kind.

Your lawyer father, Wentworth, and teacher mother, Roxann, initially weren’t supportive of you being an actor. Has that changed now you’re famous?
All they knew is that I was off in California, I didn’t have a job, I wasn’t getting out of bed in the morning at a respectful hour and I didn’t have a steady pay. So they were fearful on my behalf. We do talk about the show, usually in the context of me calling up Mom and telling her it’s okay for her to watch tonight’s episode because I won’t be losing any more toes. She gets very upset about these things.

Can you say new information? He always gives JUST A LITTLE to keep us wanting more. So cute that he is tight with his family. So am I. He hangs out with the cast. Awww! I can just see him and Amaury hitting a bar at Amaury’s urging. I would love to be a fly on that wall…

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I believe he was called Stinky at Princeton, not in high school. He had to sell his CDs? Which ones? I would love to see his CD collection. Oh and um, Wentworth, Where are all these STUPID women who want Michael Scofield? I want YOU!

[rant] Now calling an article or even a collection of snippets My Childhood Hell is BEYOND misleading. Wentworth is a nice guy, stop trying to pimp him for info and then make him seem like a whiner. This is starting to piss me off. [/rant]

Oh and I changed the picture b/c I REFUSE to use Neon Madness. Just…No.

Thanks mink for posting it, pbobsessed (for the link) and kimberleighrae (for the scan)!


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10 responses to “Wentworth Miller talks to Woman’s Day

  1. linds

    this just grabs my heart and twists it – reason #973 I love Wentworth Miller – he’s all about family. Oy!

  2. mama bear

    You’re right, WFW, the title of this article is a bit off. Still, I loved the new information, especially about how deeply he regards his family. His Mama and Papa definitely raised him right!

  3. Anonymous

    Why do these interviewers always get bit of information wrong? His mom’s name is Joy, not Roxann!

  4. the.red.head

    Mmmm…mint chocolate chip ice cream. I’m hungry. Or am I just horny?

  5. Anonymous

    He’s just… so damn gorguz.. * sob, sob *

    The extent I’d go to, to meet him someday… (i just want one date..)

    His lady is going to be ONE. DAMN. LUCKY. UNPOPULAR. BITCH. PERIOD!

    I hate her already

  6. Wet For Went

    I know…a family man…how sweet.

    anon 4:00, yup, must’ve forgotten to mention the wrong name for the Mom. How can you call yourself a journalist with wrong information? *sigh*

    red head, probably both.

    Dani, pre-hate? Hate in advance? I’m impressed.

  7. Anonymous

    shepherds pie?! adorable much?!

    p.s. proud of aussie journos getting info wrong and asking tattoo questions..NOT!!! goddammit!!

  8. mama bear

    OK people – fess up? Who’s going to go and make/eat some Shepard’s Pie now because Went mentioned it was his favorite meal? *crickets* Is it just me???

    I swear, this man must have some power when he can take English cuisine from the “Won’t-eat-it, can’t-make-me” list and make it skyrocket to the top of the “Must-try-at-least-once-so-that-I can-understand-what-Went-is-talking-about” list.

  9. mink

    Have to say, that version of a Shepherds Pie that Went described is nothing like an English version of the same. We have lovely, fluffy mashed potato on the top of ours. Can’t say the sound of Went’s mom’s version appealed to me (sorry Went’s mom). LOL

  10. mink

    Oops! Guess I wasn’t paying sufficient attention – apparently Went’s mom’s pie has mash on top too, but we would definitely omit the green beans and tomato sauce. [/cooking lesson]. LMAO!

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