Wentworth Miller Clips

Here are some Wentclips for your enjoyment while I slave away at work all day.

Wentworth Miller on E! News Live courtesy of chunkymonkey

Wentworth Miller on Access Hollywood courtesy of maichan

Wentworth Miller and Sarah Wayne Callies on The Morning Show with Mike & Juliet (also below)



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9 responses to “Wentworth Miller Clips

  1. Marleen

    Went is so handsome! He has a great laugh. He’s so funny.
    Ik hou van Went!!!

  2. Freak-a-licious

    Thy Holy Hotness will always be a freakin stunner!


  3. Anonymous

    ahhh god he is amazing. i can’t go a day without seeing wents face and id just want to say thanks WFW for posting everything youve so amazingly put together on here. amazing. went is amazing..
    this interview with sarah wayne callies and him is gorgeous.. hes so cute… the way he calls robert knepper(t bag) a sweetheart.. awwwh man!!
    love you always went šŸ˜¦
    and yep he has a great laugh. omg.

    lots of lovin from london for you went!!

  4. Stranger

    That report from E! News is such a slut! Always trying to grab him.
    You better take your hands off, you slut! :Ā“(

    * really pissed, ’cause he’s heaven on earth and i’m not the one being hugged *

  5. the.red.head

    Went is soo sexy when he’s shy..and that lucky bitch SWC…grrrrrrrr. This world is just too unfair.

  6. the.red.head

    By the way, Went’s voice= sex.

  7. Anonymous

    a. it would be really great if some morning show hosts would WAIT TO HEAR THE ANSWERS TO THE QUESTIONS THEY ASK..MANNERS PEOPLE!

    b. is it just my imagination or is Went mocking K.W. ? i see eye glint dammit and i love it.

  8. SavMed

    I do not like SWC. No nononono!
    Conceited c… pička!

    And she gets to breathe the same air Went breathes. She pretends to be totally indifferent, but I bet she would jump him if she had a chance!

    Wish I had the chance…

  9. Rischa

    Wentworth is a good actor. He is so cool !! His eyes likes eagle’s eye….You inspired me to wrote novel.

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