The New Blogger

Wet For Went has upgraded to the new Blogger. Be afraid…Be very very afraid. So far so good for me but if something is screwy on your end, please let me know in the comments. Thanks!

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3 responses to “The New Blogger

  1. Karen

    The thought your pic inspired in my twisted mind:

    Oh, Went… it really is…impressive. I hope my mouth is big enough…


    But seriously, I use the new blogger as well and the only thing that bugs me is that my automatic sign in that I had on the old blogger hasn’t carried over and so I’ll get carried away and write a long comment (case in point), only to discover that if I sign in, I’ll lose all my witticisms. But that’s just a matter of my brain fart and laziness.

    At any rate, good luck with the transition and keep up the stellar work. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… you are my favorite id. 🙂


    Actually everything is a lot easier on this new blogger. By the way, love the pic. It’s very becoming.

  3. Mama Bear

    So far, so good, WFW. LOVE your new pic! It’s like you’re saying, “WTF?!” 🙂 Thanks again for all your hard work.

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