New Wentworth Miller Gap Ad

Looks like the Gap Ads are finally getting some press and with it, a new pic. Oooooo a wonderfully marvelous fingering pic…

Mmmmm Lap and Fingers…

Thanks mink and thanks of course to Jared. You can find this pic bigger (along with some Prison Break spoiler pics and WARNING the pics are VERY spoilery) here. I am now a spoiler whore and let’s just say, everyone seems to get what they’ve been waiting for here. Hee Hee! I CAN’T WAIT TIL MONDAY!!!

UPDATE: His Royal Gapness in all his HQ glory!

Thanks geniass!


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23 responses to “New Wentworth Miller Gap Ad

  1. Mama Bear

    Oooh, they’ve caught him in mid-sleeve pull revealing his yummy fingers and beautiful forearm. He looks like a nice, frothy latte against all that beige.

  2. Anonymous

    hehehe …..Spoilery!!! you make me laugh.


  3. linds

    *GAH* he just looks heavenly and good enough to eat! Do you guys ever notice that sometimes it looks like they mess around photo shopping his nose? QUIT MESSING WITH PERFECTION!!! He’s so fucking cute with that hair… =and that stare…*impure thought alert*

  4. Missy B

    His two fingers like that are making me think incredibly dirty thoughts…

  5. Jo

    Lord have Mercy!!! Those fingers, those bulging… veins, that masculine fore..arm….are enough to drive a girl crazy *major naughty thoughts* I’d like to put some sugar in that latte.

  6. Amy

    while i’m going to be sitting here stuffing myself with leftover christmas popcorn in march my babies you nic and sammie will be in los angeles seeing the very person we live for… i want ALLLLLLLLLLLL the pics.. look at the finger action .. can you say hott… wentworth!

    love you

  7. Anonymous

    ohh would like to have those fingers up my ……

  8. Neila

    Okay, ladies, did you all know that everything on the body is proportionate. A man’s “length” is equal to the length from the palm of his hand to the tip of his middle finger. (Being a Passion Party consultant, I know these things.)

    That gives this picture a whole new (satisfying) meaning. 😀

  9. buttercup

    neila…it’s quite possible you just made me love him more..God bless you and your Passion Party knowledge!

  10. Melanzanie

    ah those fingers… I think we can come up with a better use than sticking that up his sleeve…UMAH… slap my hand heehee

  11. Krissie

    *angry at self for using the “little pieces of heaven” line before*
    …because now I know EXACTLY how perfectly they would fit into MY piece of heaven!

  12. Anonymous

    If Neila’s theory is correct, Went is packing some serious heat.

  13. Freak-a-licious

    So how far up can that hand go …?

  14. Anonymous

    Yeah, everyone seems to get what they’ve been waiting for. Only Sara gets a little bit more.

  15. sammie.pie

    Only Went can make beige look this scrumptious! And his fingers?! GRACIOUS ME! *crossing*

  16. Mama Bear

    Nelia, Do you have any tips on how to measure a man’s girth? *snickering*


    Not only is he fucking with us, now he’s teasing himself! I swear, do you see him fingering his forearm?! I really..really..can’t take much more of this!

  18. Cosine

    I am now a spoiler whore and let’s just say, everyone seems to get what they’ve been waiting for here.

    What? Michael and Lincoln finally get their ‘cest on?! Sweet ass.

  19. Anonymous

    I saw the Wet For Went ad in Gap and wanted to steal the ad and hang it in my bedroom. Wentworth looks like honey in that pic. And I bet he tastes like it too. I will never think of beige the same way again. CaN I marry you Wentworth? YoU aRe sO SeXy!

    *~~~LoVe LoVe~~~*

  20. Anonymous

    What’s wrong with your people!!!!!
    He is cute y no mas!!!

  21. Anonymous

    HI everybody!

    could anyone tell me if I can get that picture in a magazine and in which one please??? It’s not gonna be easy, I’m from Spain…. xD

  22. Wet For Went

    The answer is here.

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