Get Your Clicking Fingers Ready!

We have until the end of the month to make sure that Wentworth Miller is voted Hello Magazine’s Most Attractive Male. He’s #4 right now…NUMBER FOUR! He’s LAST! *I can feel myself getting obsessed* This is a travesty! You know the drill; Turn off your cookies and vote over and over and over again. We must get our man to #1!


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7 responses to “Get Your Clicking Fingers Ready!

  1. Anonymous

    i’m first! Is there any question as to him being the Hottest Actor!
    He is absolutely devine!!!

  2. evelyn from Greece

    4TH PLACE?????????????

    VOTE YOU GUYS!!!!!!


  3. Karen

    Well… what can we expect from a country that redefined pudding?

    Some people just make no sense. I mean, David Tennant?!


  4. Anonymous

    When I turn off my cookies I can’t vote! What to do? I want to vote a million times!

  5. Melanzanie

    As much as I like Hugh Laurie..he is NOT the hottest actor, oh my freaking GOD! Vote vote vote.. but only every 15 minutes..what is that?

  6. Mama Bear

    OK, I’ve set my egg-timer for every 15 mins., which works out because that’s about as often as I check-in on the Confessional, er, C-box. 😉

    Oh yeah, and HELLLLLLLLLO, Hello Magazine! Putting Hugh Laurie up against Went is like putting a velvet rendering of “Dogs Playing Poker” up against Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”…in other words, it’s a TRAVESTY! And having Hugh actually beating Went is like eating a bag of vomit-flavored jelly beans…nauseating.

  7. Anonymous

    Who is the grangpa at number 1?

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