Wentworth Miller: The New Ass of Bean Pole Jeans

Or is that face? No matter, I’m looking forward to the ass…

Bean Pole Jeans, a local fashion brand, yesterday confirmed that it will hire Wentworth Miller, an American actor who is rapidly becoming a major heartthrob for young Koreans, as the brand’s next model. Miller recently earned international acclaim with his performance in “Prison Break,” the smash-hit U.S. TV series.

“We concluded a one-year contract with Wentworth Miller who has become a fashion icon in America,” said Cheil Industries Inc.

The company said it decided to pick Miller as its model because his intellectual appeal, presented in “Prison Break,” matched well with its brand’s image. The company is to arrange a fan meeting when Miller visits Korea on Feb. 10-11.

Last month, the company refused to elaborate on details of the negotiations with Miller. But its signing of actress Gwyneth Paltrow to its list of models last year along with Daniel Henney, a Korean-American actor, led industry observers to guess Bean Pole would soon close a deal with the “Prison Break” star.

Miller, 34, has recently gained popularity among young Koreans who feel more open to foreign culture and who have free access to the internet to fulfill their soaring curiosity of the celebrity and his personal life.

Miller plays Michael Scofield in the Fox Network’s television series “Prison Break” which has become an international hit. The English-born American actor fascinated both domestic and international audiences with his role, a fine-spirited engineering genius who attempts to break out of prison with his brother, who has been sentenced to death. His brother, Lincoln Burrows, is played by Australian actor Dominic Purcell. Fox TV is currently airing “Prison Break 2.”

Miller appeared in “The Human Stain (2003)” playing the younger version of Anthony Hopkins’ character.

The actor received a 2005 Golden Globe nomination for best actor in a dramatic series.

As long as those jeans look like this,

I’m ALL for it. *drooling in advance* I wonder how many excuses I can come up with to post that picture…Korean Prison Break and Wentworth Miller fans, time to squee! Wentworth Miller will be in Korea on February 10-11. Get those cameras ready and SEND ME PICTURES!

Thanks Krissie!



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12 responses to “Wentworth Miller: The New Ass of Bean Pole Jeans

  1. buttercup

    See! Jeans. Are. Good.
    That should be on the posters.

  2. Krissie

    The new butt of Bean Pole Jeans!!!!!!
    *bouncing and clapping hands*
    Went The Butt! Went The Butt! Went The Butt! Butt for president! Because it rules anyway!

  3. Dani

    indeed, like Went, some of us have BEan POLed at one point or another.. *from experience*

  4. Mama Bear

    I knew Went was a freak…first The Gap, then Banana Republic, and now Bean Pole Jeans. He’s sending us subliminal messages…READ BETWEEN THE LINES!

  5. SavMed

    mama bear, you are absolutely right! this is yet another evidence that the man is an evil genius. nevertheless, i love him and his pole.

  6. cocot13

    no offense but when did he become a fashion icon in America?

  7. nicbeast

    Went, I understand you have committments, but to leave me on my birthday, is just plain mean. I will let it go this time, but you better bring me back something good…and when I say good I think we understand I mean The Precious.

  8. Wet For Went

    LMAO dani!

    mb, that BP thing never happened (If you’re talking about the fragrance geniass heard he was the face of). I don’t think I ever updated that post so thank you for reminding me!

    cocot, He didn’t but that is the only error in an otherwise splendidly written piece. We’re so used to completely wrong info. At least that could be perceived to mean that he looks good when they dress him up, which is true. He rocks a mean photoshoot.

    nic, are we already trying to call dibs on The Precious before we even get to L.A.?

  9. the.red.head

    mmm..sex in foreign denim.

  10. sammie.pie

    OMG– Mama Bear! LOUD & CLEAR– The Gap.. Banana… Pole! Total FREAK! Oh so very WENTALICIOUS, in deed!

  11. tina

    he’s going to be in korea? that’s like 3 hours by plane from where i live! i’m so excited by this news i swear i got tears in my eyes! 😀

  12. nicbeast

    WFW, yes. Dibs!

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