Wentworth Miller: It’s Over Between Us

The first time, I chewed you out. The second, I refreshed your memory about our long distance rule. This time, It’s over. I’m sorry but I am ebaying my Paley tickets as we speak. Have a nice life.

I don’t know whether to thank you or not geniass

You know what? I’ve changed my mind. I forgive you Wentworth. Why can’t I ever stay mad at you?

Beigette, you however, I have some words for. I dedicate this song to you.


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55 responses to “Wentworth Miller: It’s Over Between Us

  1. Dani

    SHOCK HORROR – STOP THE PRESS! Wet, dont worry about Lady Beige, she’s just moved up in the wardrobe world…

    This will be the DEATH of WFW now…

    Wentworth you’re a wanker!

  2. Dani

    **feel better now WFW?**

  3. shortstuff

    is that the same mariana girl? she looks diff. at least theyre not holding hands or anything, otherwise i’d def have to hurt someone.. probably her, cuz went’s too pretty..

  4. carla

    wardrobe upgrade but damn those shoes. beigette should burn those ribbons..i second dani..feel better wfw. xo

  5. Krissie

    *chanting: just friends just friends just friends just friends*

  6. LN

    I agree with you Carla, these shoes are plain ugly.

    When I first saw the pic my eyes went:
    – Wentworth, ahhhh cute
    – Beigette! Damn you, Beigette *sob*
    – Those shoes… pink ribbons… seriously?

    instead of going:
    – Wentworth
    – Arghhhh Beigette
    – Went
    – Went
    – Went
    – Went

  7. Melanzanie

    whats wrong with the shoes…. just friends.. this is all a dream

  8. buttercup

    But Baby…?????

  9. mink

    Oh fuck! Glad you’re here WFW, cos I needed somewhere to vent. Why, oh why, oh why does this girl (and this is now officially VERY FISHY) have to be so fucking insipid looking. With no style. At all? It just pains me to see him with her. She’s just so….bleurgh!

    And it is NOT just because she is a female with Went. I would love him to have a really cool girlfriend I could hate with love. But…this Beigette thing? So fucking disappointing.

    And those shoes are from the Seventh Circle of Hell. That is all. For now.

  10. Krissie

    Hey, Beigette! Here’s a thought:
    Why don’t you take your pretty pink bows for a walk? A VERY LONG WALK FAR FAR AWAY FROM THE PRETTY!!!!!!!

  11. Anonymous

    OMG!! WFW how are you darling?? I’m so shocked!! No really I am!!

    First of all I don’t believe that they are friends anymore, I mean a normal grown man without a girlfriend?? Come on( adding that he is “not MR. one nightstand”)!! And second, mayB he likes her style, I mean he doesn’t really have one of his own splendid ones and I hate to admit it but… he is a nerd/dork basically!! So when worst comes to worst this might be a relationship.. although he wouldn’t lie to the press would he??( ahum..)

    OK enough obsessing for now! Hang is there WFW!!!

  12. Belgian

    “One of the hardest things in life is watching the person you love, love someone else.” (source?)

    It must be true, because I’m in pain.

  13. tia

    They dont have to be in a relationship they could just be friends who on occasion like to do it……oh God is that worse?and can someone explain to me why you guys hate her so much I mean no she’s not beautiful but she’s not ugly just average and plain and kinda bony and pale, LOL, but if he were with some drop dead gorgeous chick people would say he’s a typical guy who only likes her because of her looks or claim shes his beard because shes so pretty,but Beigette seems to be his type from the pictures of his ex at THS premiere to his comments on Dr.Sara looking like his ideal girl to him saying he’s had conversations with his male buddies about being attracted to certain women but they cant see why,he obviously isn’t all that swayed by looks and people should applaud him for that espescially women because to be honest with you when I walk down the street I see more women who look like Beigette and SWC than those who look like Angelina or Halle, so Beigette good for you, and if I were you I would put it on him like theres no tomorrow girl LOL

  14. AJ

    ^ 100% agreed. I mean, the man has stated before that he’s not necessarily attracted to girls who are “textbook pretty.” So, I for one will not complain about Marianna’s looks. She seems, very much, to be his “type,” if that makes sense. She’s pretty, but not too pretty, and doesn’t appear to be high maintenance. AT.ALL.

  15. cocot13

    people are going to hate and judge unfairly I might add any women he dates whether she’s an exotic knockout or just the girl next door because we all will be envious of her and wishing we could take her place so witchy poo dont cry,besides I dont think she’s his girlfriend but if their photographed again and especially if its in Dallas then yeah she probably is but for know in my mind their not but they do know each other in the biblical sense

  16. Mama Bear

    WFW, the song is SO fucking hilarious…I haven’t laughed that hard in ages!

    People, relax, Marianna is probably just a friend. And if she’s more, we better start planning a candlelight vigil to mourn the conversion of perhaps the most perfect bachelor.

  17. mink

    Personally, it’s not that she’s only averagely pretty, it’s that she looks so damned insipid to me. Just like there is nothing about her! No spark or style or…whatever. Particularly when he is on record as saying he likes “smart and fierce and aggressive” girls, and I just don’t get any of that from her. Yeah, yeah, I’ve seen only a bunch of pics of her, and a few seconds on a couple of video clips, but in my experience, that’s enough to get someone’s vibe. Whatever, loads of people think she’s cute enough, so good for her. *grumble* *bitch* *whinge*

  18. tee tee

    well if she’s his girlfriend then wouldn’t that make Wentworth a liar and didn’t he just do an interview where he said he wasn’t gay so if he’s a liar than why should we believe anything he says?

  19. Anonymous

    Put it on him girl put it on him for all the women in the world LOL

  20. linds

    Wow. Last night I had the hottest sex dream I’ve ever had about a boy (EVER)starring our favorite guy Wentworth. It. Was. AMAZING. I had something fabulous to replay in my mind again and again during my boring morning staff meeting. I am in a GREAT mood as I access my favorite website (WFW).

    Then I see this picture. My eyes are stinging. I have to activate my Secret Tear Suppression Device while sitting at my desk.

    I know that Wentworth is going to meet (or maybe already met as evidenced in this pic and many others)someone special, fall in love and get married (and that someone will not be me). When I feel like being a grown up I can say I’m sure this girl is just lovely, and don’t get me wrong, I want Went to be happy. It just hurts my heart so badly to see shit like this. *i recognize that this statement is utterly ridiculous, but it hurts nevertheless*

  21. Anonymous

    Every time I am reminded that Went has a life different from the perfect life I imagine him to have(with me as the object of his affection), I die a little.

    I’m a sad, sad person.

  22. LN

    This isn’t about hate cuz the boy has to get laid anyway – and we are not around – so he might as well get it on with her. I mean, look at him… if a guy as hot as his Hotness can’t get any, than who can?

    But the shoes…. I gotta admit I hate the shoes, haha

  23. Wet For Went

    I read all the comments at the same time so I can’t remember who asked why “we all hate her so much.” I don’t hate her. In fact, I remember reading the Emmy fallout on IMDB and I stuck up for her and I said then that the look on her face when Kristen manhandled him away was the look of someone who felt some sort of ownership over him. I would have to agree with those that say she is average, which is fine b/c some women aren’t even that. She doesn’t look high maintenance and at least her shoes match her outfit so her style puts his to shame. I agree with mink however that I don’t see the attraction. I mean I don’t really need to mind you since I’m not fucking her, but I don’t see that she has that…something you would want his S.O. to have when you picture a match for him. And let’s not start calling the boy a liar again without any proof. If he said he doesn’t have a girlfriend, maybe she’s just not his girlfriend yet and if he said he isn’t gay maybe that means he isn’t exclusively into guys. I know you people have to be familiar with giving an answer to a question that is not the whole truth but is at face value, true…or maybe it’s just me that is the master of the true-but-there’s-more-to-it answer. The gripe I have is that it would just be nice to see him with someone with a little flava. Is that too much to ask? Then again we could all be wrong and she could be like really spectacular and all that…

  24. Anonymous

    She’s really insipid!
    And I hate that kind of amused smirk she has when she’s with him.
    You’re lucky, we all know!

    But why this man goes on telling that he’s not fonund yet “a special” girl?
    You’re a grown up man, Went! Wake up! Your career won’t be over and your private life won’t be invaded if you say that you’re in love!

  25. Anonymous

    Im crazy I guess but I dont think ‘feirceness’ or intelligence or anything like that is neccessarily evident in the way that people look or dress. Actually, I think fashion sense and being gorgeous has nothing to do with a person’s inner qualities. I kind of like that she is sort of plain looking, it makes me thinks that Went doesn’t base his friendships or attractinos soley on what other people want to see him surround himself with. And I think this photo is adorable because Wenty looks adorable. And I hope he had a good time whatever time they were having. And as for telling the world about what his relationship is with her, I dont expect him too.

  26. Anonymous

    My take on this – if he says he’s single I choose to believe him. Come on, it seems they’ve known each other since his pre-fame days, maybe from temping and struggling for acting jobs. Yet in all this time, even with a few ‘dates’ behind them, there is no romantic body language and he states clearly that he is single. That would require SOME faking if not fact.
    Having said that, maybe things will change and more dates will lead to a relationship.
    ITA she *appears* a little insipid, but maybe she’s a really witty firecracker! LOL!

  27. redlightmind

    Don’t let me catch her on the street…

    I agree with MINK, I don’t see it but whatever, she’s probably a nice person or he wouldn’t be hanging out with her. Personally, I think they’re just friends. Friends who wear ugly shoes…together.

  28. Anonymous

    To all of you girls, I think we should all be happy that he’s not into BOMBS.
    I’m all too happy that she’s not the all american superficial blond with big boobs.I wish Wentlove would’ve chosen a bit more exotic girl to evacuate his sins(cause she may not be his girl, but they for sure fuck whenever they can).
    If he can be content with this kind of girl, it means we all have a chance …of at least getting fucked by him.
    By the Way, things that I know:
    This girl is madly in love with Wenty. I’m sure she suffers more from that attraction for Wentlove than any of us even if he fucks her from time to time.

  29. Karen

    Strangely enough, the WeMa sightings make me respect Went even more. I mean, I keep trying to explain to this guy I know, who JUST DOESN’T GET IT, that men and women CAN just be friends. He keeps citing “When Harry Met Sally” and counting down the years until I eventually will “see the light”; now I can cite WeMa and tell him to get over it because they, very clearly are either JUST (very good, and maybe even best) FRIENDS or they have the most dispassionate romance ever captured on film.

  30. Anonymous

    Why oh why did I have to see this? It totally ruined my day. And Wentworth’s wardrobe just couldn’t get any worse. Beigette is pink now. Great. Went must be blinded by all the colors. That his never seen before.

    PS: How can you walk next to HIM? Not getting weak at the knees…? Have you looked him in the eye?? Are you straight, girl??

  31. redlightmind

    Anon 1:31, do tell!!!

    Tell us more!!!

  32. Anonymous

    To Karen and all the girls who think these two are just friends.
    You can’t be serious.
    I’ll tell you that friendship is possible without physical attraction or when the physical craving has been satisfied.
    Wentlove was born male and inconditionnaly seductive, universily HOT (I’m black and generally more attracted to black guys but NEVER IN MY LIFE HAVE I LAYED EYES ON SOMETHING MORE SEXUALLY STIMULATING THAN MY Mr. SEX (WENTY).
    Let me tell you that if they really never fucked, then in just explains
    why this girl is so pale and skinny.
    She just can’t eat, can’t sleep. Too obsessed, she needs some Wentsex, she needs him to fuck the hell out of her and then maybe will they be friends.
    Love to all Wentlovers

  33. Anonymous

    Right, three possible scenarios in my opinion: 1. They are, indeed, dating/together. If he works 18-hour days five days a week, who else would he try to see on his time off but his GF? Well, maybe a fuck buddy. 2. They really are just good friends who have known each other for ages and hang out together a lot just the two of them. 3. Went is gay, as perez says, and has started hanging out with her in public regularly to keep it under wraps. Have a hard time believing he’s gay though because it would have been stupid to deny it as clearly as he did if he was. Because, eventually, everyone in the public eye will be outed one way or another.

  34. the.red.head

    Wentworth, what the fuck!? Boy, do I need to beat some red hot sense into your pretty head? I think so!

  35. In Kwerty's Humble Opinion

    was this taken?
    This is his girlfriend…UGH!
    We have to face facts.

  36. Anonymous

    Anon 3.30pm ITA.
    1. The outright gay denial/beard scenario WOULD be ridiculously stupid if he actually was gay.
    2. The girlfriend denials WOULD be hurtful to her (no?) if he actually was with her.
    I go for the friends scenario simply because they seem to have known each other from pre Prison Break days – surely that would be long enough to get it together?? And why no touching?
    The only other possible I think is that they are ‘on the verge’ of an exclusive relationship but remain non-committal simply because he’s always living away on location or travelling and a date once every 2 or 3 months does not a relationship make. *shrug*

  37. shortstuff

    redlightmind: “Personally, I think they’re just friends. Friends who wear ugly shoes…together. “

    HAHAHAHAHA, pricless.

    tia: “his comments on Dr.Sara looking like his ideal girl..”

    when did he say that???

  38. Anonymous

    I totally agree with WFW. It would be nice to see him with someone with some flava. Besides this chick, i have yet to see him with a girl, period (well except for the ex), and she looks a lot like the girl in this pic. I don’t even presume to know anything about him, but i have a strong feeling that he’s primarily into women that look like this chick. I did read that he said he thought that Nicole Ari Parker was beautiful, but that, in my opinion, doesn’t mean a thing. He, as all of us are, is allowed to have preferences, but good Lord, it seems like he has a preference for a certain “type” of woman. Take that however you want to take it.

  39. Steph

    OK here’s my two cents. I’m an avid lurker here and I must say, WFW, I LOVE YOUR SITE!! I think the pictures show two friends walking and talking together. I don’t get the vibe that they are anything more than friends just because of their body language.

    However, it may also depend upon when and where this pic was taken. If it was taken in Dallas, say where they are filming, they could be dating. If it’s somewhere in LA, could be just friends who got together for lunch or something. I tend to think that if it was taken in Dallas then it could be more because, why would she go out there to see him? They could be really good friends, but I tend to think that a “girlfriend” would take the time to go out there to see him. (not that I totally wouldn’t hop a plane and go see him for a weekend if we were friends!)

    And there was just that radio interview, which by the way, was he back in Australia or was it recorded previously and only played now? He did say he was single and I really don’t think he’d go through so much trouble to hide the fact he’s dating someone. Look at Brad Pitt, women still swoon over him even though he’s with Angie and they have 3 kids.

    Anyway, that’s my two cents, ok, maybe like five cents worth!

  40. Anonymous

    In my previous post, i forgot to mention that i don’t think it’s fair to criticize her fashion choices and how she looks. Yes, she’s “low maintainence”, and yes, she’s not extremely gorgeous.She looks like an average girl (read previous post to get the sarcasm in this comment). She is a cute girl though. Obviously this is a style that she feels comfortable with. We shouldn’t criticize someone for being who they are. With that said, i still stick with my previous post.

  41. tia

    shortstuff, he said that when he was in Cannes for the Mipcom thing during the press junket it’s on youtube thats where I heard him say it, oh and this photo looks like it was taken in LA not Dallas because it’s cold there now

  42. Dani

    Went sure knows how to put his friend in danger..

    Look out for the mauling squad lady !

  43. geniass

    So sorry babe! I didn’t mean for it to be over!

  44. Anonymous

    tia, yout absolutely right ist in the 30’s right now in Dallas so this was definitely not taken there it was probaly taken in LA this past weekend or earlier this week no way are they in Dallas in this pic

  45. shortstuff

    thanks tia, found it!

  46. Anonymous

    If she’s not his girlfriend I have a snaking suspicion she’s working on it !!!!!1

  47. mbnd

    Honestly ladies I think they are probably dating..Remember he is a very private person so PDA between the two are never gonna happen & imagine if it did ? The paparazzi would hound them day & night.
    Let them be ..AND if they are not dating remember ladies men & women can just be friends.The opposite sex always makes a better friend.

  48. Anonymous

    Whooooaaa! You took it WAY back with the Mokenstef, WFW! Excuse me while I grab my Cross Colors outfit and Jodeci boots :o)

    I have no words for Went or his “girlfriend” except…


  49. Anonymous

    here’s my two cents:
    the girl is clearly in love with him and she’s clearly working on becoming his girlfriend playing the longtime firend card (i did it myself once, and I know how it works)
    I know I may seem “evil” but the fact that the we have candids only when he’s around with her, looks suspicious. He’s not a monk, he hangs around with other people, friends, family members, so why we have no candids of him ahving lunch with other people?
    who calls the paparazzi????

  50. Anonymous

    Face it people!

    That’s the face of the luckiest woman in the world.

    And I envy the lucky bitch.

    *reaching for Prozac*

  51. Anonymous

    If we see her with him in Dallas then yeah their dating but my gut is saying friends

  52. Julz

    Well I could not say if they are dating or not, even if it would surprise me if they were not… Anyway, Mariana doesn’t look bad, I think she is pretty, and wayyyyy better than a superficial bitch… Anyway I don’t think Went would date a bitch, would he? I prefer to know him dating someone like her! Hope they are happy… and if somehow they were only friends… OMG Went I’m comiiiing!!! lol
    P.S: I don’t really like her hoes either!

  53. Anonymous

    at least she makes us feel good about ourselves.

    ah, that was mean. i meant that she must be great if went is spending his time with her, and every single one of us knows that we’re just jealous and wishing we were her. damn, saying that took all my will power

  54. hailie

    she is mariana klaveno. i think they’re dating. i have their another photos.

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