Wentworth Miller Takes the Transalpin Express

So I’m checking out Keena’s Myspace Page as I often do, looking for new tracks b/c I love her shit, and I find a new one called Transalpin Express and give it a listen. I hear a tone I recognize and I think to myself, Could it be? Why yes, yes it is. How many people’s voices can I recognize from a fraction of a syllable and based on tone alone? No one but him. Wentworth Miller has consumed me completely.


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10 responses to “Wentworth Miller Takes the Transalpin Express

  1. LN

    Luuuuuuuved it!

    Wenty is the best source of inspiration anyone could think of… his voice is the sexiest, well, EVER!
    Good call, Keena!

  2. shortstuff

    im confused..am i the only one jus hearing techno? :s I dun have myspace so maybe its not working for me..

  3. carlaquintas@gmail.com

    wfw i didnt know you love techno!!! i absolutely love the track. and yes..by the 5:30 mark i heard wentworths voice..yum!!

  4. carla

    whoops i just put my email address..its wentworths voice i swear. im possessed.

  5. shortstuff

    ooh i listened to whole thing…. got it now 😀

  6. tee tee

    OK 8 minutes and 32 seconds of my life I will never get back Thanks

  7. Wet For Went

    LOL, OK so not everyone is into techno but I love her stuff and I knew it was Went’s voice before it even hit the minute mark…which just proves how sick I really am.

  8. mink

    Well, let me just say that if you really realised that was Went’s voice before the minute mark, ie. from the tiniest sample and before he actually spoke (and BTW, that line she used just brought my ‘RIP Westie’ sniffles back *sniff*), then 1) I take my hat off to you, and 2) I need you to tell me exactly how worried I should be. 😉

  9. evelyn from greece

    WOW… Oh Went, you are such an inspiration for everybody!!!
    Great track!!!
    Does anyone know how can i download it, so i can hear it in my car, my i-pod, my cell phone, my stereo, my bedroom, my bathroom, my living-room???

  10. keena

    HI WFW!!! OMG this is sooo sweet. I have problems for posting a comment. I will make the song downloadable for you my dears!

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