Wentworth Miller Comes Back For More and Brings the Cast

The chatbox is truly an addictive place. Even Wentworth Miller can’t stay out of it. I suspect this is why he REALLY couldn’t make it to Korea. *hugging Korean fans*

mama bear: so, what are we going to ask Went when he comes back?
WFW: Went, Went, Went! Ra, Ra, Ra!
WFW: I think I should ask him how the restraining order against su is coming along. Sure she’s on another continent but a man needs protection…
linds: i’m going to ask Went if he hits it from the back, if he’s a T and A man or if he’s about the legs, and if he is all brunettes all the time or is there room on his jock for redheads.
mama bear: LMAO
Lily: Went, If I talk dirty to you, will you, in fact, F me harder?
Lily: Went, How well do you follow instruction?
Lily: Went, How is your upper body strength?
mama bear: i’m going to ask him if he likes to eat pussy
linds: Went – is all the stuff that i read about geminis in my sextrology book true?
Lily: Went, Are you familiar with Strip Scrabble?
su: Ra RA?! What are we cheerleaders now lover? ….Okay I can do that.*MAKES A HIGH KICK* oOPS! *FORGOT i’M NOT WEARING PANTIES! *waves pom poms to distract crowd*
mama bear: all great queries
nicbeast: lol su
WFW: I fucking love you linds
Julie: Oh Girls I saw Gale Harold was mentioned, I’m losing it!!
WFW: su, start wearing panties
Lily: Went, Will you read your college thesis to me, very, very slowly.
WFW: Lily, lovely questions
WFW: and I’m sure he eats well…I just have this feeling…
mama bear: ooh, i love that one, Lily
linds: i am also going to talk measurements because I imagine he has an incredible peen but i want assurance
WFW: No will he read his thesis to you with his mouth on your…
su: Britney and Paris taught me well…
mama bear: LOL
Lily: Geminis are kinky and bisexual.
linds: yes! in my mind went is a good eater – none of this portion control bullshit
mama bear: yes, i bet he’s a slow teaser
su: I’m gonna ask what his cum tastes like.
Lily: Yes, please… I’ll take one of those with everything.
linds: Lily – i know! gems are so much fun to get riled up
su: I love Geminis….and Pisces *hint hint*
Wentworth Miller:: You’ve been asking an awful lot of questions, ladies.
mama bear: he tastes likes cookies
mama bear: sweet, i bet
mama bear: AHA!
WFW: WENT!!!!!!!!!!!!
su: WENT!!!!!!!!!
linds: *dying*
mama bear: i knew it!
linds: Went!!!!!!!
Lily: lol
Lily: Here we go…
su : Damn it Went!!! The Apprentice is on!
linds: mamabear – hi five!
nicbeast: Ha ha
Julie: WENT!!!
Julie: OH MY GOD!!
mama bear: TOTALLY, linds!
su: Your timing is wonderful!
Wentworth Miller::I may not answer all of them.
nicbeast: Hello Went.
Julie: I’m 17 By the way!!
WFW: Went, you’re back. I missed you so much!
Wentworth Miller: Hello, Nic.
Julie: :biggrin:
WFW: *squeeeeeeee*
nicbeast: How’ve you been?
su: And I’m 18 and legal Julie – so sorry for you!
Wentworth Miller: Julie, child, should you even be here? Does your mother know?
mama bear: ok, but please tell us your views on cunninglis
nicbeast: Nice to see you again.
Lily: So, Went. Do you and SWC talk about post-feminist feminism all the time?
Julie: Haha su, Well I’m not a slut!!
WFW: lol Went
Lily: lol MB
Julie: No Wentworth, I’ll tell her once she’s home okay?
mama bear: why is everyone 18 all of a sudden?
su: Excuse me Julie? Are you saying something?!
Wentworth Miller: Not all the time, Lily.
nicbeast: Ha ha, MB
Lily: Just sometimes?
linds: wentworth – are geminis really wild?
Julie: Well su, Yes I am!!
linds: and are you?
nicbeast: What is your favourite food?
WFW: Lily! He said your naaaaaame!
nicbeast: …speaking of eating…
Wentworth Miller: I am not wild. In public.
Julie: WOW Went!!
Julie: Tell me more!
mama bear: went, my real name is shaniqua bunnyhopper…can you say it, please?
mama bear: 🙂
su: Don’t make me bitch slap you child! Besides….I’m a born again virgin for Went….
nicbeast: Gentleman on the street, freak in the bed?
Julie: I have always been a virgin, Take That!
linds: Wentworth!!! I love you so much
su: Men like experience, don’t they Went?!
Wentworth Miller: Well, Nic, can I have some privacy left?
WFW: Wentworth, you’re always so succinct. What subject are you passionate about that makes you just want to go on and on?
Julie: No they don’t, su!!
mama bear: but went, do you like pussy?
linds: su that’s what i’m talking about – eff that virgin nonsense.
mama bear: you never answered and we’re all waiting with baited breath
mama bear: like to EAT pussy, i mean…we all know you’re allergic to cats
linds: went, do you go down? please say you go down. please say you’re one of those guys who gets it.
nicbeast: I wish you all the privacy you desire.
Julie: God, This talk is so PG-rated!!
WFW: Now girls, he can’t answer them all at once…
Lily: Great question, WFW.
WFW: Give the man a moment to reflect.
su: Do you know where the CLIT is Went? Because I could show you….
Wentworth Miller: Yesterday you behaved.
Julie: Wentworth please type faster!!
mama bear: *shamed*
Lily: su you’re killing me LMAO
mama bear: *slapping myself with a wet noodle*
Julie: su is talking dirty tonight!
nicbeast: Funny MB!
su: Well it’s not Yesterday Went! It’s Today and we’re going BUCK WILD!
mama bear: lol
Julie: lol mama
Wentworth Miller: su, did you take them all with you down that road?
WFW: When Wentworth speaks, we listen. If he tells me to be good, I will.
linds: went – focus!
Lily: Are Amaury and Knepper all crowded around you, laughing their asses off right now?
mama bear: very true, WFW
Julie: Yes she did Wentworth!
WFW: I’ll do ANYTHING you tell me to do Went.
su: So Went *I wanna fuck you like an animal!*
mama bear: let’s get some class ladies…now went, about the pussy eating
Wentworth Miller: No, I’m alone right now, having a break.
nicbeast: You people have lost your damn minds!
su: *Put it in my mouth!*
keena: …..what the hell is going on here ?!!!
WFW: keena!
su: I took them down to Chinatown Went!
Wentworth Miller: mama bear, really.
WFW: Went is here! AGAIN!
Lily: This is the funniest shit I swear to GOD.
mama bear: sorry
Julie: People, Behave!!
mama bear: *red as a beet*
Lily: Me first, WFW!
linds: i’m so getting fired.
mama bear: *crying, wailing in a corner*
WFW: Please people…Settle down. Let Went breathe
WFW: and read
WFW: one question at a time
WFW: linds, you first
WFW: and go!
WFW: lol
Wentworth Miller: WFW, I certainly wouldn’t want that to happen. I should leave you girls to your chatting about… well, to your chatting.
Julie: Type!!!
Lily: Went needs a secretary. *volunteer*
Julie: NO Went!!
linds: Wentworth. Do you go down? Pretty pretty please say yes!
su: WENTWORTH SEX GOD EARL FUCK ME UNCONSCIOUS PLEASE!!!! MILLER the 3rd is here! oH BTW Went, I’ll be more than happy to make you a 4th, a 5th, a 6th….
WFW: linds, you have the floor
Julie: seriously getting fired is nothing compared to you leaving!
Wentworth Miller: linds, what do you think? Can we drop it now, please?
WFW: You’re annoying him now
WFW: See?
nicbeast: Yes, please…drop it!
Lily: *silence*
WFW: I told you
Lily: lol
WFW: plus he’s private dammit.
WFW: Did you think he would answer?
Julie: So who’s next?
Julie: Me!!Me!!!
mama bear: why do i feel like i need to go to confession?
WFW: He said what do you think so that means yes
WFW: next question
Julie: Because you do!!You all do!!MB
WFW: su, go
su: So are you really any good in bed Went? Please don’t tell me you’re just photogenically fuckable!
nicbeast: Don’t let su go…
mama bear: *taking out the rosary…*
Julie: WFW, when am I up?
su: Did I spell that right?
WFW: Very well put su I am pleased and impressed.
nicbeast: *looking for priest*
WFW: next Jailbait
WFW: let him answer first
su: Who else is Catholic?!
Julie: Yeeeey!I love you WFW!
nicbeast: cue me up.
Julie: I am gonna behave
su: Ohhhhhhhh! I pleased Mistress!
Fever: Bad time to say hi?
mama bear: *remembering Went in that confessional…fuck, this is hopeless*
Wentworth Miller: su, let’s just say I never had any complaints. There were tears though. But I don’t think the ladies cried of disappointment.
WFW: hey Fever, lol
WFW: Oh Went, Good GOD!
Julie: So Went, When are you coming to Belgium (And please don’t ask me where Belgium is!)
mama bear: wow…tears
su: HAAAAAAAA!!! WENT!!! You gonna make me cry?
mama bear: did that irritate you?
WFW: *wet*
Julie: Tears???
su: Was that love in my direction lover?
Wentworth Miller: Belgium, Julie? There might be some tears now…
WFW: That means he’s very good virgin Jailbait but you won’t find out
Julie: OOOh nooo!Went!!
mama bear: and there Julie goes…
Julie: You dissappoint me!!
mama bear: she’s come over to the darkside…:)
WFW: Julie you are TOO YOUNG
Wentworth Miller: I’m really sorry, Julie.
WFW: No soup for you
Fever: Someone add me to this equation (cue me W)
su: You like virgins Went? Like popping cherries? I’m a born again virgin you know!
WFW: Awww so nice about it Went
Julie: NO I am Not WFW!
WFW: nic is next
WFW: and go
Julie: SO Went just google it!And take the next plane!!
nicbeast: Would you like to spend a weekend in wine country with me?
Julie: I am sure there will be a starbucks once you’ll come here!!
Wentworth Miller: I would. I hope you would read your story to me. If I had any time.
WFW: He’s trying to let you down easy Jailbait. He’s a gentleman.
Julie: Oh yeah, Went, Belgium is Right next to France (Cannes, anyone??)
nicbeast: And how do you know about that?
Julie: Please wear that argyle sweater if you ever come!!
WFW: Awww Wentworth
su: South Africa has GREAT VINEYARDS! But I don’t’ like wine though…I’m sure we can find something else to quench my thirst….
Wentworth Miller: Julie, child, I know where Belgium is.
mama bear: sweet, nic!
mama bear: LMAO
WFW: Fever go!
mama bear: went, you’re snarky today
Wentworth Miller: Nic, lovely, I lurk.
Julie: Haha Went, your such a tease!
WFW: I love snark. It’s sexy Went.
nicbeast: Call me, I’ll set it up…
mama bear: yes, it is
Lily: WFW, way to regulate. Good job.
mama bear: me next, WFW!
su: You can go read Julie a bedtime story Went! That’s all the goodies you can get! Sorry Jules!! AHAHHHHAAA!!!
WFW: Fever’s turn
Fever: I just want a little personal attention. Time for me someday?
nicbeast: I’ll even cook if you’d like.
Fever: oooh…Went. My turn!
Julie: Oh Well Liquid Sex su, Rememeber?
Wentworth Miller: Oh, Fever, I barely have time for myself.
WFW: mb you’re next, and stay in line young lady. I don’t want to have to crack the whip.
su: You can EAT OFF me Went!
su: ? Julie?
WFW: Aww poor Wentworth works too much. You need a massage baby?
Julie: What su?
Wentworth Miller: What’s on the menu, su?
mama bear: sorry, i’m 18 and you know how juvenile we can be
WFW: I’ll hook you up this summer…
su: HEY! who said you could borrow my WHIP! lover!
su: ME WENT!!!
WFW: I have my own…They don’t call me Mistress for nothing.
WFW: mb go!
mama bear: ok…went, do you hold a woman’s face in your hands when you kiss?
Julie: Yes he does MB!!!
WFW: awww mb
Julie: Have you seen human stain?
mama bear: not SWC – REAL women
su: Cunt on a silver platter with a little gravy and perhaps some potato wedges if you’re not too fussy about carbs…
Lily: Can I just say that SWC’s hands in the kiss scene were amazing. She’s so good. Sorry… uh… back to Went…
Wentworth Miller: I do, MB.
mama bear: *blush*
WFW: mb stop it now they are friends
WFW: be nice
Julie: Haha mb!!
mama bear: see, i’m not bad, went…i just need love
WFW: *shaking head at su*
WFW: you are a good girl mb
WFW: Lily, did you go yet?
mama bear: oh sorry, SWC is the bomb
WFW: And Went, great answers by the way.
Julie: Our hope for su, is gone!!
Wentworth Miller: su, you’re making a 34 year old man blush.
Wentworth Miller: Thank you, WFW.
Julie: Went, can you chat-type?
Lily: No, but I don’t really have anything. 🙂
su: BTW Went! Was that your naked flesh that graced the screen in Human Stain?
WFW: I love how eloquent you are. You are definitely Wentworthy…Well that and the fact that you ARE Wentworth and all.
Julie: Oh su, is that even a question?
su: Ohhhh! I made Went blush!!!! Beat that!
mama bear: went, are you a hunt and pecker…typist that is?
Julie: su, you could make anyone blush!
su: I need to know if that was some stunt double’s ass I drooled over or the real thing?!
Julie: You’re the queen of blush!
su: lol mb!
Wentworth Miller: Real thing, su. At that time doubles weren’t an option.
Stranger: hum…
su: I accept that title and graciously thank you for it.
WFW: Went, if we went on a date, Where would we go?
nicbeast: Most of you make me blush.
mama bear: went, you have a nice buttocks
su: Okay then, BTW NICE ASS WENT!!!
WFW: Julie: Yes MB!!!I agree!
Wentworth Miller:
Where would you like to go?
su: Can I tag along/
Julie: Do some more butt shots will you!!
su: You can put me on a leash.
Stranger: This is weird, isn’t it?
Julie: WFW loves them too!
WFW: Yes Went, we adore your ass.
WFW: literally and figuratively
Stranger: It simply cannot be true, can it, Wentworth?
WFW: Are you saying I could pick the place Went? You really are perfect…
su: Tyra Banks did a expose on the Moonlite Bunnyranch today. It looks really romantic…
Wentworth Miller: All right, ladies, my break is over. And just so you know, the tattoo is on today.
mama bear: Stranger, the truth is Stranger than fiction
Wentworth Miller: Be good.
WFW: Oh my…
mama bear: woo-hoo!
su: Believe or leave Stranger! *kudos to krissie for that quote*
WFW: bye Went! Love you!
WFW: Be good!
nicbeast: Been nice talking with you.
mama bear: love that quote!
mama bear: be good, went!


WFW: Fever, your punishment
Wentworth M: Hello.
Fever: LMFAO
nicbeast: Hello Went.
mama bear: hello, went
Lilllly: oh dear
mama bear: why only the “m”?
CT: hi, went
Fever: Hello baby
WFW: Went?
WFW: Is that you?
nicbeast: how are you tonight went, a little late for you isn’t it?
Wentworth M: I had to come in and check in. I see there has been an imposter in here.
WFW: what a lovely treat
mama bear: who?
nicbeast: *2. put your junk in that box*
WFW: really Went? It wasn’t you?
WFW: Who was it then?
Fever: Nic, you’re killin’ me! LMAO
nicbeast: i love that skit
WFW: and what are you still doing up Mr. Miller?
Wentworth M: No, that wasn’t me before. Someone who knows of this site said that there has been an imitator or two. I wanted to clear that up.
CT: what do u mean, went
Wentworth M: These kind of things are still very strange to me. Myspace is another example.
mama bear: so, wentworth miller is not you?
nicbeast: Well how do we know YOU’RE not the imposter?
WFW: Well wonderful of you to do that for us Went. We really appreciate it.
nicbeast: I think you should come to my house and prove it.
CT: so we don’t know who is the real went
WFW: Might I get your dick in a box for my birthday Went?
Lilllly: lol
CT: ok, take your time, lillly
mama bear: lol
Lilllly: ROFL
nicbeast: LOL WFW
Wentworth M: I guess you can’t ever be sure on the Internet. That’s the moral of the story here. That’s why I’m always weary of what I see and read. So if you ever think that something doesn’t seem like me…
Wentworth M: Am I rambling? I am sorry. I am getting cut off.
mama bear: dick in my box would really suffice
WFW: It’s a cheap and easy gift and I’d be ever so grateful…
nicbeast: mama bear!!
Lilllly: Ramble away, Went. This is your best audience.
mama bear: went, are you upset?
Lilllly: lol MB!
nicbeast: Went, I have questions about your thesis.
Wentworth M: No, I am not upset. Sorry if it comes across that way. I still find things like imitators very strange.
WFW: We understand Went. It must be a daunting task dealing with these imposters.
Wentworth M: I am very flattered by all of your attention. Thank you for all your support.
CT: so u are the real Went, so confused!
mama bear: you’ll have it always
Wentworth M: I keep doing all of this for you all.
WFW: Oh CT, you are so cute
WFW: We live to flatter you Went.
CT: really? i am so new here
WFW: and thank YOU for entertaining us
WFW: We are grateful
CT: don’t know what has happened before!
mama bear: so it wasn’t you who scolded me earlier?
WFW: just read then CT and we’ll catch you up later k?
nicbeast: it would seem not mb
Wentworth M: Thank you very much. Know that I do appreciate it. Keep smiling and be good all!
mama bear: no, no, don’t leave
mbnd: i see went can’t get enough eh?!!
WFW: We will Went. We will.
CT: ok, thanks WFW
Lilllly: Can’t wait for your screenplay!
WFW: Thanks for coming
mama bear: i beat myself with wet noodles for an impostor?
mama bear: wtf?!
WFW: hey mbnd:!
nicbeast: 🙂
mbnd: hey ladies
mama bear: hey mbnd
WFW: and…bye Wentworth…*sobbing softly*
nicbeast: hey mbnd
mama bear: WFW, what do you think?
mbnd: hey mb
mama bear: was wentworth m the REAL one?
WFW: Here’s what I think: It’s my dick in a box!
Lilllly: It’s 11:16 in Texas right now.
nicbeast: hahahha
Fever: lol
WFW: sure he was *rolling eyes* He didn’t offer to come see me did he? Clearly an imposter.
mama bear: thought so
nicbeast: hahaha
Lilllly: lol WFW
WFW: but thanks for playin!
Fever: nic, how do i win mistress back? still in trouble
WFW: actually I have no idea who that was
nicbeast: well we do entertain ourselves dont we
Dominic Purcell: Hi, I’m Dominic Purcell from popular telecvision show “Prison Break.”
nicbeast: Fever, i find either begging or spoiling her with gifts works best for me
mama bear: oh boy
CT: thought u have already gone, WFW
nicbeast: rotfl
Amaury Nolasco: Hola, this is Amaury.
Robert Knepper: Greetings.
mbnd: loved ur interview on conan last night dom
CT: welcome
nicbeast: ROTFLMFAO
mbnd: welcome cast of
Lilly: imposters… well… I guess they don’t suck, but…
mbnd: pb
mama bear: LMAO!
Lilly: ouch Dom isn’t a great typist
mbnd: this chat box gets more interesting everyday
mama bear: his fingers are so large that’s why!
WFW: Fever, more punishment
mama bear: all is forgiven
Lilly: I was gonna say that lol
mama bear: i like thick fingers
Lilly: oh no WFW. You didn’t.
WFW: Robert!
WFW: I love you!
mama bear: and amaury,,,”fly safe, papi!”
mama bear: t-bag!
WFW: Amaury!
Lilly: Bob Knepper.
WFW: I fucking love you too!
mama bear: *swoon* oh to be, oh to be…
Lilly: lol
mbnd: lol
nicbeast: funny
WFW: and yes Lily I did
mama bear: where is dom?
WFW: *Effie’s just been kicked out of the band*
Lilly: so funny. He can sing!
mama bear: dom, honey, type with fingers, not with knuckles…:)
WFW: So Bob and Amaury have you seen Dreamgirls?
WFW: I know Lily Jake CAN sing!
nicbeast: *sleepy*
WFW: and look at those ARMS!
Robert Knepper: Yes, I have.
Fever: no sleepy, nic – stay with us
nicbeast: how’s your son robert
nicbeast: but Fever…so tired
Amaury Nolasco: Dreamgirls was cool
mbnd: stay awake woman the cast is here
Amaury Nolasco: eddie murphy is my man
WFW: yay Amaury!
mama bear: you’re HOT, amaury
WFW: Amaury, I love you too you know.
Dominic Purcell: Bob loves dresses
WFW: Dom!
nicbeast: Hey Amaury.
WFW: This is so awesome
mama bear: really, dom?
WFW: How’s it hangin Dom
Amaury Nolasco: thanks ladies!!
mama bear: where’s went?
Amaury Nolasco: you are all hot too
WFW: Robert, I think your potrayl of T-bag is just fabulous.
mbnd: so dom hows the wife & kids
WFW: aww Amaury! *blushing*
Amaury Nolasco: miller was right here
nicbeast: *shaking head*
Amaury Nolasco: i dont know where he went to
mama bear: sweet!
mama bear: does he love us too?
WFW: Dom, dude, they seriously need to give you more shirtless shots, killer chest
Dominic Purcell:l Thanks for watching the show
Fever: Gorgeous Amaury
mama bear: heck ya, dom!
Fever: Love that man
mama bear: can we get all of PB shirtless and sweating?
nicbeast: I loved John Doe
WFW: It’s OK Amaury y’all can keep us company til he gets back
WFW: no prob Dom! Wouldn’t miss it!
mama bear: amaury, are you cuban or puerto rican?
Amaury Nolasco: Dom loses buttons
Fever: and WFW, loved my punishment
Amaury Nolasco: yeah dominic’s shirt is off a lot right?
Amaury Nolasco: rican watchyou think?
mama bear: yikes, sorry!
Dominic Purcell: what’s he saying now?
nicbeast: she’s sorry papi
mama bear: any latino is luscious to me
WFW: Amaury you’re so cute
WFW: *giggling*
Fever: niiiiice, nic!
Dominic Purcell: Keep watching
mama bear: thanks, nic
Fever: very clever
mama bear: dom, does went snore?
mama bear: since you share a trailer and all,,,you’d know, right?
WFW: We wouldn’t stop watching babe. No F-in way.
Amaury Nolasco: any latino? there’s only one
nicbeast: np mb
Amaury Nolasco: ok I gotta go now
mama bear: yes, yes, sorry *genuflecting*
nicbeast: MB!! LOL
Lilly: what what what the fuck??
Amaury Nolasco: thanks ladies
nicbeast: what Lily
WFW: OK Amaury. It was lovely of you to come!
Lilly: everyone shows up and I lose my page (and my mind)
Lilly: where’s Dom!?!!?
Lilly: I have to yell at him for that stupid movie.
Fever: yes, what happened to Dom?
WFW: still there Dom? Robert? Or are you guys gone too?
mbnd: dom went to check if went snores

And still later after everyone had gone to bed…

WFW: phone call woke me up
WFW: still here
Wentworth M: Good night.
WFW: Awww hi Went
WFW: so sleepy
WFW: friend still talking
Wentworth M: It is empty here now. All you girls chat up a storm and wear out, I presume?
WFW: Yes Went. Non-stop talking about you mostly.
WFW: Quite exhausting
Wentworth M: I like the quiet though. This is a very nice site, very different, but very flattering. You have a good night and take care. I meant to say earlier…
WFW: so nice of you to come back and wish me goodnight.
Wentworth M: If ever something doesn’t sound like me on the Internet, it is most likely not. However, I do know of this site. And I know people on my end who monitor all of these sites.
Wentworth M: Thank you again, it is very flattering. Very touching to get all of this support. I love you all. Have a good night!
WFW: I bet. It’s important to keep up with the chatter.
WFW: You’re very welcome Went.
WFW: Oh and love you too
WFW: :heart:
WFW: friend hung up!
WFW: bed here I come!

And so…The plot thickens! Wentworth Miller was an imposter? *making surprised face* Does that mean we can’t believe him about the tat coming back in the last half of Season 2? *sad face* Wentworth M is the REAL Wentworth? OMG *organ playing* Join us next time for The Adventures of Wentworth Miller in the Chatbox. Goodnight!


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  1. jeanjeanie

    OMG! Can it be? The Real Wentworth? Think I’m going to have heart failure.

    Love you went!

  2. notthedoctor

    *Bitting nails*
    OMG! OMG! OMG!
    I can’t believe I miss an episode of The Adventures of Wentworth Miller in thecbox.
    WFW, thank you so much for transcribing it. Can’t wait for next episode… and I have a hitch on who’s the real Wentworth.

  3. emily

    how do we know if any of them are the real wentworth?

  4. Mama Bear

    WFW, this is going to be our generation’s JFK conspiracy…that is, who is the REAL Wentworth Miller and did he really converse in the C-box…*snickering*

    Boy, I really came across like an eager beaver, didn’t I? Know thyself, I always say, know thyself. 🙂

    Thanks for posting! Here’s hoping that people have a better sense of humor this time around! *not holding by breath*

  5. LN

    I should get my ass in this chat box because that’s just madness! The born again virgin comment KILLED me. And Cunt on a silver platter? haha
    With a LITTLE gravy? Oh Went I’ll give you some gravy… wanna taste?

  6. Wendy

    Hold on…. is this shit for real? What site is that?

  7. Anonymous

    really real? nooo

  8. soiled undies

    Oh looky, the other SAfrican is the first one to comment! Can anyone say FAST?! FORWARD?! PUSHY MUCH?!

    Well if your going to have heart failure…PLEASE GO ON RIGHT AHEAD, DON’T LET ME STOP YOU!

    HA HA! Just joking JJ! *coughnotreally cough*
    Yes we all LOVE HIM TOO!

    DOC: You have a hitch on who the real Wentworth Miller is?! WTF?! The Real Wentworth is “Wentworth Miller”, as I was going to explain to emily, the real Wentworth Miller would OBVIOUSLY use his FULL NAME!

    Like, DUH! He’s been in the industry for years, he knows he has to use his full name so that people could be able to contact him, know who he is, remember him in case they come across a roll suitable for him etc.!

    Therefore “Wentworth M” is the FAKE!

    In: Glad you liked what I had to say. I thought I was gonna get flak for my “behaviour” (oh well that may still come!*tempting fate*). YES! Get your ass in the cbox! It’s where it’s happening! BTW, if you like, you can always order from my menu…but no gravy for you! It’s a special recipe and Went loves it! So don’t bother competing! KFC tried but FAILED MISERABLY!

    Wendy: “What site is this?” Um…hello? Your on;

    Nuff said!


    Now lastly, to all the non-believers;

    WHIP!!! PLANK!!! POLE!!!


    Peace out.

  9. shortstuff

    LOL omg that convo was too funny.. ok i would like to point out that rite now they are filming epsode 20: ‘panama’, and i have yet to hear that the tattoo will make a reappearance.. so, unless he heard it somewhere, if we see the tatoo in ‘Panama’ we will know that wentworth miller is the real wentworth miller! 😀

  10. nicbeast

    Ah, the memories…good times, good times.

  11. Wendy

    so when was that chat?

  12. cocot13

    Beieve or leave lol classic

  13. Wendy

    Oh I want to believe but it’s just hard to.

  14. Dani

    This stuff is fucking GOLD!

    Ha ha ha ha…

    Not one but TWO imposters now ! Fighting over the title in here… hehe.


  15. Dani



  16. Melania

    Trust me, all the Wentworths who appeared were NOT real.

    The real Went was lying next to me in bed the whole time you were having those convos!

  17. Belgian

    Okay, I’ll just go kill myself now. Both Went and Amaury were here? WHY, tell me, WHY? My life has no purpose anymore now.

    *has visions of a particular sandwich*
    *cries out loud*
    *falls to knees*


  18. the.red.head

    I love how Dom keeps plugging the show. Fucking hilarious.

  19. buttercup

    still wondering why the FUCK i missed out AGAIN!
    (this shit is making me swear…and use CAPS..)

    nic..good times, good times…you do understand we are now true soul mates right? my little chicken….

    SU..did i scare you back under your dirty rock??


    WFW..*bowing & kissing feet*

    xxx bc

  20. linds

    did you ever read something you wrote while you were feeling deviant that later made you feel completely ashamed of yourself? Yeah. That’s me. ouch.

  21. Mama Bear

    I wish Dom would “plug” me.

    Oh, and linds, don’t you go feeling embarrassed. Next to my sicko antics, you were Lady Chatterly. 🙂

  22. Anonymous

    Oooh, this was soo good ! Thank you for postting it WFW. Loved it !


  23. Wet For Went

    I am re-posting this b/c my trigger happy delete finger hit delete before I even read it. Consider it squashed Anon 121 and for the record, none of them are Went it is a long running and completely hilarious (to us anyway) joke. This convo was right after the other one it just took me like a month to edit the thing. And now the comment I deleted without reading:

    Anon 121 said: OH LORD! NOT AGAIN! Do you bitches have anything else better to do with your lives!? I really do love this website, but… *sighs* *shakeshead*! Okay, say that was “the real” Wentworth Miller and his little buddies. I mean come the hell on. Maybe -this is just a “suggeston”- one day the “actual” Wentworth should give the website or WFW or her little blogaholics a shout out if he ever does another interview in a magazine or whatever. The reporter would have to ask something like…”Have you ever stumbled across a website about yourself that you admire/like?” And if he says yeah and blah blah blah. Then I won’t give ya’ll anymore slack about him “entering the chatbox”! Until that time comes, ladies, take a minute too step back into reality! Oh, I really loved when *giggles* “the actual” Went came and said there has been impostors posing as him! That was great! Even knowing that HE probably was that SAME IMPOSTOR! One more thing. I noticed that he completely ignored the sexual questions/advances made towards him and personal questions. I have to give the poser props for reading the comment box. Seeing that is WE know the “real” Went would dare not go into such subjects and responses. I’m just praying and I hope you guys are too that I DO NOT enter the chatbox if he comes along again b/c I will be drilling his ass (and a FINE one at that) making sure whoever is at the other end of that damn computer/laptop is for real!
    **WFW I am not calling you or anyone a BITCH. Its just the way I talk, but you did make me angry with your post comment! I got over though, as I hope you also did.

  24. Wet For Went

    **WFW I am not calling you or anyone a BITCH. Its just the way I talk, but you did make me angry with your post comment! I got over though, as I hope you also did.

    Dammit, why didn’t you just say that in the first place, lol, and yeah I may have blown it out of proportion last time b/c of some of the other comments on the old post so, my bad and all that. Wet For Went is a place of love. We even hate with love, that’s how much we love.

  25. Mama Bear

    You know, for about half a second, I felt guilty about letting my true whore come forth in our “pseudo-Went” chat, but I’m over it now. I’ve decided that being a whore with a good sense of humor is the way to go; in fact, I’m going to get a personaliTEE made that says “Silly Ho Bag and Proud of It!”

  26. Mama Bear

    Oops, now where are my manners? Su, Dani, would you like a shirt? 😉

  27. Anonymous

    the ‘wentworth miller’ didnt really seem like him but maybe.. and if it was really him he would put his whole name, but an imposter would put his whole name too because thats the smart thing to do.. so just because its wentworth m doesnt mean its not him and because its wentworth miller doesnt mean its him. if i would have went on that as an imposter i would have put his whole name, its just more believable. but it wasnt me, because i dont have chatbox:(


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