More Wentworth Miller Magazine Hotness

If you want to add to your collection, go and get yourself the March 2007 Vanity Fair (The Hollywood Issue). Wents’ Gap Ad is inside.


Thanks tellyfan!


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14 responses to “More Wentworth Miller Magazine Hotness

  1. evelyn

    OH MY GOD…

  2. Roxi

    hotness personified

  3. Amy

    so glad im already a suscriber!



    only a true went fan could turn a gap ad into a sexual fantasy. gotta love it.

  5. Melanzanie

    *sigh* look at those hands and where they are…:)

  6. Anonymous

    I love this pic but I don’t like the fact that his nose was photoshopped. Do you think he approves that or the photographer takes the liberty to just do it?

  7. Wet For Went

    They do that quite often anon, kind of like when they blue up his eyes. That’s just a part of the game it seems and my guess would be that he doesn’t approve but he has no say in what the final product looks like. He just looks sexy for the camera.

  8. Anonymous

    We may never know the true color of his eyes unless we meet him in person. They always look different to me in pictures!

  9. Mama Bear

    Thankfully, anon 6:07, WFW, Sammie, and Nic will be able to give us a full report on his real eye color and more come March 10th! WOO-HOO!!!

    I LOVE the way Went’s nose is naturally…there’s no reason in the world to mess with perfection.

  10. Anonymous

    hmmmm… *wondering how many Vanity Fair’s to buy to make her bedroom wallpaper out of these ads.*

  11. sammie.pie

    TRUE DAT, Mama! TRUE DAT! Long live TWMS!! *Squeeeeeeeeeeee*

  12. tee tee

    look at his skin,God you just want to lick it and those veins makes you think what else of his is that veiny, veiny is that a word? anyway,mmmmmmmmmm………. veins

  13. hi you are went you are good boy:)

  14. Leila

    wow cant believe hes 33 yrs or sumtin like dat he lookes like hes in his 20s nontheless this is one sexy guy god blessed him and may he be blessed for eva homies. newhoo stinky if u readin this just to let yha noe bet u already doo but u one sexy guy and i dream bout u everynite :p

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