Wet For Went is Four Months Old Today!

Last month I missed it, this month I caught it! Four months of non-stop Wentworth Miller Madness. May it never end…

And now for a special treat: In honor of this milestone, Mr. Miller would like to make a speech.

*yelling* SPEECH! SPEECH!

*chuckling* Alright quiet down you. Happy Anniversary Wet For Went and loyal readers! I’ve been asked to speak to you today as I am the focus of the site (though I can’t say I agree that I deserve so much attention). Now I will read a statement given to me by WFW. [statement]Who knew that this adorable teen you see here would grow into this ridiculously sexy specimen of man you see before you today. Let’s use a visual aid:

[/statement] Oh WFW please! I’ve always looked like this! I am very grateful that you all continue to be interested in even the smallest detail of my life. Keep watching Prison Break; I love you all! Oh and by the way, Mind your own fucking business. Did I just say fucking? I apologize, please replace that with damn; It’s more polite. Now I’m fittin to abscond, just like I’m James Bond, I need me a coffee, maybe flavored almond. Be Good!

Oh and WFW, it amuses me that you believe you will be the aggressor on 3/9. I’ve heard about you; Bring it on.

*rolling eyes* Went is such a fucking tease…


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17 responses to “Wet For Went is Four Months Old Today!

  1. SavMed

    How do you come up with this shit?

    You are hilarious and I love you and your shit!

    I honestly hope that Went knows about this blog.


  2. Mama Bear

    Thank you, WFW, for letting us in on the conversations in your head. Here’s to making them real come March 9th! 🙂

  3. the.red.head

    Congrats WFW! Officially the best and horniest blog out there…totally kick ass!

    Just because I dont’ think it’s said enough: Went is just so damn fine. Gaah.

  4. Krissie

    *raises a glass*
    Here’s to the most addictive blog in the whole world and to you, WFW!
    May your love for The Pretty and your craving of The Precious entertain us for a long long time!
    Thank you for laughing and crossing!
    I fucking love you! xox

  5. In Kwerty's Humble Opinion

    You make me giggle! You are too funny! I love it. Congrats on the anniversary! Went is such a SEXY BEAST!

  6. Evelyn

    Dear WFW,

    happyyyyyyyy anniveeeeeeersary and may all your Went-dreams come true!!!!!!

  7. notthedoctor

    Yes, bring it on baby!
    Thank you for the many laughing and peeing in my pants during the last four months, may you give us four more years of those!
    Hail the Queen of Wentlust!

  8. sammie.pie

    CONGRATS, CONGRATS!! *doing cartwheels*

  9. Karen

    Happy Anniversary! Here’s hoping you don’t get arrested next month and can keep up the Wenty goodness.

  10. jeanjeanie

    Hey WFW! Fooking well done!
    Here’s to boots and t’s and wands and brooms!
    Hugs to the best gals in the world!

  11. Belgian

    Happy birthday blog, surrogate dispersing clinic for the Wentworth Earl Miller III addicted! Without you, the GAP would have been plundered long ago and the poor sales ladies held hostage for our daily fix .
    WFW, I think I love you, but I want to know for sure… so get a food lick in for me in March!


  12. Belgian

    A food lick? You could, but I’d prefer a good lick of our dream man.


  13. mink

    LMAO, WFW! And congrats, natch. And yeah, if he says, “I’ve always looked like this,” one more time, I swear to God, I will reach in through my TV/radio/computer screen/whatever, grab him by the lapels and shake him. Hard. Actually, that sounds like a distinctly attractive proposal anyway, even if he never says that again (although he will, I guarantee it). Yeah, a spot of gentle violence followed by make-up sex. Okay, okay, I am totally getting carried away…

    BTW, I am relying on you posting some WENT noms at Church, ‘kay? *pokes you*

    Oh, and I meant to ask you WFW, when you meet him in LA, are you gonna come clean about the blog? Or just pretend that really you are a completely ‘normal’ and respectful, mainly clean-minded fan? (And I can totally see him saying, ‘Bring it on!’ BTW)

  14. Gina

    Happy Birthday WFW!!! i second what karen said about you not getting arrested next month. i really do! cuz then who would bring us such pleasure and keep up this wonderful blog?? now, seriously, dont scare him too much.

    to many more!!!

  15. Anonymous

    This is a video I found in you tube and really enjoyed (with clips from the Hour)

  16. Anonymous

    Happy anniversary!!! And oh yes, I so agree…May it never end… WFW, you’re the BEST!!!

  17. Melanzanie

    have we really been here for four months? I thought that I had been here all my life!

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