What is Wentworth Miller

No there was no Prison Break last night but Wentworth Miller still made his usual Monday night appearance; He was the answer to a question on Jeopardy!

Category: Last Name
Clue: Sienna and Wentworth
Answer: What is Miller

Something tells me this would please Went. I’ve got a clue now and it’s just one word: Paley. 24 days and counting…

Thanks mama bear!


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8 responses to “What is Wentworth Miller

  1. Mama Bear

    Yeah, last night, when the clue came up, I screamed out: “MILLER!!!” which made my man spill his soda all over himself. He was SO pissed, I was SO thrilled, and all was right with the world on a Monday night without “Prison Break.” 🙂

  2. karen

    WFW, every time you mention Paley Fest, my eyes get a little squinty (and not in that delicious way that Went does it) and my little green monster flexes its muscles.

  3. Anonymous

    I do not understand how you deal with it WFW. If I was to meet Went in 24 days, I couldn’t sleep at all!!! In fact, I could not think about anything else, I’d probably lose my mind.

  4. shortstuff

    dammit i gotta start watching jeopardy…

  5. keena

    ……NO PRISON BREAK !!?????!!!!!???!!!!???

  6. LN

    When I first read this post all I saw was Sienna and Wentworth in the same sentence…. that scared me a little. I mean, Beigette I can handle, but Sienna we-are-f**cking-animals Miller… that would pissed me off.

    Oh and that picture… LOVELY. They used it to promote PB in the UK, it’s on huge billboards all over London. A friend of mine took a pic and showed it to me on his digital camera. He looks so hot I licked the screen. In public.

  7. notthedoctor

    They should do a whole Jeopardy show Special Wentworth Miller!
    Categorie : Holy
    Clue : Picture with Zoooooom
    A : What is the Precious?

  8. Anonymous

    im going too and i soooo can’t wait!!! 😀 the happiest day ever.

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